It was a nail-biter for sure, but the beeping siege has now ended. It was touch and go with my sanity for two days while the beeping siege relentlessly dragged on.

If you want to drive someone and their dogs absolutely nuts, hiding a beeping object in their house will do the trick.

Had To Be In The Dining Room, I Decided:

Through trial and error, I finally decided the beeping was loudest in the dining room. So I sat in a dining chair and began my vigil.


I looked around the white potting bench.


I looked around the black shelf next to it where my gardening books and magazines are stored. Nope. Crossed that off the list.


I looked at the red hutch in the corner. Then I sat on the floor and started dragging everything out of it. But I couldn’t find anything demonic enough to have caused all this trouble.

Still Beeping:

I got back up and sat in the chair again, pulling it close to the hutch and black sideboard.



I put Abi down and threw open the door of the black sideboard that was closest to me. Then I dragged most everything out of there.

I found a few electrical items. So I put them on the table and looked them over.

There was a small pump for a tabletop water feature.

I waited for the beep, my face about six inches from the pump. (Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but I was beyond crazy at that point.)

Nope, that wasn’t it.

Beeping With No End In Sight:

I found a flashlight. Unlikely. But I wasn’t letting anything get past me at this point. I put it on the table and waited.


No, not the flashlight.

I looked again and all I could see were cans of spray paint.

Unlikely. Even in a horror movie.

I sat back down.

Feeling A Bit Desperate:

Charlie Ross would occasionally bark at something outside and I would shush him.

I realized I was whispering to the dogs. But I didn’t want one sound interfering with the job at hand.

I couldn’t bear the thought of one more hellish night of beeping.


The drawers! I opened the top one and rifled through the dish towels.



Was It In The Second Drawer:

I pulled open the second drawer. Nothing there but more dish towels and some fabric napkins.


I was down to the last drawer. When I opened it I saw that it had obviously, over time, become a junk drawer.

If I learned one lesson from this, it is to occasionally clean out and purge the junk drawer.

The enemy was in there lurking.


Was It An Old Cell Phone:

I found an old cell phone. But I no longer had service. I laid it on the table alongside the flashlight and the water pump. And waited.

I couldn’t believe that wasn’t it, even if I haven’t used it in months. I’d had such high hopes that this vigil was about to end.

But I still didn’t want to let that idea go yet, so I held it in my hand as I started rifling through the rest of the drawer.


And There Was An Old Smoke Alarm:

I pushed things out of the way hither and yon and found an old smoke alarm.

Aha! I put it on the table and waited. Abi shifted about my lap and Charlie saw another squirrel outside and barked. I shushed him again.

Fifteen minutes passed.

I waited some more. I’ve now waited for three hours and there have been no more beeps. So I guess somehow it stopped when I picked it up.

I’ve been sitting here working on the computer and the thing I have come to hate is on the arm of the chair. Not much more than a foot from my face, just in case it isn’t done torturing us.

Just in case it isn’t even the culprit and I have even more digging around to do.

But What If It Isn’t The Culprit:

What I really want to do is take it outside and stomp it with my good foot.

Abi has calmed down and napped a bit. She’s had a rough couple of days of beeps.

I don’t quite know what to do with this thing. No telling how long it has been down there under the other junk.

I stop and think what all I’ve done to find this monstrous thing in the past two days.

Two Full Days Of Beeping Torture:

Well, I scared myself silly when I pulled a cord and the refrigerator went dead.

I climbed multiple times up and down the step ladder to put up and then take down the smoke alarm in the hall.

I’d taken multiple electrical cords out and replaced them. Opened every single door and drawer in this house.

All with Abi stuck to me like glue.

So I suppose this debacle is over now. I’ve decided to take it outside and maybe put it in the garage. In case it decides to come to life in the middle of the night.

What A Horror Story:

I do believe there is a horror story here spun through the events of the last two days. Stephen King could have a go at it.

I can’t tell you all the crazy things you get to thinking when constant beeping sounds have intruded upon your life. And driven you half-mad in your own house.

It was getting dark. So I took the smoke alarm outside, opened the gate, and started opening the garage door.

The thing chirped once more before I set it in the garage and closed the door.

I now had my evidence. The beeping siege is finally over.


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  1. I hate to hear that you and your dogs had to go through that experience. I had something somewhat similar happen here last month. I tossed out an ancient smoke detector when I hung up a brand new one. A couple of hours later, I heard a beeping sound outside, but I had long forgotten about that smoke detector. I was convinced the sound was coming from a neighbor's garage. After the beeping went on for two hours, I headed over to tell the neighbor about the racket in their garage, and thank goodness I walked by our garbage can and realized the sound was coming from inside of it. That smoke detector was beeping away. I fished it out and removed the battery, and the sound stopped. I was so glad I didn't embarrass myself by going to the neighbor when I had caused the racket myself. So, be sure to remove the battery from your old smoke detector, or that beeping will keep the neighborhood awake instead of your pets!

  2. Hahaha, I had to laugh when you said you memorized the wording on the back of that darn thing! Thank goodness it's banned to the garage now where it can work it torture on deaf ears! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Brenda, and the fur babies too!

  3. Dear Brenda
    What was a very annoying time for you made for a very funny post. I loved your description of trying to find the beep. Glad you now have peace and also evidence 🙂

  4. when I had that happen a few months ago, I found it was my smoke alarm that is also a [email protected] alarm. I got it down from the tall ceiling and waited for the beeps. read on the thing you have to count them in sequence. to see if the thing is malfunctioning or just need batteries. I knew it did not need new batteries so it was malfunctioning. I have 3 different ones in my house with different batteries so I took a marker and wrote on them what kind of batteries they needed. I have another C02 one that uses a 9 volt and it will beep if the battery is low even though it is plugged in to the wall too. so much for our high tech world-at times a good thing and at times annoying.

  5. I'm picturing you as you describe everything you went through and I have to admit, I was smiling. I know it's frustrating, actually went through the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago. As I started to read I had a feeling it was a smoke alarm, and yes, I too was surprised to read about the radioactive material! We didn't know how to dispose of it so we called the people at whatever agency one calls to figure this stuff out and they said to just throw it away with the regular trash. The radioactive stuff is minimal. Well, that was comforting. Actually, I was kinda hoping the exposure to it would turn Fisherman into The Hulk ;).

  6. What a nightmare for you Brenda! Thanks Heavens you had the patience and determination to track it down! We have a daily beeper – our wireless oil tank monitor – every day at 12 noon it starts up and beeps every minute until you stop it – but we cant seem to stop it for good, only until the next day!
    Abi is gorgeous!
    Gill xx

  7. Brenda, this is such a funny post! Maybe you didn't mean it to be and I hate to laugh at your predicament but I loved it. Now I'll probably end up having the same thing happen to me just because I laughed at you. Ooops!

  8. How horribly frustrating! That would've driven me crazy, too. I'm so glad you found the culprit! I'm surprised you didn't get in the car with the thing and chuck it out the window into a cornfield or something, lol.

  9. I just finished reading about the beeping going on at your house in the other post. Was glad to see that you've found the culprit and all is well now. Hope you and the pups get a good night's sleep!

  10. I missed the prelude to this post. OMGosh, Brenda. How horrible for you and how awful for your dog! AND it is actually kind of humorous to read about it from afar- I might have smiled a bit as I pictured ou digging through things in that drawer and STARING at things for a long period of time. At least the mystery is solved. I say CALL Stephen King! xo Diana

  11. Oh dear, I had to laugh at this. A few years ago I had a similar problem, although thanks to my sister it was solved in a day. At the time I was living in a rented shared house that had very small bedrooms and lots of rooms downstairs and so I was using one of the downstairs rooms as my bedroom. There was an exercise bike in the living room and my then very young niece and nephew, who, along with their parents, were staying for a couple of weeks had been playing on it. This beeping sound kept waking me up during the night and eventually, as it was starting to get light outside, I'd finally had enough and went in search of it. I decided, in my sleep befuddled brain, that it was the heart monitor/timer thing on the bike. I never used it but I knew the kids had been playing and assumed they'd pressed something or other to set it off. I pressed the off button firmly and went back to bed. Beep. Got up again, pressed it more firmly and went back to bed. Beep. Got up and disconnected the white box from the bike and went back to bed. Beep. Got up again and tore the little white box into pieces, removing the batteries and even going so far as to place the different pieces at different ends of the room (hey, these things make sense when you're half asleep) and went back to bed. Beep. Beep. Beep. I thought I was going crazy. Not long afterwards I gave up, got up and just went in to work early. When I got home that evening my sister laughed and told me I needed to replace the batteries in the fire alarm. Not sure how they manage to make them so that they always seem to start beeping for low battery in the middle of the night though! Glad you got it sorted, it's very frustrating and I really feel for you.

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