Non Toxic Calathea House Plants

The pet babies and I are in our regular spots this morning. Ivy is sprawled on the table to my left, where I often reach over and pet her, which she loves. And Charlie is in the recliner with me. We’re a very close knit family!

Each night I have anywhere from 6-8 white moon flowers glowing in the dark when I go outside with Charlie. They are so beautiful, but hard to get a photo of.

About half a dozen zinnias are blooming or on the verge of blooming.

I have been debating if I want to get a few pansies, but it’s still pretty hot in the afternoons. I just love those pansy faces. They always make me smile.

Don’t you just love these colorful calathea house plants? I especially like to watch them all folded like a rolled up piece of paper. And then each day they relax more and more until the whole leaf shows.

I’m really into leaves with a lot of markings and color right now.

The best part is that calatheas are not toxic to cats. I have yet to see Ivy with a leaf, but sometimes she does stretch out from the cupboard the TV is on to the beverage stand while I’m gone and scratch out some of the dirt.

She doesn’t seem interested in any of the plant leaves, thank goodness. If one is dangling down she might swat it to the floor, but then leaves it alone.

Ivy playing with her toy
Charlie just had his daily boiled egg, so he’s a happy camper

I know I was up no less than 6 times with Charlie last night. He’s having a terrible time coughing. I just wonder if it’s carrying over from the strong smell when they were cleaning the air conditioner? I’ve been coughing some as well.

When I let him outside, he does not cough. When I take him to his sessions, he does not cough. Of course we’re mostly at home, but this is where he coughs.

I clean with non-scented cleaners and I no longer light candles. I keep the air purifiers clean and try to keep the apartment clean, so I don’t know what else to do. I haven’t worn perfume since I moved to Tulsa. I just don’t know.

Abi started coughing not long after we moved here. And then not long after she was gone, Charlie began coughing. I wonder if some of it is allergies because when allergies are bothering me, I hear him sneeze too.

The morning glory is growing in between the clematis petals

Seems there will be another walk through by the potential owners on Tuesday morning. I am one of the five apartments the manager has chosen to show them again.

So I guess the pen has not been put to paper yet. I don’t know what this is about. They’ve already walked through every single apartment.

They have put their earnest money down, so I don’t know if this shows hesitance or if they’re just wanting to look at the apartments to decide on potential upgrades or just a final look. Because from what I understand, the end game is to fix them up and then sell them.

Have a great Saturday! Just hanging around the apartment today. Maybe organize some drawers for winter clothing.

I have to put a new toilet seat on that I ordered. They will only purchase one brand here. So I gave up and ordered my own.

You know, I just don’t recall toilet seats sliding years ago. I’m sure they didn’t use plastic to hold them back then. Now everything is plastic.



  1. I would have to say that I think your problem is mold. It does hide in the vents and in the walls.Fall is really bad for mold allergies because everything is turning to mold outside. It is my worst allergy so I try to be very careful about it. xo Laura

  2. Why would you not have the furnace/air conditioner vents cleaned even if they can’t reach the whole length? I mean it seems like getting as much dirt and dust out as possible would help some. I need my own cleaned because I noticed when I turned the furnace on for the first time this Fall my nose started to run more. I have a runny nose and sinus congestion most of the time anyway, but I think the dust and dirt in the air from the furnace vents makes it worse. I haven’t done it because it is fairly expensive even though I have a small house.

    I’ve never had a calathea plant but yours sure is pretty. The leaves are amazing. I think I might look for one to buy.

    I hope you and Charlie have a more restful night tonight and that Sunday is a cool, pleasant day for you all.

    1. Well, they’re not going to do it. And I’d have to pay for someone to come in to do it. So I’m waiting until the new people take over because the manager told me yesterday about the changes they plan and it is pretty massive. She saw a photo of what they have planned.

  3. SO sorry you must buy so much to get just an ok setup…such as your toilet seat. I would save the ill fitted one to reput back on when you move elsewhere…you never know but what the one you buy will fit very well the next one wherever you live!! Heh…
    I love pansies too…reminds me of my dear grandma. Those I got in the spring died off except one…so I pulled them…waited a month or so and now have the fall pansies well in place…they are doing well…even though our nights have been below freezing a couple times already!! Love it!! Plus they are edible too if one was of a mind…

  4. Glad you found some pretty house plants that are safe with animals. It is a very pretty plant. Sorry about Charlie not doing so well last night. Hope tonight is better.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. My cat Marley likes to sit by the table next to my recliner too. Well first he likes to cuddle in my lap & then when he gets tired of that he gets on the little table next to me. He is a little creature of habit. Every morning when I make coffee he trots around me until I sit down & watch the news. He knows that he will get some lap time in then. He was just diagnosed with an over active thyroid. He is on a special diet & is gaining weight & doing well. Pets offer so much unconditional love & company. My beloved lab passed away in spring & he used to be right by my side all the time, so I am very happy that Marley likes to be close by as well. He is not as independent as most felines

    1. Ivy is a bit too independent. She won’t lay on my lap and just once in awhile will she lay next to me. I try to get her to sleep with us, but she won’t. I think she’s far too busy at night!

  6. Such cute fur babies! I too develop a cough around my allergens, especially mold. These days I have become allergic to almost everything:(. Fragrance..chemicals..dust..mold..corn..wheat..mold is the worst..I hope you discover the culprit! Much love to you and your babies.

  7. yes, these days every bloody thing is made of plastic and they don’t last as long, except after we throw them away, and then it lasts forever.

  8. Yes, the vents could be the problem. Maybe you could check and see how much it would cost to have the vents cleaned. I know the property will not pay for it, but I think it would be worth it to have it done. I am thinking of checking into it myself as the prior owner was a heavy smoker and lived here for 8 years and I have a problem with second hand smoke sometimes, mostly when I run the a/c or the furnace.

    1. I was told by an air conditioner salesman not to have the vents cleaned. They cannot reach the entire length.

      1. Hi I’m wondering if you have taken your kittens to the vet to determine why they cough and you to the doctor? I hope whatever it is wasnt the reason you lost your other cat. Be well all of you!

  9. Not all toilet seats fit the toilet as you well know. I did buy one that I loved- $40 but money well spent. It seemed flimsy, but lasted longer than any other. It fit one toilet, but not the other. Same toilets. There must be something different about the hole locations on the other. I have a problem with any toilet seat there. Anyway, don’t skimp. LOL. No one wants to slide around.

    So do you think running the AC could be bad for the allergies since it’s old? Or maybe it’s the vents?

  10. Hi Brenda,
    I learn so much about plants from you! I am so sorry that Charlie is coughing so much. I feel sure there must be some form of mold within the apt walls, etc. The episode of them cleaning the a/c unit probably released who knows what into the air. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with all this! Do you think you could share your concerns with the people doing the tour? Wishing you a blessed weekend and healing energy for Charlie.

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