My zinnias sure are vibrant and pretty right now. I finally got zinnias to grow from seed straight into the container. I’ve never been all that lucky with seeds.

It didn’t rain last night, which is amazing. My veggies don’t like all the rain. Their leaves are turning yellow.

I think one tomato is ripe enough to eat today. Can’t recall what kind of tomato plant I bought, but these tomatoes aren’t really round.

The other day I was looking through photos in my online libraries and came across the first photo I ever saw of Ivy Lou. She was just a wee thing. Much bigger when I brought her home.

Remember this photo? It’s not like I had a bunch of choices. She was the only female under a year old that they had. So I guess it was meant to be.

I took the cat carrier and went to meet her and bring her home at the same time. Charlie went with me.

It only took her about ten minutes to acclimate. She was quite socialized.

It was October and she immediately began to kill crickets that first evening. Then that first night she stuck one in the foot of my house shoe as a gift I suppose for giving her a true home.

This is the little somewhat blurry face that I fell in love with. There was something about the shape of her face and the look in her eyes that tugged at my heartstrings.

Of course this photo was taken when she was a kitten. I brought her home at around 20 weeks old. She had to grow into those big ears.

She was named Allie back then. But that was too close to Abi for me. So she became Ivy.

Here she is now.

Silly as the day is long. Funny and curious and full of fizz, as my Granny used to say. She has fully grown into those ears. Which obviously in this photo shows that she’s perturbed about something.

She thinks she owns that chair. Which means I suppose she does, being a cat and all. They kind of make the rules, don’t they?

This morning she woke me up to feed her around 6:30. She does not meow. Well, occasionally she does. But then I know something really strange is going on. Because it’s only then that she meows.

Hers is more of a “meh” or “me” sound.

After she ate she walked along the window sill behind the curtains and laid down. I knew she was there because occasionally her tail would “thwap-thwap” against the curtains.

I laid in bed for a bit and watched her. She does this when she’s annoyed or excited. Like when she spots a bird.

“Thwap-thwap. Thwap-thwap.”

Charlie is walking much better. I haven’t called the dog therapy number yet because he is currently doing well.

When I take Charlie somewhere, he shakes relentlessly the entire time. If it’s an hour, he shakes for an hour. If it’s longer, he still shakes. So I try not to upset him unless I think the reward will be greater than the anxiety of being there.

When I take him in the car with me to drive through the pharmacy to pick up meds or something, he just lays in his dog bed in the passenger seat and is happy as a clam. No shaking.

Sometimes he gets in my lap and I roll the window part way down so he can feel it on his face. He loves that.

If you don’t yet have ornamental grasses in your garden, consider getting some. They are so worth it.

I love to watch them wave in the breeze. Languidly dancing to a slow beat only they can hear.

The last Shipt delivery I received was delivered by a man. Probably in his twenties. A guy with a man bun. He was so efficient.

I could tell he was running this like a true business because he said he used his tax ID when shopping. And that he liked to bag his own groceries.

He was even better than the first girl about picking out my strawberries. I like a man who can pick out produce.

There’s something so non-threatening to me about a man with a man bun. I know that’s just silly. But I was perfectly relaxed around him.

He saw my patio and asked if he could take photos to show his girlfriend. I walked outside with him and an orange butterfly landed on my left shoulder. He pointed it out to me.

The butterfly remained there as I walked around with him, pointing out the herbs and telling him the names.

Does that have a meaning? A butterfly on your shoulder?

I asked the Shipt shopper if he wanted starts to basil that have freely come up in one of my big pots, and he said that would be great. So I took a little plastic pot and planted a few basil plants for him to take home. He said his girlfriend would love that.

I’ve now used Shipt three times. I think he was probably my favorite shopper and I tipped him $25. I’m hoping I get him again.

I’m going to PT today around noon. My ankle has been better this last couple of days. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t gone out since Friday? Haven’t had to drive my car.

This is progress but I’m wary about getting my hopes up. It’s been a good four days without pain. And I’m doing the exercises she taught me to do.

I’ll see how it feels to drive the few miles to the physical therapist’s office. If it means less pain and less PT sessions then Shipt is certainly worth the price.

Plus I’m not putting miles on my old but reliable car. And if there’s less pain that’s less money going to PT.

The sun is bright today. It lights up my patio as though Mother Nature is smiling down at my plants.

It is quiet outside. Just the sound of Ivy scooting a toy across the floor and the soft whir of the ceiling fan going round and round.

I love these mornings of solitude and peace.

Solitude is not the same as loneliness. Solitude is a solitary boat floating in a sea of possible companions. – Robert Fulghum

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  1. Hi! If your tomatoes are oval and the size of an egg they are probably Roma’s –full bodied, firm and fabulous for cooking. Thin skinned they are great for slicing. I let mine ripen in a sunny window before the squirrels get them.
    Larger ovals probably are San Marzano’s. – Again firm and full bodied, with a touch of sweetness…make delicious sauce!
    With your herbs you’ll have great makings for some fine meals!

  2. Wonderful post. I love your pictures of Charlie and Ivy. They are both so sweet.
    I love your little patio, I dream of having a patio like that. So many beautiful plants. Such a peaceful place. I have always believe that a butterfly landing on you means someone is watching over you.
    Have a beautiful day with Charlie and Ivy.

  3. Ivy has grown into a beautiful cat but then I think all cats are beautiful. My Dexter is now 16 years old, took him to the vet just for a check up because of his age, he was checked out and had a few blood tests, all came back good, I am so thankful. I too love ornamental grasses but can’t grow them because Dexter takes a liking to eating them and then throws up! He is king of the house, everything we do is worked around him! He certainly is the boss.
    Glad to hear that Charlie is doing so well.

  4. Loved this post. So sweet that Charlie Boy enjoys sitting in your lap and feeling the breeze on car trips. Being close to his mama is obviously his favorite thing in the world. I gushed over Ivy Lou’s baby photo. Oh what an adorable precious kitten! I’d forgotten that photo. Sounds like you made a new friend with your grocery delivery guy. I wonder if you can request him? How kind of you to plant a pot of basil for him/his girlfriend.
    Your tomatoes look like Romas to me. They are less acidic I hear.
    The butterfly photo is breathtaking.

    Have a good evening.

  5. Ivy was a darling kitten and she is a beautiful adult cat. Those were big ears she had to grow into, though! Glad Charlie enjoys a ride with you now and then. I’m sure he’s just happy to be with you instead of home alone. I wonder if dogs worry that no one will return when you leave them. Maybe some do and others not so much. I always loved taking my Tavi in the car with me as he seemed to enjoy it so much.

    How nice that you had such a competent and friendly delivery man for your groceries. Enjoyable to be able to share your plants with him. And that butterfly on your shoulder–extraordinary! It must have been a message from Abi.

    It was a nice, sunny day here today. So nice for a change. I even did a little weeding. Hope tomorrow is nice, too, so I can finish planting some flowers that I’ve never gotten in.

    Hugs and pats, as usual.

  6. It is amazing how quickly Ivy has grown. I know we have been watching her since you adopted her, and it really isn’t that quickly, but boy, she really turned into a beauty, from a cutie.(grin) I think I asked a couple of weeks ago, if you still have “Jade”. I don’t recall seeing it on your photos of your patio, recently, anyway just wondering, hope it didn’t die. hugs, bonnie

        1. Brenda, thanks so much for taking time to post this for me. I have no idea how I could have missed that entire post, as I DO read yours always???? or thought I did…Happy to see Jade looking so good. Hugs, Bonnie

  7. What an adorable baby she was..and still is…blessed she was waiting for you..a special Mommy. Love the pink ornamental grass..hope I find some this way in NC soon. Such a nice human touch you made in this delivery guy’s life today…. the viewing, the cutting you shared, and the generous tip. Great to hear folks spreading kindness everywhere. I believe in tipping those generously who are working for a living and take pride in their job. Cheers..

  8. Dear sweet Ivy Lou and Charlie too .
    They are the perfect pets for you !
    So glad the sun is shining for you today !
    Enjoy !
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your Netflix we are thinking of getting it also .Sick of all the stuff on tv now nothing for baby boomers.
    Enjoy your day !

  9. Hi. It was fun to read about Ivy’s history again. Our current two cats are from the local rescue shelter. It looked like Calvin, the first one we got, would be a lazy guy, and he has stuck to that behavior. But the second one, Binko, sure fooled us. He seemed pretty laid back at the shelter, and was fairly calm the first week or so here at our house, but then he must have realized he was here for good and he went a bit bonkers! We were told he was a year old when we got him, but he sure has behaved more like a kitten. Unfortunately, he gets bored way too quickly with toys, so we don’t buy many and make little shapes out of pipe cleaners and bread twist ties instead. They all end up under the washer, dryer or couch. This morning we had blueberries with our breakfast and the little cat took off with one that was dropped. My husband later found it in a corner of the living room. I’ve found cherry tomatoes in other rooms too. We have to watch our step!

  10. Ivy was an adorable kitten and now she’s a beautiful cat! I love the contrast of her black and white markings and those green eyes are mesmerizing. She’s a character for sure. So glad the therapy is helping Charlie. It certainly helped my Dolly Dog. I’m glad you’ve met such nice and hard working young people who are delivering your groceries. Great that this young man has an interest in gardening even if it is via his girlfriend. Hope you get sun for a few more days to balance out the rain.

  11. this is a beautiful post.
    I mean they’re all wonderful. but this one just touches my heart.
    baby Ivy (she always makes me laugh) then Charlie Ross… a little Light for us all!
    I’m glad you get to take him in the car with you occasionally… like a special treat!
    and the kindness you showed the wonderful boy who so kindly and proudly does his job well!

  12. You write so wonderfully. I love your use of words. Your patio and apartment are so beautiful and comfortable. Your pets have so much personality! Thank you for adding beauty to our days.

  13. I have always heard that when a butterfly touches you, it means that a deceased loved one is letting you know they are near. Your patio is a gardener’s delight. I think you may have Roma tomatoes, my favorite. Hugs to Charlie and Ivy Lou!

  14. That service sounds great, Brenda, and you’re right – if it benefits you in multiple ways, the additional cost is sometimes outweighed. Less gas, less wear and tear on both you and your car, less stress, less time spent away from your cozy home and sweet furbabies. That photo of Ivy though, when she was a kitten – oh my gosh, what a cute little face!!

  15. She’s so adorable,from a crazy cat lady with 2 putters,thankyou for giving her such a great home and boy was she an adorable kitten,I’m a sucker for the pink nose,both of mine have black noses:)
    Enjoy your sunny day!

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