1. Very pretty! I see a lot of milk glass in thrift shops. That’s where all mine is from. Your red transferware is lovely. I have some brown and white transferware from Goodwill many years ago.

  2. Saw lots of green transfer dishes on etsy…you have some pretty patterns on your plates…

  3. Very pretty. Simple but effective. I have a few milk glass pieces, mostly vases. When I was working as a legal secretary MANY years ago the firm I worked at gave the female “staff” gift cards and floral arrangements for what was then called “Secretary’s Day.” I don’t know if there is still a day to honor certain workers, but the name was changed later to something like “Administrative Assistant’s Day.” I got 4 or 5 little white vases, similar to one of yours, during those years. They’re all packed away in storage.

  4. That looks really nice! I used to have a big collection of milk glass that was my grandmother’s. It was 8 beautiful tall glasses and a big water pitcher, at least 12 inches tall, plus sugar and creamer and a few other things. It was all fruit themed with grapes and leaves. I kept it for years, and finally just sold it last year as just didn’t have room for it and always kept it packed away, never to enjoy.
    I’m using a pretty red pitcher this year that holds some greens and twigs, for my “tree” and I put little fairy lights around it. It’s darling. When I saw your red pitcher in the last phone, it reminded me of the one holding the greens, and how cute that one (yours) would be for a cute centerpiece with some greens, bulbs and pinecones and little lights wrapped around it. I’m not putting up a tree this year as possibly moving.. .Marilyn

  5. Very nice and I think “slow decorating” is the way to go…although I haven’t been able to allow myself to do that, and I am 76. haha

    Your collections are so pretty and the ornaments are a nice addition to celebrate Christmas.

  6. Pretty dishes and ornaments. Your quilt ladder picture the other day made my heart sing. It was a nice day yesterday so I spent 3 hours cutting and decorating outside with the short needle greens we have in the yard. Over the years I have cut all that I can reach. Felt like a truck hit me this morning. Last year for that!

  7. Wow, it really does look like the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, lol. I can totally see what your neighbors are thinking. I like it. It looks great! I wonder why the green transferware is so hard to find.

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