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  1. Gorgeous home!
    We have the same shade red front door!
    Wanted to repaint, make it brighter. Maybe soon.
    Living room is lovely.
    I’ve always displayed lots of photos & mirrors on walls.
    Never family photos.
    Those go in family room or entrance hallway.
    Just love ❤ the outdoor spaces. Beautiful!!

  2. I absolutely love this townhouse. Thank you for posting for our enjoyment!

  3. Delightful space inside and out. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful place to live! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. It’s a large home for NYC – 2500 square feet, CHA-CHING! The backyard space increases the value of that townhouse by a LOT of money. They have made it so beautiful – a real sanctuary. I’m sure the birds and squirrels are happy, too. Yard space is at a premium in NYC and any bit that people have access to in their apartments or homes most of them try to develop and use as a nature get-away. I don’t live in NYC so I don’t have access to all the wonderful museums, art galleries, and of course the shopping and Central Park, but in the mid-size city where I live nearly all the homes have front yards and back yards, unless you live in a high rise downtown. Then you may get a balcony. Don’t think I could give up gardening for a balcony!

  6. I love the little girl’s room and the backyard!

  7. Wowsie this is a super pretty and unique brownstone. How sweet she has done all the rooms. Love the little girls room. The built ins are amazing too. Love it all. That backyard is gorgeous. I would spend my whole summer out there.
    Thanks for Sharing this pretty home with us.

  8. I just love the outdoor spaces! So peaceful and relaxing.

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