Yesterday afternoon I cut back herbs that were turning brown in the sun. These are mostly in the blue raised garden bed that gets the most sun.

On the one hand, if I cut plants back I don’t have to look at the raggedness of the browning stalks. On the other hand, they were giving cover to smaller plants. And I doubt they will rebound very fast in this heat.

But I can’t abide a raggedy looking garden space for long. I like things tidy. So I filled a big bag with the stuff and took it down to the dumpster, just as I did the day before.

And there’s so much lemon balm growing up everywhere that eliminating some of it certainly won’t hurt anything.

I cut some flowering plants in pots way back and put them under the table against the fence. That is my “plant hospital” of sorts. I tuck them away until they show signs of reviving while being out of the bright sunlight.

After all this I came in and showered, ate supper and fed the pet babies. Gave Charlie his meds and settled down to watch a Netflix movie. Then I read a bit before I went to sleep.

The whole time I was watching this movie back in the bedroom, Ivy was showing her acrobatic skills trying to catch and kill a stubborn fly.

I spent a good amount of time trying to keep the lamps from getting knocked to the floor.

Ivy jumped and flipped and swung her paws at this fly, determined to get it. That fly was all she had eyes for. It didn’t matter who or what she stepped on, she was going to zero in on this fly.

At one point she knocked the fly into a little wicker basket next to my bed where I keep my Kindle and reading glasses. She kept peering in at it, though it must have been in a little space next to something and she couldn’t directly swipe at it.

But that didn’t stop her. She pawed and pawed inside that basket. Miraculously the fly that wouldn’t die came flying out of the basket and the action continued.

It flew in and out of the lamp shades, which meant I had to be ready to catch them before they got knocked over and broken. But I have to hand it to Ivy, she doesn’t give up.

Finally I got up to get my insect zapper. I guess the batteries were dead. But I finally was able to hit it hard enough to knock it out for the count. Ivy had surely bruised it enough to slow it down.

Lawsy, I’m so glad Ivy is the exterminator she is when it comes to flying insects that terrify Charlie. But everything in my apartment is at risk as she determinedly goes after them.

She is not a petite cat by any stretch. She is a big girl. And everything in her path can get knocked over or broken in her relentless pursuit of the fly.

I finally found a replacement, of sorts, for the toy mouse Ivy so loved that it is now just a patch of fur and plastic. Because I was in the same shopping center as Target where I picked up a few groceries and basics yesterday, I went to Pet Smart.

I couldn’t find the same toy. I think when I purchased it it was already on clearance. But I found two toys with fur and brought them home to her.

Now I see what she is attracted to. She prefers the toys with fur. I suppose they more accurately portray a real mouse.

She seems to have no interest in a stuffed version without fur, regardless of whether it is filled with catnip or not.

Ivy’s go-to toys are her swirly plastic bright colored ones that she bats all over this apartment. She also loves the red and white checked curtain tie-backs that she proclaimed as hers from the very beginning. And she likes toy mice covered with fur.

This morning Charlie and I went to the vet’s office to pick up some of his medications. I wanted him to see that sometimes when we go to the vet doesn’t mean he will be poked at.

Early this afternoon I have physical therapy. Other than that, I’m hoping to stay home out of the heat the rest of the week. Oklahoma will have pretty intense heat well into the fall months.

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  1. Hi, i’ve never commented before but just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog ?. I think it was a great idea to take Charlie with you to the vet to get his meds. As soon as we turn in the parking lot with our “kids” they get nervous. I’ll have to remember this tip. Also love hearing about Ivy’s antics. Our Ginger is so lazy I don’t think she’d get up for a swarm of flies LOL.
    Have a great day & keep up the great content ?

  2. Ivy is quite the determined one, isn’t she? Glad nothing got broken in the _ly episode!

    The heat has subsided some here in the last several days and that is a relie_. Sadly, I have been unable to do anything outdoors due to being sick with the worst, aw_ul, horrible sore throat I’ve had in my li_e. It’s been nearly two weeks since I ‘ve been able to eat anything but liquids and take pain meds. Spent two evenings in the ER on IV _luids and antibiotics, and am just now seeing some minimal improvement. My Ear/Nose/Throat doc who I saw Mon. said he’s sure it’s a virus and he’s been seeing quite a lot o_ it. Anyway, I’ve been totally dys_unctional and according to the ENT guy it usually takes about two to three weeks to completely kick it. So, maybe by August…?

    Stay well, you three.

  3. Your patio still looks so pretty even with this relentless heat. Last night upstate SC got a break and we went into the 70’s at night. My air conditioner said thank you and was silent for the first time in quite awhile. It stayed cool until noon and after that the heat intensified but still a bit better than it has been. My three legged feral kitty, Rosebud, is like Ivy in that she is a relentless hunter and no bug or flying insect has a chance… unless it leaves the premises. Just finished reading a great book titled “ The Weight of Ink” . It is a historical mystery and tells the story of two women. One is alive in 16th century England and the other is alive in 20th century England. The author tells their stories in alternating chapters. Very well written and expertly researched too. The woman in the 16th century is a young Jewish woman who breaks tradition and is a scribe for a blind rabbi. The other is an older history professor who is near retirement. The two stories are woven together very nicely. Excellent read but a more serious read than say a beach read. I had a lovely day today getting together with teachers I used to teach with. One of our dear friends had moved to Ireland for work and he and his family joined us and we had a great time talking, reminiscing and sharing brunch together. I save your post usually for the end of the day as a little reward. I so enjoy reading about your life, your memories and about your sweet fur babies. Have to say you are an excellent Mom. You are so attentive and observant of your pets. Charlie and Ivy are so lucky to have you looking after them. So many animals are lucky to be fed and given fresh water. SC is not a state that is very kind to animals. I detest the way people neglect their dogs and tether them outside and they are looked upon more as yard or nay than as members of the family. Thanks again for your wonderful writing. You’re like a visit from a dear friend at the end of the day.

  4. Brenda, I can imagine that sweet Ivy is keeping you on your toes and entertained as well. What a character! The heat has been brutal and although the temps have dropped here a bit it is still hot, like you we will have heat like this until Fall. I am not complaining because winter will be here soon enough.

    Thank you for your comment about my father in law, I am really going to miss him. I was blessed to have him in my life for 24 years.

    Have a great day!

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