Pupster Pranks

The wind is howling outside. But no snow here.

It is the kind of day to curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and read a book or thumb through a magazine.

I am toward the end of David Baldacci’s Memory Man novel now. It is very fast-paced and enjoyable. He manages to have so many things going on, that I wonder how he keeps it all straight as he’s writing it.

The pupsters are all curled up together. 

The pupsters have funny little quirks, just like any dog. 

Charlie spends his day letting Abi take the lead. I keep telling him she’s not the bad-ass he thinks she is, and just to stand up to her. 

Abi is aggravating. She will go outside. Charlie will come in. I will wait for her. But she will just stand and look at me from about three feet away. 

So I close the door and walk into the kitchen, so she might think I’m leaving her there and going to the bedroom. 

I will peek around the corner. She’ll still be there. I’ll open the door again. She will just stand and look at me. 

I get irritated with this, so I say: “Okay, just stay out here by yourself.”

She knows she is working me. She is one clever little pupster. 

Perhaps the next time I come back, mere seconds later, she will be standing at the door wanting in. 

I find this behavior of hers odd. She does not want to be away from me at all. So why put us through all this when she could simply come in with Charlie? 

When I put her soft canned food out, she will talk to me. And clearly she is not happy.

I will go in and take a knife and show her that I am cutting it into little bitty pieces, even smaller than they were. 

I’ll go on with whatever I’m doing, and she will start talking again. She will say, “Eh.” And if you don’t respond by getting up, she will keep making that noise. 

I don’t know what she really wants, except attention. 

If the bowl of hard food is not up to her standards in some way, she will go to her bowl and make the same sound. “Eh.” She wants me to put a little more in there. If it isn’t filled to the desired level, she will keep hassling me.

She’s one weird dog. 

We now have steps going up to the couch. Charlie will go up them without a problem. Not Abi.

Abi became accustomed to my picking her up and putting her on the couch with me after her surgery. Well, it’s been over six weeks now, and she still doesn’t want to go up the steps.

She wants me to get up and pick her up and put her on the couch. 

Abi puts you through your paces.

Okay, I’m headed out to get a crown on my tooth. At first they didn’t think I needed it. But more x-rays when I was getting my teeth cleaned showed that the tooth had broken in half.

They said if I waited very long, I’d have to have a root canal. No one wants to hear the words “root canal.”

So I made an appointment to get the darned crown. 


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  1. Sounds like our quirky little Daisy. She sleeps in my bed and some nights she will jump onto the stool I have next to the bed for her and jump right up onto the bed fine- other nights she will sit there crying and wants me to lift her up. She has also frequently fallen while trying to jump up, even with using the stool, so I think that may have something to do with it- or like you said, it could just be a want for attention! =P

  2. Bubba is a lot like Abi. He does the whole not wanting to come in and bitching about the food and he's the boss. Silly dogs 🙂


  3. All I can say is "what we will do for our pets"! My husband and I are always saying that Molly thinks this is her house and we are her servants, and in a way, she's right…LOL! Wishing you the best with the crown, Brenda.

  4. Maybe Abi doesn't come in right away because she's hoping you'll go out there to keep her company.

    And Abi sounds like my cat in regards to the food level in the bowl. She also won't eat canned cat food unless I mash it up with some water so it's like gruel.

  5. I love reading about your pups!! They do have quite the personalities! One of mine won't eat unless you go out and he hears you say Amen. He was my parents dog until my mom passed away and he got so used to hearing them say Grace before meals, that he won't go eat unless you say Amen and tell him to go ahead and eat. It is funny to watch him. I would be lost without them! My husband keeps telling me no more dogs after these two. I asked him where he was going to go live!!

  6. My Piper will do the same about coming in. Now that it is cold he is better about it. My Mom's Yorkie was terrible about her food. When our Yorkie was here she was the boss of Piper. He is so gentle and sweet. I hate crowns and more than anything root canals. My old fillings are breaking down and will need crowns. Good luck. Hugs

  7. I simply LOVE animals 🙂 I grew up with dogs and cats. My husband and I have a cat in the apartment (I inheritor him from my Mom), and I feed the street-cats around our building.

  8. My renter cat does that at the food bowl to,if there's a space it has to be filled or she will sit and stare for a bit.
    By renter cat I mean she's my daughter's but she's been here until she gets her own place,took a bit for my 2 to get used to her.

  9. My renter cat does that at the food bowl to,if there's a space it has to be filled or she will sit and stare for a bit.
    By renter cat I mean she's my daughter's but she's been here until she gets her own place,took a bit for my 2 to get used to her.

  10. I feel bad about the crown. Truly hope all goes well. I love reading about your pupsters. Such unique little personalities! They always make me smile. So adorable.

  11. Our furry one's have such unique personalities! My Charlie Kitty is one grumpy old man lately. I guess he is entitled. I have to have two crowns in Feb, just waiting until this head cold is gone. Cha-ching! but it must be done. Good luck with yours. I want to avoid the dreaded root canal also.

  12. I hope the crown goes smoothly. The story of Abi and Charlie is cute. Now that have two toy poodles, I realize how much Francis nine today needed a little friend like Madeline. Madeline sounds a bit like Abi in that she gets us to do things, and Francis. She is drawing out his personality more. xoxo Su

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