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  1. How wonderful that you ask for advice from your many readers! So many nice ideas. I would suggest a couple of glass shelves for green house plants and possibly swapping the light for a “grow light.” Another suggestion would be the pressed tin panels I saw recently at Lowe’s (copies of vintage tin ceilings) that could cover the whole wall—mirror and backsplash. They are lightweight and I assume can be attached with double sided tape and easily removed when you want a change. And I’m pretty sure they were paintable if you prefer a color to a metal finish. I believe they came in tin and copper finishes, maybe more.

    I followed you many years ago, but lost track when I switched from a desktop computer to an iPad. So glad to see you are thriving and adjusting to new situations, as we all are striving to do. Take care!

  2. The tall bookcase might look good in the kitchen in the corner.
    It’s odd being so high with other pieces low. Several plants could live there too. Many are low light varieties.
    Having film looking like sand blasted mirror would be an option. Put a smaller light over sink. Put it on a dimmer. Reduce glare in mirror and make nice ambient light at night.
    Keep cabinet doors on. Too much of good thing. Eyes need
    Resting places.

    Tv on walk with yellow quilt instead of. The false fireplace
    Might brighten and warm you closer to your recliner. I love mine.

  3. I agree with you about hanging pots in front of the mirror. In my house that would be a set up for a disaster of monumental proportions! But you might consider a narrow shelf at the bottom edge of the mirror going across its width where you could display some pretties (maybe colored glass) that would be reflected in the mirror.

    I would leave the cabinet doors on this side of the kitchen so the mirror and (maybe) shelf area would be the focus of attention. Perhaps the idea of curtains on the mirror creating a window effect would be nice too.

    So much fun to see what you’re doing with your new space. Enjoy!

  4. I think you should leave the cabinet doors on. I think the eye needs places of rest and too many open cabinets leaves it busy. Then you can swap out decor with the one you left open.
    I like the mirror, but you could always cover it with a big picture instead that would fit the space. I also like the shelf idea.
    Love your little plants in the window!!!!

  5. How about covering the mirror with some pretty contact paper that you like and then hanging a piece of art over it… or another smaller mirror, rattan or wicker shelf, or something like that you could hang. You could hang whatever you choose from above if there is space above the mirror or even from the ceiling. I would also change the light fixture to something smaller 🙂

    Your space is coming along nicely and I’m so happy for you that you were finally able to get out of that other terrible place 🙂

  6. I think you should leave the cupboard doors on, one open shelve is enough I think otherwise it would be cluttered. I think it would be nice to put a painting over the mirror with command strips then you can change whenever you want. I know what ever you decide it will look nice.

  7. They make cling type covering for windows that’s easy to put up or take down. You could try that on your mirror. To see what I mean do a search on Amazon for “privacy window film”. Tons of patterns to choose from. There are even some that look like stained glass if that’s your style. I also wonder if you could cover the mirror with foam board applied with the putty you mentioned. You could then cover it with fabric or anything you choose (maybe cork to use as a reminder station?).

  8. Also….lots of options for this window film on Amazon.Here’s one option that I thought I might enjoy! I’ve used this type of film several times myself and used it at my mother-in-laws too. You can delete this comment. I just didn’t know if I could go to amazon and then get back to my comment.

  9. Hi there!
    Wow -lots of comments and I didn’t read them all because I’m in a hurry but…
    Mirror: Oh my, I couldn’t handle seeing myself every time I stand at the sink.
    I would consider some window frosting – it’s like mac tac- you wet the window and then put a cut to size piece of opaque plastic on the window. And it sticks! Obviously easy to remove. Available at Home Depot here in Canada. You can also get a beautiful stained glass version.
    Anyway…not permanent so you can change your mind. No tools required for installation!

  10. Brenda,
    I read through all the comments and there are a LOT of them! The light above your sink is so necessary; but not that one. I had this same issue many houses ago and we removed the globe fixture and recessed the new square one. If you like the mirror, you could try picture frame molding outlining the shape of it. Maybe use a piece of antique ceiling tile to band the bottom.
    If not, remove it. Keep the doors on the cabinets for now; too many focal points can be chaotic.
    I’m sorry for your neighbor, Steve. Several of my friends have lost their husbands in the last couple of years, so it’s tough. My husband and I try to be supportive in every way we can.

    1. How about a command hook on the mirror and hang a leafy fern- like wreath (or lambs ear maybe) on it?

  11. My 2 cents – I’ve seen lots of open shelving in kitchens, and with your cottage decor, I think it makes total sense to take the doors off. Plus, if you need more room to display your pretty things, why not? It will give you a lot of pleasure to see them, rather then hide them behind the doors. As for the mirror, a couple of thoughts. You can have it removed (it’s not very large, so it’s not a major project (moybe the Can-Do man can do it for you or suggest someone). Or, they make some very good-looking peel-and-stick backsplashes that could go over the mirror, and continue over your butcher block backsplash, to make it all cohesive, so it seems like there’s a reason for it to be in that space where the mirror is. Finally, I do like your idea of the curtains, to make it look like a window.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your neighbor’s wife.

  12. Personally I think the mirror looks harsh even though it may help with lighting. You do have a nice window. However if it were possible to put little shelves either across it or below it and be able to put plants or knickknacks or what not that would break up the harshness of it. If not I would say either hang curtains or possibly a pretty print and you could even use some of your poster putty for it. I would be hesitant to do any sort of painting over it because it may not come off and it is a rental after all. I say take the Doors off the cabinets unless you have no real storage. I feel it would balance out both sides of the kitchen. Seems kind of odd to have doors off one side and nowhere else. As far as cluttering the kitchen up I agree most people wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but you can. We’ve seen from your other apartment how lovely it looks with your doors off your cabinets and let’s face it that’s the look you like. Why not go with what you like. I think whatever you come up with is going to look lovely because you have such Knack for decorating. Plus whatever you do isn’t permanent and you can always change it up if you don’t like it. Sorry about your neighbors wife and I agree with some of the other commenters be careful. A recently widowed man can very well be a needy man. Can’t wait to see what you do with the kitchen

  13. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but my first thought was red shutters over the mirror. Or red shutters and a valance. Just an idea.

  14. Put a valance of some kind above the kitchen sink. You could use a piece of wood painted white, or fabric. Check Pinterest for ideas. It will hide the off-center light fixture, and you will still have the illumination from above.
    Cover the mirror with a light weight stretched canvas picture. An outdoor scene would be nice. So many possibilities. Have fun.

  15. Brenda, one of my solutions to help disguise a mirror is to hang a light weight wreath on it. I use a command strip adhesive hook and change the wreath with the seasons.
    Whatever you do will be clever and creative as always. I always look forward to seeing your decor! Sherry B


  17. I would use removable wall paper to cover the mirror in a pattern or plain white. I would not remove the doors on those cabinets flanking the sink. I’m a fan of less open shelving which I think can tend to look cluttered if not very carefully arranged, which means you don’t get good use out of the shelves. You can stash more behind closed cabinet doors. Maybe add two glass shelves in the niche above the sink after covering the mirror with wall paper to create space to display some of your white pieces. That light fixture above the sink is clunky and who wants a boob light hanging over their head daily? I would swap it out for something more streamlined that fits closer to the ceiling – maybe something with some red trim or a red base.
    The boob light can be stored and put back up if you move at a later date. I would also ask if it would be possible for the maintenance man to center the light fixture in the space. I wouldn’t add a curtain to the kitchen window, the blind is enough to give you privacy at night but if you want a curtain I recommend a Roman shade, but they can run expensive unless you buy a kit, your own material, and make your own. An alternative would be to put up some frosted glass look film on the glass of the window that would still allow the light through but give you privacy even with the blinds open or pulled up during the day.

  18. The uncentered light would bug me more than the mirror. How about a tension rod between the cabinets with a longer valance that covers the light fixture. You could keep the light, but not see it is slightly off. I love open cabinets, but hate how much dust they collect. So no advice from me on that point.

  19. I would see if u could take the mirror down first and go from there Brenda.
    I would keep the cabinet doors on too. U could be on the lookout for a curio cabinet to put all your pretty things in and still see them without dusting all the time.
    So sorry about your neighbor’s wife!

  20. Brenda, that mirror over your sink would drive me crazy! Who wants to look at themselves every time they do the dishes?? But, what to do? I know that if there were some way to take it down without totally destroying the wall behind, that’s what I’d do. I think I would want something nice to look at, like plants and/or knick-knacks in that space, not just a curtain. Plus, if you took down the un-centered light fixture you could hang a full spectrum plant light there for the plants on the shelves beneath. I bet that mirror wasn’t there originally; a former tenant must have put it there so I’m lobbying for getting rid of it! Might not be the easiest fix but I bet it will make you the happiest in the long run. Am I opinionated or what??

    Also, sorry to hear about your neighbor’s loss. I don’t think you bringing bad karma had anything to do with her demise. You, of all people, have very little bad karma attached to you! You are a kind and loving person and wouldn’t wish harm or bad things on anyone. Be kind to yourself, too, remember! Perhaps you will be a blessing in your neighbor’s life as you share your gardening interests and methods.

    Looking forward to which of the many creative solutions for dealing with the mirror you go with.

  21. I don’t know what I would do about that mirror but curtains sounds like a good idea.
    One of things I really liked about the other apartment was your open cabinets to display your lovely things. Don’t do anything until you’re absolutely sure.
    Truly sorry about Steve’s loss. Be a friend but don’t be too available. Bear in mind he will need friends.
    Can’t wait to see what you what you decide to do in your kitchen.

  22. my approach to decorating has become less is more…. leave the doors. wait to make any decisions till you see what your window coverings look like. leave the mirror alone until you have lived with it for awhile.. you might like it. the only thing i would consider changing is the “boob light”. that could make the change your looking for.

  23. How about peel and stick (removable) wall covering. Add it to the mirror and to the partial wall at the end of the counter and to the left of the sink. There is some really cool stuff out there–a bit on the pricy side but you need only 1 roll.

  24. Dear Brenda, you’re doing a great job!
    *Kitchen window-not sure about your window treatment plan but as long as the shade gives you privacy I won’t do anything. Maybe hang a plant from the ceiling. Do not obstruct access to the pantries.
    * I vote not removing cabinet doors on either side of the sink.
    * The mirror over the sink is very odd but reflects a lot of light. I love light in my kitchen cause I cook 3 meals a day and have a small kitchen. So keep the mirror use suction cups to hang inspectional plaques and/or small suction cup glass plant vases that you can change out….use found inspiration.
    Hope this helps. Blessings
    Susan Clark

  25. What a nice sized kitchen you have to work with! I vote for keeping cabinet doors on … it’s a nice clean uncluttered look. With the other cabinet doors already removed you have lots of nice display area. I like the “less is more approach.”

    I think it would be nice to use self adhesive vinyl tile squares on your backsplash area and also to cover the mirror with the same. It would look cohesive and a solid white ( or even a color of your choice) would make it look fresh and bright.

    Another option for the mirror would be to frame it out with wood trim (nonpermanent tape can be used to adhere). The mirror itself could be covered with a fabric or poster print inside the frame, or painted with chalkboard paint (that’s removable).

    So many fun options! It’s so exciting that you have a clean slate to work with.

  26. Look into changing the light fixture. Search for a flat round shallow ceiling light (approximately 2 inches depth from ceiling). Amazon has several. That alone would diminish the off-center placement. Then suspend a window frame over the mirror and hang a red wreath on the window frame. That would bring some much needed red accent to the sink side of the kitchen. You are making great progress in settling into your new home.

  27. Sent a housewarming gift to your PayPal account.
    May you and your kitties enjoy your new home.

  28. No opinion on the cabinet doors – But I’d vote for symmetry whenever possible. I agree the mirror looks out of place especially if it bothers you. Do I remember correctly that you used stick-on tiles in your old place? Over the stove would be a great focal point for a mosaic, floral or Italian-type tile feature. Easy and removable. May I put on my girl friend hat? After a wife dies, men can become needy and lonely. Tread slowly. Congratulations on your new home.

    1. I used to live in an over 55 neighborhood. I have to agree with you about men whose wives died. Situation can become sticky.

  29. No bad karma Brenda.
    Things happen in life.
    Foolish to think your fault.
    Simple as that.
    I’m not one for believing in bad luck. Re the broken pocket mirror, it was an accident.
    Never been superstitious really.
    Although, there’s this ,,,,,,,, I always made it a habit not to go anywhere on Friday the 13th!!
    Might be over that now though.

  30. Brenda, have you considered using a pressure rod and valance over the mirror and retaining the mirror?

  31. I’m a fairly new visitor to your blog and love how cozy you make your homes! What do you think about hanging a pretty wreath over the mirror with a suction cup/hook?

  32. So many h great ideas here from your adoring readers! Split half between doors off and doors on! I can’t add anything to them, but suggest a really colorful runner rug on the wood floor. If it’s really wild in pattern, that might dictate leaving the doors on. But I think the kitchen layout is crying for a crazy-cute runner!

  33. Brenda, you could reach out to management and get a last name if you wanted to send a card or flowers. I’m sure, with a simple explanation on your part, they would help you with that. We had the same situation here… neighbor dying not long after we moved in. We sent a card in the mail, though I could have put it in their mailbox directly. We didn’t know them well, but it was a nice thing to do.

    1. I agree! Such a lovely gesture for Brenda to offer, too. I think Steve will remain where he is and become a good friend and source of help to her.

  34. So much more room in this apartment.
    You could do so many things over the sink. Shelves, of course, with pretties or plants, a picture centered so just a bit of the mirror is exposed around the edges, even a textured wallpaper like grass cloth because you could change it whenever you want, even an interesting fabric or quilted piece could cover it. Attach it at the top and you could put a picture or something else of interest on top of the fabric or wallpaper.

  35. Since you like and are good with plants I think shelves with plants in front of the mirror would be good. And if you do that I think you would want to leave the doors on.

    1. Yes. I agree with Margery.
      Nice idea for hanging plants. My personal opinion would be to definitely have kitchen cabinets closed. Do not remove.
      Too many nick knacks to look at. Everything gets so dusty and difficult to keep clean.
      Less is more.
      It’s easy to over decorate.

      1. I agree with Margery, shelves with plants on them in front of the mirror would look very nice! And leave the cabinet doors on!

  36. How about taking the doors off ,that already looks good on the other side . Also creating balance, I thought you might frame the mirror with trim if there is enough space.Or maybe hang a plant from the over hang to distract some from the glass. Sorry to know of the loss of a neighbor , you mentioned sending flowers to his wife . A gift of flowers to him might be a nice way to let him know he is thought of during a time of grief.

  37. Hi Brenda. First and foremost, you did not bring bad karma with you!! So please don’t give that any serious thought. I am really sorry to hear about your neighbor though. 75 years old, really is still pretty young. My condolences to your neighbor. He seems like a really nice person, and hopefully your shared love of gardening will give you both something to talk about and get to know each other better in time. As for your kitchen, it seems funny to have a mirror above the sink. In a bathroom, yes, of course, but a kitchen? I guess it was to help with lighting, but you also have a window at the end. I liked Claire’s idea too, of using the commands strips to hang a picture. Or perhaps, instead of shelves, you could hang a plant. With the light being off center, which really isn’t too bad, you could exactly center a hook and hang your plant. I thought the idea of a stained glass window was good too, but instead of painting it, I’d look into the peel and stick windows clings. They have lots of pretty designs. Lots of people used them on bathroom windows for privacy. When I look at that side of the kitchen compared to the side you’ve already decorated, what stands out the most to me is a lack of color. Maybe what you need is to add more color. Some red small appliances or hand towels, a hanging plant, etc. I think that might liven it up a bit. Can’t wait to see what you decide. Everything’s looking good so far. I’m glad Teri is feeling better and will be there soon to help you some more. Your 3 little plants are adorable. I had to zoom in to see the faces. They are too cute.

    1. Have you thought about priming the mirror and painting it with blackboard paint? You could write cute poems or shopping lists. I’m not sure about returning UT back to a mirror when you leave. Your apartment is so darling.

    2. I agree. A floral window cling film from Amazon would add color to the space, and they are removable.

  38. I use tension rods for windows recessed in like where your mirror is so maybe try one there with a curtain so you aren’t having holes to fill in later if you don’t like it. I prefer the simplicity of the doors left on as it makes the kitchen appear larger to me.

    1. Lots to think about here… first, I love love love the side of the kitchen that you’re happy with! I like the idea of black boarding that someone else mentioned. Maybe you could still use cute magnets to put up pics of the kittens? I’m not fond of the plants on shelves over the sink – I’m a klutz and definitely would knock something off. I like the idea of curtains on a tension rod, and maybe of just doing a curtain topper? So it covers part of the mirror but not all of it. I’m partial to closed cabinets, but I’m not as good as you are at making the open cabinets look pretty. That’s a big reason I like the other side. I don’t notice the offset light, although if I were right in front of it, I’m sure it would bug me, too!

      Just my two cents, which is about all my decorating advice is worth! 😍

  39. So sorry about your neighbor’s wife. Hopefully he will stay in the apartment. It would be nice for you to have a helpful friend like him around. As for the kitchen, I say do away with the cabinet doors. The space is small and narrow, and opening up the cabinets brings in the illusion of space, and continues that light, airy and cottage vibe you have going on in the living and dining room. The mirror, to me, is a bonus for bouncing around light. You just need to make it work for you. I see a shelf at the bottom between the cabinets. A white pitcher ( like the one you showed for sale on amazon with the textured design the other day that I am drooling over) filled with either real or faux greenery with a light sprinkling
    of white babys breath or some other small, delicate white flower in the center of the shelf. It will give some height and take away from the light fixture as a focal point. Keeping it neutral will offset from the colors of decor used in the open cabinets. You will still have the benefit of light reflecting light from the mirror, but it won’t be just a big, blank square to look at. Maybe on the sides some candle holders and
    candles, or small, framed pictures of Ivy and Gracie. Curtains might make the mirror area too closed in,
    Unless it was maybe a very short, white, lacy curtain topper again lending to the cottage look and still allowing the mirror to reflect light. Keeping it interesting while simple is the key here.

  40. For a quick fix, just put one of your canvas art pictures over it. For long term, I would use peel and stick tin tiles to make it farmhouse-like, then put a simple wood shelf between the doors for plants. Personally, I would leave those cabinet doors as is. You have to have a quiet resting place for your eyes and think it would be too much of a good thing. You could always do an open display bookcase in another room for vingettes. Love your big window in the kitchen. A boho style hanging plant would look cute in front of it.

  41. Your kitchen is inviting. I believe the plants are too small for that large window. Curtains could make it smaller. I have two lights in my home that are not centered. The electrician took one down and could not replace it because a pipe was there. In the breakfast room that light is not centered on my table and hangs in the perfect spot for bumping my head. I have thought about replacing it with the type that is enclosed in the ceiling. The carpenter also put the faucet backward in my bath tub. I left it that way for several years. I could not accept the hot water on the right side. I would remove the mirror in the kitchen. So much work is done there. I would not like looking at myself doing it. You could use burlap to make a bulletin board or chalk paint to make a grocery list! The placemats on your cabinets at the other place were such a good idea there.

  42. Brenda, your blog is my only ray of sunshine after just losing my only son, my boyfriend and little Chihuahua. I cry every day and have almost lost my interest in decorating. Thank God, following your blog is the only thing that has saved me. I’m not sure what the solution is for your kitchen but i do like the idea of open shelving. I know how Steve feels.

    1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your son, significant other and fur baby. Praying that you find peace, healing, and eventually joy.

    2. Janice,
      I’m so very sorry for your losses! I can’t even imagine the pain you must be going through! I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. I, too, will pray for peace, and healing to your heart, and the strength you will need. I’m glad Brenda brings you comfort.

    3. Adding my sympathies for your losses… sending hugs and love your way…

    4. I’m so sorry for your losses Jan, my heart aches for you! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers that your heart will heal in time and not be so sad!

    5. Janice,
      I, too, am so sorry for your losses! I pray that God would give you strength to get through his difficult time.

    6. Janice, I am so sorry for your losses. I wish there was something to say to help. Do know that the next time you are crying, there are people here who care.

  43. Okay, my two cents’ worth. I think we should just hang the curtains over the mirror first to let you see if it’s just annoying to look at something in your face. My sink faces the dining room window and I can see clear out into the pasture. I know one of my pet peeves is a sink over a wall, but the mirror at least lets you see behind you, thus opening up your view a bit. I like the idea of shelves in front of it and personally I’d like a collage of small pictures with the mirror still picking up reflected light between them. My other question would be if you move all the baking products in the right side cabinet where would you put them? It is a kitchen and may need to still provide a bit of utilitarian service and your pantry is pretty full. I think I’m well enough to come and help you Monday, so if you want to try the curtains or whatever you decide I can help you.

  44. My advice is restraint. You have many lovely items, but a kitchen is already a “busy” room, so I suggest rotating decor to give a fresh feel from time to time.
    Several weeks ago I read that various shades or green are “in” this year so I had fun going through my things and taking some stuff from a storage closet and relocating other items: a blanket, 2 pillows, 2 decorative dishes, candles, a knicknack and even a lamp. They will be in place until I make a spring switch. Like you, I love red but it can be a tiring color. Do your decorating and then remove several items is always good advice I find.

  45. I would think about changing out that light fixture to something more like a pendant or with multiple bulbs in it. The light would reflect well in the mirror and it could be really pretty. I also like the idea of framing out the mirror or adding molding for a window pane effect.

  46. I personally like the idea of leaving the doors on. When you have all of the shelves open, you lose you any kind of focal point. Then it’s just a lot of stuff everywhere for the eye to see. I think everyone has made some really good suggestions for the mirror, even doing something like covering it with the same peel and stick faux tiles that you’re going to use for your backsplash eventually

    1. Brenda, one more thought. If you want more display space to see your pretties, then I suggest putting the doors back on the ones you’ve already removed, them remove the doors on both sides of the sink. That could give you more from without quite as much visual overload. Let the coffee bar be the star of the show on that side.

  47. Looking back at your blog from 2016 showing all your collections….you definitely need the doors off to display all your lovely things….I have been shopping in my own house for Spring..changing things around just helps take the winter blahs away…your move gives a person inspiration.. if you could find a old window with empty panes…you could make it look like a real window or a shelf with your canning jars would reflect in the mirror or your bottles…all the ideas are good…sorry for your neighbor…so much loss in this world…bless you …take care💞

  48. Your apartment is lovely! I read your posts but usually in a rush so today I have to key in with a comment, if you like the mirror you could frame it out with peel N stick wood look paper. Then you hang a pretty spring wreath on it or if your not liking the mirror at all you could cover it with a simple removable shiplap paper, hang a wreath or sign. Just a couple of thoughts. Love the kitties too! Sorry about your neighbor. Can’t wait to see your future decor. Happy day. Lisa @ Sweet Tea n’ Salty Air

  49. Hello Brenda…..I have watched your site for years….never comment, but now am just glad you got moved and are happy there. It looks very nice. For your dilemma today, my idea would be to ( as others have said) to put a shelf directly under the mirror with maybe small plants (would break up the horizontal line look there too) and with command hooks put up a picture on the mirror, or a couple of smaller pictures spaced apart, but not covering the whole mirror. Cabinets….no opinion on that. I am kind of a closed cabinet person myself, but am a minority! Have a good weekend!

  50. Love Trader Joe’s plants and flowers and they look great on the window sill. The other thing I love from Trader Joe’s is their shampoo bar. I know Home Depot sells a light weight molding that I’ve seen people trim out large plain bathroom mirrors. Even a panel of white light weight lattice would break up the mirror. I get the idea of the mirror reflecting light and as time goes on you will be able to decide if its needed. We have had temperatures in the 50’s the last 3 days. It was nice to do a little work outside. Tomorrow we will get an inch or two of snow.

      1. A shampoo bar is a bar of soap for your hair that is wrapped in thick recyclable paper. I was very skeptical but curious to try it. Trader Joe’s smells wonderful and lathers up great and the price is reasonable.

  51. I would be tempted to try and paint that mirror to look like a leaded glass window. You could hang a shelf under it for plants.

    Congratulations on your move!!

  52. I really like the idea of removing the doors on the kitchen cupboards. You have pretty things, why not display them, and make the kitchen more “you”. As for the mirror..well, that could be a problem, but I do think Claire’s idea of using command strips and a light weight piece of art, canvas, or whatever, is a wonderful idea. Maybe you could find something that would fit from the store where you bought your three new canvas’s. I can’t wait to see what you do, I know it will be perfect.
    So sorry to hear about your neighbor’s wife. If the husband stays in the apartment, you and he may become good gardener buddies, and can learn from one another.
    Anyway, nice to have a neighbor, you can call a “friend”. Good Luck with that mirror, I’ll be on the lookout to see how it turns out!

  53. You mentioned a shelf across the mirror. I had an aunt who put glass shelves across her bathroom mirror. She displayed Lalique crystal on them and it was beautiful. That would allow light to flow through the glass shelf. Also, I do think removing those 2 doors would help distract from the mirror. Ivy on the glass mirror shelf would bring a pretty pop of green in with your red items too. It’s all so very nice. I’m sorry about the neighbor.

    1. New idea: maybe some white shutters over the mirror with or without a wreath on top.

  54. I agree to cover the mirror. A canvas picture is a good suggestion. Or get a tension rod to hang curtains between the cabinets and over the mirror. Maybe red and white check curtains? I think taking off the cabinet doors to display your wonderful white pitchers and other red and white decor items.

  55. Oh, and maybe get Kendra’s opinion of putting a shelf, a simple board, under the mirror that could attach level to the cabinets on either side. Then you could put real or faux plants above the sink and they’d be reflected in the mirror.

  56. Take the light down over the mirror. Unless that’s your only light? Frame around mirror with wood, paint frame red, then stencil mirror with transparent/frosted image(s). Shelf with plants sounds good too.

  57. Hi Brenda,
    I’m sorry to hear about Steve’s wife.
    Your kitchen is really nice. I like your idea, and it kinda sounds like you’re headed that way, to remove the doors from the cabinets on either side of the mirror. It will make the area more “open” looking and you will enjoy arranging and rearranging your pretties. I can also visualize a red or red & white valance above the mirror. My previous home had a space above the sink with a self on the bottom. I think the previous people stuck their microwave in there. I measured and had a piece of mirror cut to fit, similar to your space. I didn’t like staring at the wall and having my back to the room. The mirror cost $12.00 to cut and it made a world of difference. I put pretties on the shelf.
    The Trader Joe potted plants are cute and so are the little faces on the gray ones.

    1. I think the stick on tiles would look fabulous. They look very real. Have seen some fancy kitchens in decor mags etc. where they hang a focal piece on the middle of the tile background over the stove. Could also hang a coordinating real tile or picture. Love the new apartment. Glad your kitties are happy. Don’t be in a hurry to get everything done. Enjoy the process!

  58. The light above the mirror doesn’t look that off center, at least not in your picture. Think the doors off the cabinets would look great with more decorative items. And what about finding some neat trim and putting it on the mirror to make it more like a picture

  59. Boy you weren’t kidding about the mirror! I thought it was just a small mirror. I have no suggestions. I’d be stumped as to what to do with it. If you had it taken off then you’d probably have to fix the plaster and paint. Can’t wait to hear other suggestions. I’m sure you didn’t bring bad karma. His wife could have had many medical issues.

  60. Could you possibly hang a canvas picture on top of the mirror? They aren’t heavy and you can use one of the command strips.

  61. If you did decide to put up a shelf you could put plants on it. I wonder if there is some way that you could put artwork over the mirror?

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