My Summer Bedroom

my bedroom

I have changed up my bedding for summer. I have a blanket wrapped around the mattress, and I use the lightweight green coverlet to cover up with.

I moved the red flower canvas above the bed. So this provided me, along with the green night stands/dressers, sort of a red and green color theme.

my bedroom

I didn’t iron anything, so there are wrinkles. But then, wrinkles are part of real life, aren’t they?

I have started to appreciate the varying shades of a particular color. For instance, the lamp bases are a darker red, and the other reds in the room are more of a tomato red.

There was a time when I tried to have the same color shade in a room, perfectly matched. I’ve changed my mind about that. I find I’m less regimented as I get older.

Note the varying green shades in the bedroom as well.

my bedroom

I moved my “to read and review” stacks of books over to the dresser on either side of the smaller wood and glass terrarium that I moved in here a few days ago.

I put the green bottles that were already there inside the terrarium. The larger green bottle has fairy lights in it that I plug in sometimes at night.

my bedroom

I added a grouping of white pitchers to the top of the red cupboard. I thought it gave a bit of femininity to the setting.

decorating magazines

The red galvanized stand was moved to the bedroom for summer so the house plants can get more light.

And then I don’t have to open my front door to let light in for the house plants, which makes it a bit hot inside the living room due to the sun flowing in during summer.

house plants

So this is our summer bedroom.

Me and Charlie boy come back here in the evening after I shower. I read and brush him. Sometimes I hold my book with one hand and brush him with the other!

Then he snoozes at the end of the bed. My Charlie boy sure can snore.


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  1. Love your new summer bedroom! I especially love your white pitchers – delightful collection. I’m expecting some new lamps today ironically to jump start a new look to the bedroom. Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish a “feel good” look.

  2. I really like the new bedcovers look. I am curious about what kind of blanket you wrapped the mattress with. So you don’t use a top sheet?
    I still have a sheet set on my bed, one thin cotton blanket and then a white quilt similar to yours. I start out with the sheet and use the blanket only on my legs, then as the night cools, I pull up the blanket, and sometimes the quilt comes up in the wee morning hours when Reno is at its coolest.
    I would like to pare down the bedcovers. I thought about just getting a duvet cover on a down comforter, but I have tried it and it is too hot for me. That is why I went to the quilt setup.
    I would like to have more houseplants myself, but my light is not the greatest, and finding places to put them in my tiny apt is difficult. I like the way you have displayed the ones in the bedroom.

  3. Love these pics… The colors is gorgeous!! Tray on the bed is perfect!! Thank you for sharing !! sooo funny how our Pupsters snore!! 🙂

  4. Brenda, I love the olive green three drawers in the first picture. I like how you change things in your home. I’ve been guilty of leaving things for twenty years or more. You always inspire me to change things up now and then. Thank you.

  5. Love that yellow mixed in with the greens and reds in your bedroom. Such a nice relaxing pretty space.

    My dogs snore and evidently have some interesting dreams if the little whimpers and soft barks are any indication. The cat snores as well. I am sure they would tell me that I snore as well.

    Take care.

  6. Brenda, I adore your use of color. It’s always fun to see something other than white! And I have that same green quilt! That’s so funny…love it.

  7. So pretty, Brenda! I love how you decorate your home! Always so colorful and cozy. My kind of decor.
    Like your Charlie, my elderly Pug snores up a storm. It’s such a comforting sound to me, after losing my little chihuahua a few months ago. I’m sure it’s the same for you.

  8. Everything looks so nice . I’m kinda like you in I also like to change things up .

    1. Makes your home more interesting. Especially if you only have four rooms to work with!

  9. Your bedroom looks very nice. Green is such a restful colour! There are so many shades of green in nature, it’s hard to go wrong when combining them. We have light sage green walls in the master bedroom and it is such a nice relaxing space.

  10. Like flowers in a garden, colors in a room don’t have to match perfectly, and in fact, the different shades of the same color can be even more interesting than all matching.

    1. I think so too. I especially like varying shades of green because it reminds me of all the green in nature.

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