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  1. The plate arrangements, both (the blue/white one and the red/white one) are just gorgeous. It takes a good eye to arrange the plates in a pleasing pattern. Not that I have enough plates to put up, but the same eye/skill is useful when putting up a gallery wall (framed photos/art/prints) too. I always admire people who make it look so easy! The chocolate brownie cheesecake grabbed me by the mouth, will be trying that recipe out this coming weekend. I like the Pantone colors, but I was more interested in how Pantone teamed up with H&M Home to produce a line of home goods using the 2023 colors – most of which are already sold out! I have bought throw pillow covers and other household items from H&M home online for many years, being very happy with the quality of the goods I’ve purchased and the prices.

  2. Some really great links here…looking at the soup recipes now, and the french onion pasta dish looks so delicious. Can’t wait to browse the vintage plate collections and plant displays.

  3. I really enjoy these posts. Filled with useful and fun information. I misplaced a great recipe for tortilla soup so I’d love to try the one to shared.
    Enjoy your Sunday, Brenda!

  4. I’ve saved the french onion noodle dish. That looks delicious. Always enjoy the Noteables!!

  5. So glad you liked them. They are addictive to make. This week I made garden themed bowl fillers and teacup themed ones. They aren’t stuffed yet. I will do that during superbowl game. ENJOY!!

  6. I’ve just spend a good hour and a half looking at new and notable mentions, very interesting, I liked the plate displays and the valentine one, very interesting. I used to have such plates years ago. I think I might have one or two of the blue ones, not enough to make a statement!
    The book reviews I enjoyed and have made a note of them. Some of the paperbacks on Amazon seen to be getting a little pricy but I do get a lot of enjoyment out of them.
    Thanks again Brenda.

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