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A Valentine’s Day Tablescape For Two

I’ve put together a Valentine’s Day tablescape for two today, in case you needed inspiration for place settings.

In A Valentine's Day Tablescape For Two, I used my red and white dishware to put on my table.

This tablescape was going to be for four, but I then decided to make it for two. More romantic, right?

(Actually I couldn’t find enough silverware for four place settings).

As I’m sure you know, I had no problem finding red and white decor in my home, as that combo is my favorite.

So I looked in my open kitchen cabinets and pulled down red and white dishes, etc.

I figured I had to hurry or Miss Ivy would be up there pushing things around to her own liking. That would mean shoving things off the table.

Cats, cats, cats. No one can get into the mind of a cat and tell us what they’re thinking.

A Valentine's Day Tablescape For Two with red and white decor

A Valentine’s Day Tablescape For Two:

I’ll try to tell you where I found all the elements on my table.

The red pitcher I purchased at an antique mall in Texas. Somehow I’ve managed not to break it, for which I’m eternally grateful. I love the raised imprint on it.

I kind of remember buying it. I recall standing in the antique mall looking at it. But it was $15 and I thought that was too much.

But it stuck in my mind as I walked back and forth through the antique mall.

Finally I broke down and took it to the front and paid for it. I just couldn’t allow someone else to come along and buy this red pitcher that spoke to my heart.

It’s the only red pitcher I have. Who needs more than one red pitcher, right?

The red and white striped cloth napkins were an Amazon buy and you can see them here.

I can’t recall where I found the red candle.

In A Valentine's Day Tablescape For Two, I chose this red pitcher as part of a centerpiece

The red and white checked place mats were purchased at Amazon and there were 6 place mats in the set. You can see them here.

The red glasses I brought with me from Texas. They were an eBay purchase. I only have four of them.

I can’t recall where I got the little ceramic white pitcher.

I’m pretty sure the cutting board and the red and white plastic platter on top of it came from Tuesday Morning.

How I Loved Shopping At Tuesday Morning:

When I was able to get out and about Tuesday Morning was typically where I chose to shop.

The white plates are my day-to-day plates and I ordered them from Target years ago.

An overall look at my Valentine's Day tablescape

The red and white plaid salad plates are part of a set I ordered not all that long ago from Amazon. This service for four is made up of plaid, polka dots, and striped red and white dishware.

I just looked on Amazon and the service for four is cheaper than when I ordered them last year.

I can’t recall exactly where the red flatware came from, but I think it was Marshall’s maybe, when I lived in Texas.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Your table looks so pretty! I have the same red silverware. It’s been so long, I can’t remember where I got mine from either. We had pizza and red velvet cake for dinner last night. I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day!

  2. There is something special about red and white together that is so appealing. The dishes with the red polka dots are wonderful!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  3. What a pretty tablescape for two, Brenda. I used to have those same red glasses but rarely used them, so I sold them on consignment to one of my favorite shops. Now that I see them again on your blog, I wish I still had them. Oh, well!

    I know what you mean about cats knocking things over or off tables…my cats did that when they were young. Once they get older, they stop doing that.

  4. I LOVE the mix of red and white patterns, it looks fabulous. I like mixing patterns of similar colors too, it adds some pop when you have generally neutral backgrounds (wall color) and furniture (sofas and chairs). The red and white looks beautiful against the light finish on your dining table and stands out from the surroundings, but not too “loud.” The red pitcher is beautiful, it was worth the $15 you paid.

  5. A pretty tablescape, Brenda. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! May Love rule and heal our broken hearts and our fractured society.

  6. You are a great interior decorator, Brenda!! My mom would have loved your ideas using red…in her mind, the ONLY great color!! Here is your laugh for the day. Went to do grocery shopping today (meant to go yesterday but it did not work out). My oh my, I have never ever seen so many men in the store at the same time, mostly buying flowers. Hubby was waiting in the car, astounded at what he saw and began counting how many men with flowers left the store. He counted 40 of them the short time I was in there. Must be a southern thing. He texted me to get myself some flowers (he cannot walk well enough to go into most places). I am not into flowers and was already checked out when he texted me. But you know what? I have been buying BOOKS…THAT is what I truly love…and some of them came this week!! 😉 We got engaged 51 yrs ago today. But I HATE eating out on holidays cause never good food or service those days, so I am cooking us something tonight…probably Pizza for him and I have been dying for some Okonomyaki!! Hope you are having a nice day too!!!

  7. Your table setting for two looks beautiful and inviting. You have such a knack and talent.
    I would love to have that red and white set of dishes. Like you, red is my favorite color. And, that red pitcher is wonderful.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Brenda!

  8. Love red, yellow and white! So full of life and cheerful. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Happy happy Valentine’s Day to you and Ivy and all the subscribers!💖🥰💖

  9. Very pretty setting. Love the red pitcher. Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for all you do all year long in bringing us lovely and interesting posts.

  10. Your valentine table is lovely Brenda. I am glad you didn’t leave the red pitcher behind, it looks worth far more than you paid for it.

    We will just have supper as usual but I could make a veggie stir-fry with pasta and tomato sauce. I am afraid the sauce will be the only red thing on the table.

  11. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Love your red and white dishes! Red has been my favorite for ever. I don’t comment often but your blog is one of two I have to read daily. Really enjoy the Saturday blogs. I can half the day perusing them.

  12. Very pretty table setting Brenda!! ❤️
    Will you actually use them today?
    Spaghetti 🍝 would look great on them ,,,,, perfect 🥰 matching colors!!!
    We are having take out lunch/dinner combo from one of our favorite restaurants.
    Not until later ,,,,, 2 or 3 p.m.
    Should be easier on us ordering ahead of a dinner rush.
    Have a great day Brenda!
    Maybe visit with your daughters.

  13. Love, love your Valentine table, Brenda. Adding the stuffed hearts makes it very special, and the red pitcher is the “real heart” of the table. Lovely!!!!!

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