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Today I thought I’d just write tidbits of what’s been going on around here. Certainly nothing earth shattering. Just what’s been happening in my little world

Physical Therapy:

I felt really good when I left physical therapy yesterday. I could stand up straight and walk. And I could breathe deeply. You don’t realize how you’ve been breathing shallowly until you can finally take a deep pain free breath. How liberating!

I then went to the nursery to pick up soil and a couple of plants and pots, having their guys do all the lifting. That was enjoyable because I could finally walk upright and not take little mincing steps.

Then I was able to actually stand long enough to fix my supper. But then it hit me a few hours later. It kind of felt like someone had tossed me into a dryer for a bit. But it is a bit better this morning. I suppose “no pain, no gain” applies here.

I go back tomorrow and will continue going every Monday and Wednesday.

The Ducks:

The ducks have been flying back and forth over my apartment putting up quite the ruckus. Loud squawking noises as they go to and fro. I don’t know what’s going on with them.

At least I haven’t been having to herd that mama duck since last week.

What I’ve Been Reading:

I actually finished a very good book last night. Typically I will start a book one night and then usually finish it within a few more nights.

This was one I ordered from the Book Of The Month club. They do have wonderful books to choose from.

This one was called “When The Stars Go Dark.”

Anna is a missing persons detective with way too much knowledge of the dark side of human nature. When tragedy strikes her personal life she flees to Mendocino, where she lived for a time as a child with her foster parents, to grieve.

The day she arrives she learns that a local teen has gone missing. A friend of Anna’s also went missing from there when they were teenagers. As the past and the future collide, Anna feels that she has been led to this moment.

The story weaves together actual cases of missing persons, (the Polly Klaas story) trauma theory, and a hint of the metaphysical. It tells a story of fate and what it looks like to stare into someone’s eyes and see darkness there.

Thoughts As I Was Reading:

As I was reading this book, it struck me how raw yet natural the material was. Like it was innate within the author. At the end of the book she reveals that she is a sexual assault survivor and lived for a time within the foster care system.

Then I knew that’s where the true depth of the writing came from.

The Pet Babies:

I realized I haven’t shown Ivy and Charlie photos for a time. So here are a couple of recent snaps.

In fact I’m getting ready to take Charlie to acupuncture. Seems now it’s either me or Charlie going to have our old bones massaged and worked on.

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  1. Hi Brenda. My comment to this post yesterday never got posted. I guess I did something wrong. I enjoyed your tidbits Tuesday. I also was happy your physical therapy seemed to be helping you. I saw something on Etsy that made me think of you, but couldn’t figure out how to attach a picture or a web link. Sorry.

  2. Oh my goodness “ tossed in a dryer”. Love that one and will use it! I have psoriatic arthritis and now I understand when my late mother in law ( who had rheumatoid arthritis) used to say she felt like she’d been dragged through a knot hole. Unless you have experienced it, you just can’t understand it. Tossed in a dryer. Yes. Glad you’re feeling better over all though. And as always, love the pet baby pictures.

  3. I love “Tuesday Tidbits” – so newsy!
    Glad your therapy went well.
    The pics of the fur babies are wonderful.

  4. That book sounds very intriguing to me having worked in the court system for years.

    We hit the nurseries out in the country yesterday and came home with 9 plants. Can’t beat their prices. It’s been fun to see my daughter take such an interest in gardening.

    Please send me your address as we have some goodies to send you.

  5. You take such wonderful care of your pets. I am just wondering if Charlie seems to enjoy going to his acupuncture appointments or does he seem to dread it?

  6. Glad to hear physical therapy worked for awhile. I’m sure it must have been wonderful to walk around the nursery without pain! With continued sessions hopefully you will have permanent relief!

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