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  1. I planted some Gloriosa Daisy seeds probably 30 years ago. They have re-seeded every year since so I move them all over the yard. Hope you enjoy yours and they re-seed for you.

  2. I should have blooming Black-Eyed Susans by now but this spring we’ve got a bumper crop of rabbits and baby bunnies have taken over my yard. They have eaten the Susans flower-heads off and they are all stunted in growth – the ones that the rabbits can reach. I never had this happen before. I tried putting garlic, black pepper and even cinnamon around and on the plants but that hasn’t deterred the rabbits from eating them. I had one zinnia, a beautiful deep red color that has re-seeded itself for the past 2 years – and one early morning about a month ago when I went to water it where it was “hiding” behind a hosta in one of my front beds, it was totally eaten right down to the ground. She didn’t spring back and start growing again after several weeks of hoping that would happen. A neighbor told me the rabbits have even attacked her hostas. I have 10 hostas of different kinds around my garden beds and so far I haven’t seen much damage, a leaf left behind here or there as if the rabbit took a chomp and didn’t like the taste. Lots of damage in the gardens this year because of the rabbits. I never minded them being in the yard before, but this year is too much. Now I understand why people use b-b guns.

  3. Love your mystery flower! It’s so sunny and cheerful looking.
    Please post a picture, if you make a vace full of flowers. I’d love to see that.

  4. Love them! They grew wild on the country property.
    They remind me of mini sunflowers.

  5. Brenda, I hope that you have had a wonderful week.
    I love watching your garden grow. I don’t have any black eyed Susans but I have some wildflowers that look like them.
    I love zinnias too but the deer are eating mine.
    Have a great night.

  6. Bonnie Schulte says:

    I bet you are doing the “happy” dance. How wonderful your mystery plant is Black Eyed Susans.
    Those, and with your Zinnias popping up, you are going to get some pretty bouquets for the house.
    I like them both, but I don’t have either planted this year. I envy yours.
    Enjoy, and we, your readers, will enjoy your photos of them. Thanks for that..
    Hugs from Wisconsin.

  7. I’m very glad to meet your mystery plant, as well. I love Black Eyed Susans – they “force” me to stop and take note.

  8. My first comment disappeared so I will start over…we have black eyed susans here in Wi….they spread everywhere…the woods and field across from us are full of them from our house…our neighbor now has them along his tree line… the Japanese beetles love them and will shred them to nothing…do not know if you get them down there. We R still in drought conditions but the humidity has lessened…we had a wind storm the other night with hardly any rain…took a big branch out of our favorite shade tree we call the Momma Maple due to her size…scary but all is well. All our perrenials are trying to survive…we keep watering….annuals have been on the struggle bus this year but doing my best…blessings 💕

  9. Thanks for the post….I’m off to pick up some black eyed susans. I did check to make sure they would thrive in the SF Bay area,,,we have so many micro climates here… deck is full sun and they should be very happy, and their color, goes well with the rest of my plants..and color scheme….as always, love your posts and your beautiful garden….!!

  10. Zinnias are my favorite, too, but they don’t bloom here until late, late August and September. I wish the flowers showed up earlier since they’re so colorful and look great inside in vases. We have tons of Black Eyed Susans in my yard though and they’re blooming now. They’re super hearty, flower all summer, spread like wildfire and come back year after year after year which is rare around here. Enjoy your new blooms!

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