1. You found the words that so many of us can't and expressed it beautifully. My first home was a "tin can" too–in the Southwest!!–and I can still remember the sound of rain on the roof. How sad some people settle for Display #3 at a store for their house. Your home should reflect who you are–and you've done that so well.

  2. I actually have several boxes of crayons that I've never used and I keep them to look at all the colors every so often! Weird, huh? I love color, too, but I also have this neutral, burlappy, white and cream side to my taste also. I kind of blend the two in various, sort of subtle ways.

    I loved reading your description of your sense of, and love of, color. It is a fine piece of writing and a sweet glimpse of who you are. Thanks for sharing it.

    Yes, what would our world be if everything was in black and white?

  3. Love your home, love your quilts, love your homey touches, but most of all I love the way you share your thoughts and your life with all of us. Yours is one of my favorite blogs.

  4. The quilt you feature is lovely…bold and beautiful. Love your words in this post…love your love of color…as a kid, I was always in awe of Crayola's naming of the colors and how they got it just right. 🙂

  5. Your way with words is always inspiring. I love that you live a Crayon filled life! It makes me accept that my cluttered look is just me!

  6. So very well said Brenda. I love all your color and many of your ideas come to mind any time I'm thinking of doing something different. You and your blog have definitely left a mark on my appreciation for what I have. Thank you for taking the time to share each day. Sandra

  7. Today's post was poetry. I truly enjoy your memory pieces, but the way you describe your connection to color and what it's meant in your life touched my heart. Brava!

  8. Your style is something that you developed for yourself and it is based on what gives YOU a feeling of well being, rather than being based on what the trends are. So even when there is nuttiness going on in the world, or in your apartment complex, you can still have a feeling of contentment in your own space. Your style is appealing to me, and my home looks a bit similar, but while you are drawn toward primary colors, I am drawn toward duller, or more muted shades, such as denim blue, rusty red, sage green, and old gold or pale ivory yellow. I have a rather cheaply made quilt I bought at Big Lots in the early 1990s with those colors in it, and it gets more faded as the years go by. But, I still love it and it's been used in the bedrooms and living room, just as yours have been, and it will continue to be used even though it is not really in style.

  9. A woman after my own heart. I couldn't have said it better myself. And who knew my daughter would be a crayon, stripper, breaker and throw them in a box kid!GASP! ROFLOL! I love color too!

  10. A great reminder that whether our house is large or small we can turn it into a home with with special elements and love. Thanks

  11. I agree that all the neutral beige/white current fads are lackluster. They leave me feeling chilly and craving color. I hope this trend passes soon because I am tired of magazines filled with pale ghost rooms. I buy very few publications anymore because they all look the same.

  12. "I don't have a lot of money, but I am rich in the tapestry of colors I love."
    what a beautiful thought and a beautiful little home.

  13. Your cozy home is still one of my favorites in blogland, Brenda! Like you, I gravitate towards color. Thanks for the tip on the Wayfair sale art….I finally got some new pieces for my house – I'm moving some amazing framed local photos from downstairs to my living room – no more blank walls!! It only took me 2 1/2 years to make it happen, oh well!

  14. I think you have hit on the real message of decorating. However you decorate, it is your home and you have to live in that home. I have always loved an eclectic country cottage style of decor. It has varied somewhat over the years, but I still use pieces I have had for 40 years. I love your crayon box style. xo Laura

  15. Good Morning Brenda: I agree with you and color, I just love to decorate with colors. To me when you decorate with white or beige, it is boring. I have seen some rooms that are done like that & they have been pretty. But, I could not live like that. Our home is filled with color and I am glad that my husband doesn't care what colors I use. He knows to rummage, paint & decorate makes me happy. I use quite a bit of color in most of my quilts too. Color makes us happy, but I know decorating is to each their own. Have a great day!

  16. What a beautiful way to help and encourage others by telling us about your life and how you put a nice home together. A cheerful place to live even on the dreary days or if we are depressed. Thank you!

  17. I started quilting with an adult education class taught at our local middle school. The teacher was from the hills of Kentucky and meandered her way to Northern Ohio and actually was on the board of a museum in Oberlin, Ohio. We spent week 1 working on our templates. We actually used sandpaper, carefully drawing those squares and triangles, measuring our 1/4 inch seams. The sandpaper was used upside down, the grit would grip the fabric. Of course, the more you used it, the more tattered it would be, so you had to cut many to get those exact measurements. And keep checking what you cut. Awww, the days before rotary cutters and quilt rulers. And of course she taught us to sew all by hand. The class was for four pillows and we were to work at home on our new skills. As a working mother of 5, I quickly decided I would rather complete 2 pillows rather than have 4 unfinished projects. I made pillow 1 and 3 with the class. It did teach me the basics of quilting and I have gone on to share with many 4-Hers.

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