The Almost Accidental Quilt Purchase


Abi has started acting more “normal”, and thus I haven’t called the vet. What would I say? Abi was acting weird but she’s settled down. 

I’ll wait until she starts acting weird again.

Also, someone asked how to hang a table cloth. One of the commenters had a suggestion, which can be found in the comments. 

I’ll add to that: I once saw on a blog someone take a table cloth and staple it around a canvas, the kind you buy at craft stores. It was gorgeous!

I may have to stay away from ebay and checking out the vintage quilts for sale there. 

The other day I came across a 1930s quilt, perhaps never used, that blinked at me like a beacon in the night. 

It was a bit different from me in one way, and very much like me in another. It was different, in that the colors were more pink and purple and yellow than my signature red.

It was like me in that it was very, very colorful. Maybe put-on-your -sunglasses-before-you-walk-in-the-door colorful!

It definitely wouldn’t appeal to those who decorate with neutrals.

But I love color, as you know. 

I couldn’t seem to help myself. I kept looking at it off and on all day.


Here is the listing I saw on ebay…


At the end of the day, I sent the seller a bid of a little less than half her list price, because I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I would tell myself to let it go. But something in me persisted. 

She came back with $175, saying that was as low as she was willing to go. I don’t consider myself a great negotiator, and I was actually a little afraid I had offended her with my bid. 

Then, I thought I was answering her, but something suddenly appeared odd. Or off. It said it was sold. What? Had someone jumped in and bought it?

I thought I had to add financial info to actually purchase it. 
(Thing was, they already it in my account info.)

I had purchased myself a wildly colorful, possibly never used or just maybe gently used 1930s-era quilt.

Okay, I’ll shut up and show it to you. Here it is in the seller’s photos.

I don’t know if this quilt reaches out and shakes you by the shoulders, but it sure did that with me. 

Maybe it was the bright yellow that yelled bright sunshiny day to me. 

Maybe it was the fabrics that look like feed sack scraps.

Maybe it was the idea that a quilter, long ago, painstakingly worked on this quilt with the tiniest of stitches.

But I think for the most part, the first time I laid eyes on it, I thought of that brightly hued canvas recently bought for the sum of $12. 

I immediately turned around from my seat on the couch and looked at the canvas behind me.

The same vibrant yellows and pinks and purples.

So that is the almost accidental quilt purchase. And with that proclamation I’m staying off ebay for awhile! (I hope.)

It’s already been shipped and I can’t help but be excited about my first big quilt purchase! (Even if I may be eating more baked potatoes for awhile. But then I love baked potatoes, so that’s okay.)






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  1. Wow, I would eat plain boiled potatoes for a month if that quilt was the prize. It sure is a beauty – enjoy it. I always love to see a handmade item go to someone that will cherish it. That yellow is like sunshine for the soul.

  2. Sometimes you just bite the bullet, pony up the extra cash and say, "Thank you, Lord, for sending this my way!" I think that is what happened here. If you were thinking about it (obsessing) then it was meant to be! lol It is perfect for you- colorful & vibrant. Have a wonderful day, Brenda, and enjoy your new quilt!!! xo Diana

  3. You remind me of me. I have moments when I see something that really grabs my attention and often I think, I want that, or I'm really attracted to that, but why? Later, after I've ignored the attention grabber, it hits me! Now I know what I would have done with that and darn it, I didn't bring it home with me. I've also noticed that those items that do make their way into my home tend to work just fine in my house. I subconsciously choose colors and odd bits of styles that seem right at home. At least this is how it used to be, until I moved into a modern small box of a house that has not been accepting of my former decorating approach! Me and this house have had words! Ha. You have learned to listen to that inner color voice and it's served you well. I love the story of how this quilt came to be yours.

  4. The quilt is so beautiful, Brenda, and worth every penny! They simply don't make them like that anymore, with such small handmade stitches and so many stitching patterns going on… Bravo for your catch!

  5. The quilt sings…loud and proud. I love quilts also, and it's easy to find something wonderful on Ebay. I too avoid looking because I'm apt to fall into an accidental almost purchase.

  6. It was worth every penny, Brenda, and is very beautiful-they don't quilt them like that anymore! Congrats! The owner must have thought she offended you when she came back with that price and that you were leaving her site, never to be seen again so decided to take your offer immediately, after all.

  7. That is a beautiful quilt! Enjoy! 🙂
    I so love yellow, it is such a warm and happy color. That quilt will be like sunshine on those cold and dreary winter days. I'm thinking of painting my kitchen yellow. Yellow roses are my most favorite too!

  8. If it makes you happy – GO FOR IT! Today I confirmed getting some gates and fencing done. I had planned on this for over 3 years. I didn't want to part with the money, and it could have waited, but I know I will love the results. I will be eating potatoes as well but I am happy with that.

  9. Well, you certainly deserve something bright and beautiful! Even if it wasn't in the budget! The quilt is gorgeous. There's too much yellow in it for me, but I do love the Dresden Plate pattern and the intense pink. It does go perfectly with the canvas painting over the couch and I'm guessing it will live under that painting. And I'm guessing that it will give a moment or two of joy every time you pass it. As one of the earlier comments said, "You only live once!" Congratulations on your fabulous purchase!

    So happy to hear Abi's doing better. Wish you knew why, I bet! What is different for her? Hard to figure with these little babies.

  10. It's the yellow! It's like captured sunlight. I'm going to tell you that those dreary winter months of January, February and March will be much brighter and way more tolerable.

  11. You will enjoy this almost accident. I regret not buying a quilt I saw in a flea market in Branson. It was the same size as yours and the price was only 99.00 or so. It was old, but worth the money. And I passed it up like a nitwit. I do that all too often. Glad you aren't the procrastinator that I am!

  12. It is a very beautiful quilt, I love that pattern. Every time you look at it you will get pleasure, and there is no way to put a price on that much pleasure. Enjoy!

  13. A stunning quilt, I love yellow! Enjoy it. MAybe the seller has the history of the quilt? It would be really nice to know its history.

  14. I love the quilt, Brenda. I always like to have yellow around me because it boosts creativity (I believe it), and it's beautiful, too. Come winter, the quilt will banish ice and cold temps, and it will enhance every season in different ways. So happy it's on the way to you–and so happy to hear that Abi is back to her usual self!

  15. When something calls to you–get it. Or you will always regret it. Congratulations on your beautiful purchase.

  16. LOL!
    wonder what it would look like over the back of or even on your sofa! too much maybe? but it definitely would make a statement and pick up the colors in the painting.
    kinda scary that they already had it in your account! not sure how i'd feel about that.
    i didn't know that's how bidding like that works!
    i'm so glad little abi is better. xo

  17. Soooo beautiful Brenda…..what a fun and artsy piece to work with! I love the canvas idea. The yellow is a wonderful compliment hue to your signature red….love it!!

  18. Oh how exciting. It is definitely beautiful. I know you will display it with pride I have an old thick quilt with butterflies I picked up at an antique store in Cottonplant Arkansas. I love it. I wish they could talk.

  19. Oh Brenda, the quilt is beautiful. That bright yellow and the reds in the quilting are just perfect. The pink & purple will blend right in with the rest of your décor. Don't regret treating yourself once in awhile, you deserve it! Can't wait to see it in your home.

  20. The quilt is beautiful and will bring you happiness for many years to come. Can't wait to see where you display this unique quilt! I am happy to hear that Abi is feeling like her old self.

  21. It's beautiful. I can't wait to see it in place. If yellow is your happy color, then go for it. (Me too–my office walls are bright yellow.)
    We recently hung a big tapestry (4×6 feet). It had a strip of cotton hand-stitched to the back to pass through a curtain rod. The hard part was getting hooks into the (stone) walls solidly enough to support the weight.

  22. OMGoodness Brenda! The quilt is beautiful and I would have bought it too. Did you get it for your original bid or did you have to pay the $175. Either way, it's a beautiful piece and well worth it! I'm glad your little doggie is feeling better.

  23. My thoughts are – you only live once. You obviously love the quilt – you don't often treat yourself with and sort of extravagance – so.. why ever not? Enjoy…

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