I wasn’t expecting the chair until about the middle of June. But it came way early. I’m glad I chose this one. It was a tremendous price at over 82% off, and it’s a very nice chair.

I had trouble getting one of the screws to screw into the leg. But Nathan and the other maintenance guy, Nathan’s boss who sometimes works here, fixed it.

They had to do all kinds of things with various tools to get that screw to go in that hole.

Ivy of course thinks it belongs solely to her. Have you noticed, if you have a cat, how they claim everything as theirs?

This red basket is new. As you can see Ivy thinks that’s hers as well. I found it at Hobby Lobby yesterday just wandering the aisles. I guess since she can’t pick it up she’ll just chew on the sides.

It was 75% off, and that’s all I bought. Total came to $12.49 from what was originally $49.99. I would never have paid that price for it.

But as soon as I saw it, here’s what I thought: I can put this on the coffee table with decor in it and Ivy probably can’t carry anything off or break what’s inside.

Score! Grabbed that thing as it was the only one there and it’s a good size.

Hobby Lobby has some great sales going on. Both 50% and 75% off a lot of their stuff because they’re bringing in Christmas stuff.

Christmas! In May! Well, May 31st. But still, who wants to think about Christmas this early?

However they were busily stuffing the shelves with both fall and Christmas stuff.

Meanwhile Charlie is more interested in eating.

I haven’t taken many photos inside lately. So I took more photos of my living room to show you.

In the red basket I have books I have yet to read, and of course the Mason jars. I can’t put just Mason jars out, because Ivy will knock them off. But having them in the red basket, she can’t do that.

I’m sure she will try though.

That little red table you see next to the chair was in my bedroom. I bought it a few years ago at the antique mall.

See that pretty chippy wood heart? Elizabeth from Pinecones And Acorns sent that to me a month or so ago along with all kinds of goodies to eat. She’s so sweet. Thanks Elizabeth!

I’m probably staying in all weekend. It was pretty darned hot yesterday. I think summer has truly arrived.

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  1. What a nice surprise that it arrived early! Everything looks so pretty Brenda! I love the new chair, it fits in perfectly. I also love the basket on your coffee table…great find! And perfectly Ivy-proof! Love and hugs!

  2. Love your new chair, fits just perfect. So cute that Ivy has adopted it already. Your apartment looks so comfy. Would love to have your talent in decorating.
    A few days ago you posted pictures of your flowers and they were so beautiful. I love your pictures of the patio.
    Have a wonderful day

  3. Hi, Brenda
    My name is Kathy and I love following your blog. I don’t have one of my own but I follow a few and you are my favorite. Love your life and your lovely apartment. It is truly HOME! I wanted to ask you if it is possible to leave my current situation with my husband after being married for several years and obtain a
    small apartment on my own with not a lot of money. I haven’t been happy for a very long time. We have grown apart and had some family situations concerning a daughter effect us. I would need to sell my home which we have agreed upon. I’m scared but want to do this. Where do I begin? Please pray for me and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this. My email is [email protected]

  4. The chair looks great in your space. And your apartment looks very cozy and welcoming. Love how your patio area becomes part of your living space, too.

  5. I love the new chair and it looks great in your living room. Your green chest of drawers always makes my heart sing when I see it. I like all the green you have incorporated in your living room. The garden doors to your patio really changes the look of your living room. Love those doors too. Whenever you create a vignette with those amazing green jugs, my heart sings too. Love the look of those two jars. You find the most interesting pieces. Enjoy your week.

  6. Your home space looks so warm and inviting, you’ve created a lovely space to live in, Brenda. The new chair is so versatile with any decor, good choice!

  7. I like that you’re bringing more red in. I always admired the red touches in your Texas home.
    Glad Charlie is eating more. I figured Ivy would claim the new chair!

  8. The new chair looks so nice! My cats would claw the heck out of it. Is that a new glass coffee table, too? I don’t remember seeing that before. Love how you have the books and jars in the red basket. Hobby Lobby is ridiculous with how early they start their seasonal decor.

  9. Hi, Brenda! I’ve been following your blog for years but seldom comment – although I read it everyday. I love what you’ve done with your apartment! All the touches are perfect. What a great idea to use the basket for unread books – I might have to copy that great idea! I wish my Hobby Lobby were closer but I just may have to drive over there. We have a large gray tabby with bright green eyes who we rescued that also thinks everything is his. He has his favorite afternoon nap spot on the sofa and I’d best not put anything there when it’s nap time! He will let me know. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and please keep on taking those great photos and blogging. I’m two years behind on my blog and I need to get back to it. You’ve inspired me.

  10. I love it all ,the chair is beautiful !
    Miss Ivy has certainly claimed it !
    Have a wonderful cozy house weekend !
    Keep cool!!!
    You are a wonderful decorator .

  11. I love your new chair ! Your space looks so cozy and inviting. I laughed out loud on your comment on Ivy claiming everything ! My cats do exactly the same thing. I can lay a napkin on a table, leave the room, and when I come back there’s a cat laying on it.

    1. So nice of you to buy Ivy new things. LOL, we have cats and it is exactly the same way. Love your décor as always, the new chair is perfect and love the red basket. I have to ‘cat proof’ my mason jars too. I can’t have the things I would like to have, including plants, but wouldn’t trade my cats for the world. I’m sure you feel the same.

  12. Your apartment looks really nice. The books-to-be read standing up in the basket is a great idea.

  13. Great chair and glad you had someone to help get the leg screwed in. Always something, isn’t it? Great little red basket, too! Perfect to keep IVY-NO-IVY-NO items contained. xo Diana

  14. Brenda, your home just gets more and more cozy all the time. Love your style and love the new chair! You are so right about cats claiming everything in the house as their own. Mine go out and in, in and out, one out one in, all day long and I can’t even keep up with who’s in the house much less find them. Dizzy has a knack for blending in and being very silent while Sam Elliott will look for any door left open and find a new hideout. I thought something had happened to him a couple of days ago and then noticed that I’d left the linen closet door open just a crack. And of course there was his little black self sleeping on my white guest bath rug. Grrrrr!! Hmmm, would I rather have him there or sneaking in and sleeping on the guest room pillows? And my two dogs manage to take up the largest part of the king size bed, them sprawled out and me in the fetal position. And I wonder why my back hurts!! But, like you I wouldn’t trade them for a million. Hope your weekend is peaceful and lovely!

  15. Love the new chair and basket! The photo of Ivy sitting proudly in “her”” new chair made me laugh! And the one where she’s sitting on the table next to the new basket. Too cute! Your home is lovely, thanks for sharing.

  16. I loved seeing all the photos of your entire living room area and kitchen…. the beiges and greens go so well together.. love the drapes, and then the pops of green (pillows) and your hutch, etc. It all looks very calming and “cool”.. and the bits of red here and there are great. That chair is a perfect fit it seems. Our cats do the same thing… they have to get ON anything new we bring in, or rub all over it to show us it’s theirs now! I keep little blankets on my furniture as the cats do think it belongs to them…. and then if we do have any company, I remove all the blankets and of course have to still brush off cat hair from everything! I’m glad Ivy loves her new chair and basket. Your home just looks so lovely. I do like the idea of baskets to tame the clutter (that I have)….. you don’t have any clutter and it looks so nice! Marilyn

  17. I love the new chair. It fits perfectly with Ivy. And I’m still drooling over your drapes. They are so pretty.

  18. It all looks good! I love the chair and basket. I noticed Charlie’s food is on the right and water on the right. As a lefty, I would have switched and put the food on the left. It’s the kind of thing my husband, a righthander, and I do differently, with me oriented toward starting on the left and him on the right. I hang clothes differently and do dishes differently, too. I get right and left mixed up when giving him directions. I have to really concentrate to get it “right.” Pun intended!

  19. Brenda, your house looks so cute and cozy. So much lighter and airier with the new furniture. You do a great job of decorating. And the little wire basket–what a good idea. I wonder if it would work as well to keep things from being scattered by two 8-yr.-old boys!!

    Yesterday was sunny and breezy and moderately warm but today is grey and rainy with thunder. Drat! I just work up a good rhythm with weeding and planting and then it rains again! But, as my daughter said this morning, it’s better than drought. I had to agree.

    So I am likely staying in most of today although I should go for groceries. Maybe I’ll order them on-line and just pick them up later. My Kroger store does that now. It’s convenient, but sometimes they substitute items even though you indicate on the order not to. Plus, I like to pick out my own produce.

    Hope your weekend is pleasant.

    P.S. I must have missed your post where you talked about buying your recliner. Do you mind telling me where you found it? I’ve been looking for one for a while but haven’t found one I like. Yours looks really comfy.

    1. I bought the recliner from a local store. I think maybe the chair is Ashley, but not sure. It is electric and alters your position in various ways.

  20. Your home looks fabulous!!!!!!!! Also, I love Ivy’s new chair, ;0) .. she has good taste in her shopping selection. Everything just all comes together perfectly.. I love the basket…what a great idea for book display…clever. Thank you for sharing, and hope your weekend is full of JOY.

  21. My cat is the same way. We call him the little prince because he takes ownership of anything new brought in. Love the new chair. It all ties in so nicely. Very inviting & homey feel.

  22. You have the most inviting looking home! And the new chair is perfect! Would you tell me which color you chose and how comfy it is? Enjoy your writing so much!

    1. I ordered beige, which was the cheapest color. I just looked at Wayfair and it’s a little higher today. 81% off instead of 82%. Still a great deal! And it has plenty of room and is quite comfy.

  23. I really like the new chair and yes the cat in my house thinks she owns everything also. The red basket is a great find to keep things together and away from Ivy! I do love how you decorate your home. Mine still seems cluttered but it’s time to work on that some more.

  24. Brenda, I LOVE IT!!!! What a homey cozy wonderful living room. I can’t help but think “living large in small spaces”…..I would love to come sit and visit with you, in that chair! Have a beautiful day ? BTW…..really like the basket.

  25. LOVE the chair! And your apartment! And your decorative accents! And your wall art! And Charlie! And IVY! And don’t feel badly about having to curb purchases to what Ivy will-will not bother. For YEARS I have been unable to have big bouquets of natural leaves and grass in my house – ones that would look stunning in season! Oh well…….!!!!

    1. Brenda, I have just “found” you. I have been looking for guidance on how to set up a new life. Your blog is a godsend to me.

      I read about “Liz” in your section on divorce. I’ve recently been there very recently, too. I would love to tell “Liz” and other women like her about a website that helped me thru the worst of the psychological trauma while divorcing a man that I truly believe has Anti-Social Personality Disorder. The website is https://narcsite.com/author/malignnarc/. The website showed me how such people think. The journalist in you may find it interesting as well.

      I’m sorry to hijack your lovely post about your new chair.

  26. Brenda….I just love your sweet apartment…You continue to add coziness here and there. Thank you for sharing.

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