I’ve been trying to figure out what to do to hide the water fountain cord on my patio. I have to plug it in up high where the outdoor light is.

Blue outdoor fountain I ordered from Wayfair on my patio

Yesterday I took Charlie and went over to Kendra’s house. He seems to enjoy running around her yard with her two dogs. And run he did. Then he’d come sit in my lap for awhile to rest, and then run some more.

I sat and watched as Kendra and 16 year old son Riley worked on her deck. She had a brand new circular saw and was learning to use it to cut her deck boards. Made me a little nervous, as she was learning while she worked. She’s braver than I am.

The two big blue pots arrived and I took them to her to drill holes in. The fountain also arrived, but I’m not quite sure what to do. No matter what, the cord is going to show as the only place to plug it in is in the light socket to the side of the patio door.

I had the thing-a-ma-jig that you put in the socket instead of a bulb, which transfers its use to an electrical outlet. But the black cord is going to hang from that against the light colored wood.

One of my neighbors had an outlet put in by an electrician. But at some point they’re supposed to work on the wood on the wall, and it’s pretty rotten. I’m just not sure about having that done while the wood is like that.

My only other choice is to just adhere the cord against the wall and try to ignore it. But you know that would be hard. It would take away from the pretty fountain, which I made sure worked.

It called for distilled water, which I didn’t know till I read the brochure about it, and I didn’t have any. So I just poured regular water in it to make sure it worked properly.

Well it’s sort of a dilemma. Not a terrible one. If I think and think on it, maybe I’ll come up with a solution.

I have the plants to put in the two big blue pots, but I will wait on the two rolling plant caddies to get here before I start filling them with soil and plants.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

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  1. Hello Brenda here in SC we’ve gotten our share of rain and even tornadoes about 30 miles from me a few weeks ago thankful for some quiet weather today yes I have some plants and been working like crazy getting them planted and mulch put down while my German shepherd watches my every move she’s 11 and still curious love your Beautiful garden stay safe

  2. Brenda, do you have to replace the lightbulb frequently in your salt lamp? I do in mine, and my brother, an electrician, thinks it’s because the heat from the bulb can’t dissipate.

    Love hearing about Charlie romping with your daughter’s dogs!

  3. It was nice to read that Charlie was running around. :0) On that cord maybe get as close to the color of the wood it will be hanging against and paint it to camouflage it. Just a thought.

  4. What about jute wrapped around the cord? I have painted cords in the past also . So happy to hear Charlie is having fun visiting his cousins.. Your daughter is definitely a go getter like her mother! Take care and stay safe !

  5. I love seeing in my mind Charlie racing with buddies. It must have been one of his best days ever. Glad you got out and could visit your daughter and grandson . She’s a worker like her Mom for sure. I hope Charlie wasn’t sore from his play. Hopefully it and you can take him for a visit again soon. Stay well

  6. I wish you could send some of that rain down my way, we’re way too dry & hot (high 80’s – mid 90’s) here in South Texas for this early in the year. I hate to think what July/August will be like. Seems like Charlie is benefiting from the increased exercise, I guess use it or lose it can be true for dogs as well as humans.

  7. They make cord covers for interior lights; perhaps they make something similar for exterior cords. You probably do not like fake greenery at all but it can be used to wrap around an unsightly cord so it looks like a vine growing up the wall.

  8. Yes I saw where that fountain would be delivered on today which is a Friday. Because I have looked for one for years for my deck. So I checked out the link you posted.

    Good luck with the cord . I know you will enjoy your fountain. I went to walk around the lake today. There is a big fountain there. The sound of running water to me is so relaxing.

  9. Check on getting solar power for your fountain. Mine came with the solar option and plugging in to power outlet.

  10. If you boil your water and cool it you can use that in your fountain instead of distilled water. If there is a filter on the pump, you can clean it of any mineral build-up from the water periodically, but boiling the water will remove some of the minerals. Can you Washi tape or paint or wrap ribbon or string around the cord so it blends in with the wall? or looks like a decoration? What about hanging a macrame tapestry or something like that up on the wall (can you put tacks into the wood?) and then run the cord behind it? Would love to see photos when you’ve got it up and running. Speaking of running, Charlie sounds like he goes into his second childhood when he’s at your daughter’s house and able to run about freely on grass with the other dogs. That’s good for him – there is nothing like exercise to build up shaky muscles. That’s why even quite elderly people are encouraged to lift weights and walk as much as possible because it builds and maintains body mass and metabolism. It sounds like the acupuncture is doing its job, too.

  11. I bought outdoor cord covers from Lowes but they also sell them on Amazon. Your patio looks so relaxing each summer. Can’t wait to see everything this year.

  12. It has been rainy and will be raining for the next few days. I do have a dilemma with a 20’x20’ “island” berm in my front yard. Twenty five years ago when we moved here there were about 7 huge trees in it plus one nice dogwood. We had the 7 trees taken down since they were in falling distance of the house. About a dozen years ago we had the plastic weed preventer put down. All the years of adding mulch has made soil on top of the plastic under the mulch. Well things (weeds) are growing in the soil. I guess the right thing to do is to skim everything off of the plastic and mulch. Not something I want to tackle. Another thing I have to do is get rid of the monkey grass (liriope). It has just gotten too thick and Mr. snake likes to hid in it. I don’t want to dig it or use chemicals. Sometimes I am surprised landscapers recommend some of these plants but just like anything else we have to do our research. Dreading the cost on this project. But we are happy, healthy with a roof over our head! The perennials and seeds are growing so all is good!

  13. It’s cold, dark, and raining here too…we just can’t catch a break with the weather, it’s so frustrating. I’d love for some sunshine and lovely days while I’m working from home. It will probably get gorgeous right when I have to go back to the office!!

    How about a trellis and climbing plant to hide the cord?

  14. It sounds as if this running around could be the best therapy for him.

    Paint the cord lightly to match the background or the pot or whatever you think.

  15. Brenda, I had a cord that was black, and I didn’t want to see it either, where it would be against a white wall. I just painted it white. Maybe that would work for you too. Love the cat tree you bought for Ivy. I never saw one so “well” built, and good looking. I am anxious to see Ivy sleeping on the top. Looks very sturdy, bet she will love it. Hugs from WI

  16. Good Morning Brenda. We are having the gloom of rain too. Hate when that sunshine is not out. I never feel motivated to do much without sunshine. So excited for Charlie to be able to go and play with the other dogs. If he is running then that means his legs and back are doing well. Maybe this is good physical therapy for him. That is so great. Have a good weekend.

    1. That was my thought, too. Good for Charlie to run and lovely for you to be in the company of youngers! I am lonely for mine. Every Friday the 11 of us chat on zoom. Seeing my kids and 5 grandkids is priceless. Grands are 15 to 22! Home from college and high school, learning on line, eating as families every night, waking the 4 grand dogs as a group…in two different states. My daughter works out of the house 2 days a week. The other three adults work from home.

      1. By the way, my hubby and I are in a high rise in Miami Beach. The sun shines every day…boring. I hope we get rain for some drama. We hope to fly to our lake house in Mn. next week. I need the earth!

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