1. Well, I love all of your quilts on the wall.

    I have seen so many cow paintings/posters lately that I told Steve he needed to paint a cow. He did a big one and then did a small one as a commission for someone who didn't want a huge cow.

    Stay warm and dry through the winter in you Cozy Little House.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  2. It looks amazing and cozy and comfortable – exactly what I would have expected! Oh, and I want to pick Charlie up and give him a big hug – what a sweet little baby he is!

  3. Wow! You are amazing. You are able to decorate and redecorate on a small budget and it always looks professionally done. I really enjoyed your gallery wall but like the photos here also. Your quilts are beautiful. They contribute to making your house cozy.

  4. Brenda, your apartment reflects a happy lady who lives there and I think it is magazine worthy! Love everything you have done, but I always swoon over the hanging quilt! The cows add a bit of whimsy! Perfect! Pam @ Everyday Living

  5. Love the cow print, I am a huge quilt fan. Love your apartment. Thanks for sharing so much of your self, your insight, and your home.

  6. Brenda i love the new look. Your quilts look beautiful. Red is starting to be my favorite color in decorating. Your home looks so cozy.


  7. Brenda, I have the same exact cow print! I hung it in our kitchen in our previous house and it's still not hung here, but it will be going into our red and white guest room after it get painted. I had cataract surgery today and I'm just getting around to read this. I love your white walls, quilt on the wall and everything that makes your house cozy!

  8. I love your new cow canvas! I've always liked those. I don't blame you for not wanting so much stimulation around you. With your autism, it can cause sensory overload. I remember back when I had a lot of color in my house and lots of bright paint colors on the walls, I was under the weather and looking around at my ALL my color everywhere made me feel worse. Now, I don't have to worry about that since I've turned my home into more of a tranquil space. I think that's why I like it that way.

    1. The gallery wall was pretty. But over time, looking at it day in and day out from where I work directly across from it, I needed something less chaotic to look at!

  9. Love, love, love your apartment! Although I am happily married with two girls in college, I often wish I had an apartment of my own. Some place that belongs just to me.

    1. A room of own's own. I think everyone should have their own little space that is all theirs. I grew up sharing a room with my grandmother, and I so wanted my own room!

  10. I think your home is amazing! ! Everything looks beautiful and it is perfectly decorated. I think it is plenty magazine worthy!!

  11. Brenda:
    I love the new cow print. I wish you lived in NE Indiana. I would pay you to come and decorate my house. I look forward to reading your blog daily and seeing what is new with you, your home and the pups!! You really do have a gift! Also, please always keep a quilt on your wall. It is beautiful!!

  12. I think your walls look great. The sofa with cow print and quilts looks so so good. I love color so I am ok with a lot. Is Abbi doing better now…since her surgery? Sheila

  13. Brenda, everything looks so nice and clean, very simplified. The quilts provide the coziness and nice pop of color. If I were you I would keep it all this way forever. I like the family photos on the green table. I love everything you've done in your whole place. Simple, clean, yet cozy. I'm striving for this look in my home too. I will be using my quilts too. They are like art to me….

  14. Brenda,
    What I think it is…PERFECT! My daughter and I are in the middle of passing on things we are done with and others can enjoy them too!

    1. That's a nice feeling. Something that's been in the closet or basement for years going to someone who will enjoy it anew.

  15. I told you I was sure that whatever you did I would love it…and I was right again..Your decorating never disappoints Brenda…I'm much slower than you though..I'm still working on my Bohemian look and you're way past that already..lol..Also you are right about the pups..they do need some extra fur to go out in the cold this time of year…

    1. I need color and cozy and warmth around me. So that's what's key in my mind when I'm redoing or adding or changing.

  16. Brenda,
    I love your simplified look. I always like removing the Christmas decorations and cleaning and freshening up my house. It gives me a little lift when its grey and snowy outside. Thank you for sharing. I always love your ideas!

    1. I feel the same way. After Christmas I just want to simplify and make it all cozy for winter.

  17. There's just something about your warm, kind, and generous soul that could make a welcoming home inside a cardboard box! I love your colors, your textures, and the pleasing mix of patterns. Beautiful!

  18. I love your new snowy white walls, Brenda. I bet it feels good to have the new paint on them. Your new pared down decor is looking farmhouse-y to me, which I love, of course. Maybe it's because frugal farm wives didn't typically have much time or money for a lot of decorative things, it looks authentic and vintage to me. The new cows have a lot to do with that! I love them, too! 🙂

    1. When I saw the cow print at Antique Farmhouse (believe it was $42), I told myself: Now that is a piece that sets the tone for the whole room.

  19. Brenda, I love the new look and that cow canvas…WOW! Love it! Your home is ALWAYS warm and inviting, much better than magazine ready! We have dog beds (2) in the living room, family room and bedroom, also have blankets on the couches and chairs, just in case their beds aren't comfy enough! We recently went to a friend's house and while it was absolutely gorgeous, there were NO signs of a real person living there. Everything was perfect, it could have easily been in a magazine. When we walked back into our humble little house, my husband commented that he'd rather live somewhere warm and welcoming than somewhere you couldn't get comfortable. I agree. Your little home is perfect!

    1. Remember the plastic that people used to leave on their furniture and lamps? I remember seeing those and thinking: Now who on earth would want to sit on plastic? If you decorate your home to such an extent that you won't let anyone actually live freely in it, then what have you accomplished? Might as well be a museum.

  20. When I moved into my even smaller cottage, I did not hang my gallery wall up either. I chose four of my main pieces. I was sick to death looking at cobwebs.
    I have chosen less is more approach with lots of color.

    1. I think that is the key when you use lots of color. To not use too many pieces. Then it gets chaotic.

  21. I love the new look Brenda. I too have a cow canvas in my kitchen. It was instant love for me also. A fresh clean look for the New Year! I would be disappointed to not see quilts on your walls.

    1. That's what others tell me. I doubt there's a decorator, the kind that actually go out and do houses and get paid for it, that would suggest a home owner put a quilt on the wall. But it's just who I am.

  22. Brenda you have such a talent for hanging things on your walls in such a great way. I want a smallish gallery wall for all things Paris and while I'm collecting them will keep one wall blank just for them.


    1. My mistake with the gallery wall, though I loved it, was in putting some things up that were just too small. It made it too busy.

  23. I think quilts and pups ( or cats, have one on my lap ) make a house a home. We have the beds and blankets on the couch for our two little dogs, don't need the steps yet. Brenda your home, no matter how you switch it out, always looks cozy to me. Kathleen in Az

    1. I really don't care if my home is beautiful, or that it's elegant. All I care about is that it is cozy to live in.

  24. I LOVE that cow print!!! As I decorate with less stuff, I feel like what I do use can shine without competing with other 'stuff'. Have a great day Brenda.

    1. I have those same cows! I originally bought the for a wall in our cabin, but I wanted to see them more often so I brought them home. They just make me happy!

  25. Looks great, Brenda! I love the fact that you us so much color. Have you ever thought of using Command hooks for hanging things? I know they are pricey, but they leave no holes or residue. They come in different sizes to hold different weights. You might want to try a couple to see how that goes. Just a thought.

    1. Those Command product things are what I used that put holes in the walls that I had to fix.

  26. I love it, Brenda!! I'm not one for change, BUT, after watching you change up your home several times over the years I'm inspired to paint my kitchen and bay window area, remove a wall hanging and add something new! I've already told my sister what I want to do and she said she'd come help me!! You have such a wonderful effect on people!! I hope Abi is still doing well, too.

    1. Abi is doing well, thank you. Back to her sassy bossy self. I always feel better after a little changing up of things.

  27. Wow! What a difference a little paint can do, huh? Your living room looks so bright and airy. Beautiful. The cow print is absolutely stunning, and the blue arrow is definitely my favorite.


  28. I love your sense of decor! I love that you are not afraid to use color! I wish I had your style savvy.

  29. I really like this new look. I know everything is temporary with you (LOL) but I think it looks great. Really like the new cow pictures. And I agree, painting walls makes you think twice about whether to nail or not.

  30. Brenda, your apartment is wonderful. You are such an inspiration. I live with two fur babies and they are my kids so their items are around also. It looks so comfortable and just a wonderful place all the way around.

    1. I was out running errands this morning. My weekly run. And I went into Pottery Barn to get their latest catalog. I noticed that throw pillows now look much like bed pillows. Well, the pupsters love bed pillows, so I might get away with adding a couple of those to the couch.

  31. Brenda, your apartment looks amazing. The bright walls and the things you've carefully chosen to show are just perfect. How could you not hang that quilt? It's too pretty to be hidden.

    1. Every time I start to fold up that quilt and put it in the closet, I remember how long it took me to make it. Doing the button stitch around all of those flowers. And I find a place for it.

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