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  1. I hope your hands were happy crafting today. I know my spirits soar when I am doing some handwork. Myrna does beautiful embroidery so I know you will love seeing these out in a bowl soon. Nothing like a cat with you when you craft as mine loves hanging out with me as I try to stitch, don’t be surprised if she runs and hides one of the bowl fillers. Mine would do that.

  2. The bowl fillers Myrna has sent to you are wonderful and she’s wonderful, as well.
    I think Ivy gets in the middle of your “toys” because she wants to help. LOL
    I’ve been enjoying prepping some hand sewing projects. I’m going to finish the two (twins) little quilts to post on my IG feed tomorrow. Soon I need to spend a couple of days quilting and binding the ones I’ve made since the first of the year.
    Intriguing book you’re reading. Hmmmm
    Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

  3. Speaking of Miss Ivy Lou, did you ever find your lost watch? She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!

  4. You are right, Brenda…life is sad. A lot of it. One reason we have to grab those few “joy days” that come along and hang on for dear life!! Maybe getting older makes us so jaded…perhaps. I told Hubby today after watching a very interesting Shoah presentation (by an actor we much enjoyed years ago on Hogan’s Heros who survived WW2 in the camps…no small feat and who told his story wonderfully and talked of not being bitter at the end etc). Any rate, I told Hubby the best we can do with the hurtful things that are thrown at us, is to have a successful life anyway. Which I feel you have done so well, Brenda!! Thanks for sharing your life here!!

  5. Myrna, that was very thoughtful of you to send the bowl fillers to Brenda. They are beautiful!

  6. Looking forward to see the finished bowl fillers.

    Lovely pictures of Ivy, I love that she gets up to mischief, I think that is why
    I love cats so much, they are so entertaining.

  7. Wow,,,,, so nice of Myrna to do that for you Brenda!!
    So helpful.
    The stuffies are all cute ,,,,,, enjoyable!!!

  8. Oh Ivy! You little mischief maker! She probably expects you to fill these with catnip!

  9. All you have to do is stuff and take only a few stitches to close them up. It shouldn’t hurt your hand’s too much. ENJOY!!

  10. Myrna is sure talented…her work is lovely…love the Ivy pics…💕

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