First Night In The New Apartment

Last night was my first night in the new apartment. I love my new place.

The neighbors have been wonderful.

But it’s been one little incident after another, as often happens when moving.

New Recliner:

My recliner was mistakenly delivered yesterday morning instead of the afternoon.

Because the movers were on their way, I couldn’t leave when they called. The delivery was scheduled for afternoon and they called me yesterday at around 7:30 a.m. and said they had to deliver it then.

I called Kendra. She came over, got the keys to this new place, and went over to let them in.

The recliner is just somehow not comfortable. It has to do with how it fits my neck. It does not elevate and stabilize my neck like the previous one.

I couldn’t sleep in the Sleep Number bed because I didn’t have internet until just a few minutes ago. You can’t inflate a Sleep Number bed without Wifi.

Without My Bed On My First Night:

I tried sleeping on the couch and it was terribly uncomfortable, so I tried sleeping in the new chair. In is electric and somehow the cord from underneath the chair came unplugged.

Then I was stuck in the reclining position and had to climb over it to get up.

So I ended up sleeping in my old recliner. I had gotten the new one because there was a problem with the old recliner, but somehow in the move it fixed itself.

The new recliner is also herky-jerky from side to side when you recline it all the way and at this point I just want them to come get it.

The furniture store’s response is that they would come get it, but I will have to pay a fee for something for sending it back . I’ve heard of this happening. Is it for restocking?

Hooking Up The Internet:

The guy hooking me up with a new modem for the internet came this morning and got that hooked up. But once I located my laptop to get on the internet, it didn’t work.

Apparently Cox Cable didn’t have new my address connected to the new modem (thus the internet), I learned.

I tried calling them on my home phone first, as the cell phone is charging. But then I kept getting disconnected because anytime they messed with the modem remotely on the other end my phone went dead.

So I dragged a dining chair into the kitchen and called with my cell phone hooked to the charger. They put someone on the phone who either didn’t understand or didn’t know how to fix this problem.

So then they transferred me to someone else and somewhere the phone call was disconnected again and again.

At that point I’m hurting because my ankle wasn’t elevated and burst into tears. Finally they got it worked out, so here I am writing to you with internet.

The Kitties:

I thought Gracie would have the most problems with moving, but it’s been Ivy. She would not come out of her crate. Kendra brought them over early and put them in their crates in the second bathroom yesterday morning.

Gracie finally came out and went exploring. Several times during the night I woke up to find her sleeping on my side.

Around 2 a.m. Ivy came close to my recliner I was sleeping in and made the most horrific yowl of fear. I reached out for her but she ran off again. Poor Ivy.

Neither cat will eat. And I don’t think they’ve had any water, but I can’t be sure. I guess it will work itself out in a few days, but obviously I’m worried about them.

Kendra & Teri:

Kendra and Teri are lifesavers. Truly. I can never repay them for what they’ve done for me during this move.

Those two both worked their butts off to bring many boxes over here and do as much for me as possible. They are hard and diligent workers.

The Movers:

The three men who came to move me had never dealt with a Sleep Number bed. I was told whoever moved me would know how to deal with a Sleep Number bed, but that isn’t what happened.

So they had to call their manager in Broken Arrow to come disconnect it. We waited about 45 minutes for him to get there.

Teri has come every week day and I’m sure she’ll be here soon. She’s been setting up the kitchen. She drove me in my car (she has a really high pickup) to a medical supply place for a temporary plastic lift to raise the level of my toilet.

The Moving Charge Was Less:

I did get charged as much for moving as the estimate I was originally given, which was unexpected and a plus.

Thank goodness I get on Medicare February 1, so I can get tests to find out what’s wrong with my ankle.

Today a plumber Kendra knows is coming to give me an estimate for a high toilet. He’ll be here this afternoon sometime.

I don’t like the plastic seat that raises it because you can’t closet the toilet lid and I hate an open toilet.

So I know things will calm down and hopefully I can get someone out here or figure out myself how to get the bed inflated.

Things Will Get Resolved:

I’m just so tired. Thanks for hanging in there with me until things get resolved.

I know me bitching and moaning isn’t what you want to read. You’ve been so patient. I truly have the most wonderful readers and you’ve been with me through many things over the years. And I want you to know that I so appreciate all of you.

I put on the walking boot this morning because it is better than nothing.

I promise you will see some new decorating of my new apartment as fast and Teri and I can manage.

Thank goodness next week brings February 1st and I can then get an MRI on this ankle. Constant pain is no way to live.

I’ll take photos as soon as I can locate my camera battery charger. I’m sure you’re getting tired of stock photos.

Kendra & The 300 Pound Bathtub:

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that Kendra managed to move the 300 pound bathtub by herself.

The delivery people mistakenly dropped it off in the driveway at her old house instead of the new house.

She had a dolly and somehow managed it by herself.


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  1. Blessings to you, Ivy and little Gracie on your new home. So happy that the hard part is over. It’s a privilege to be on this journey with you and am anxious to read the next chapter.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Congrats on the new place! As always, you will make it beautiful and a warm home.
    Once you get settled, you can breathe easy and sleep better.
    I’ve never been good at moving. Trying to be a little more organized in my older years 🙂
    Have a nice night and get a little rest this weekend in between unpacking!

  3. Soooooo glad to hear you love your new place. Everything else will come together in time but the foundation of being in a place you love is the most important part. If you love it and are at peace there, then your kitties will adjust as well. Now you’ve got the fun stuff ahead of you. Enjoy!

  4. I don’t comment often but I have followed your whole journey. There isn’t anything much more stressful than moving. I was mentally holding my breath for you and I’m so glad you are safely in a better home now. The kitties will adjust in there time and be OK. We always seemed to have one adventurous cat and one timid every time we moved. Gracie is going to have a blast exploring all her new space and Ivy will too once she knows her safe places. I wish you the very best in your new home, Brenda. I can’t wait to watch you make it your own home sweet home.

  5. Hi glad you got into your new place just take your time now that your in. The chair deal is a restocking fee been there I do understand about the positioning I have hardware in my neck and positioning is everything maybe the old one will be ok till you can actually get out and sit in some that’s the only way I can. Thankful you will be able to get more help with your ankle as crazy as it seems that’s how I started following you. Will have to say though have learned so much since then about so many other things enjoy your new space 😊 gloria

  6. So very excited for you, Brenda! Happy that you’re physically in your new place with your furry family and can take the settling in at your own pace as your body allows. No need to rush to decorate, even though I know you relax best when things are in place. I’m so glad that you are in a safer and lovelier environment and surrounded by nice neighbors. It will be fun to hear of the new friends you make there and the new activities that are available to you. It’s like a whole new world!

  7. So very glad you got moved. I too thought about you yesterday & today. I checked to see if you wrote earlier today. I moved when I too could barely walk. I sat to pack & unpack. I liked hearing about you on your garden stool rolling around. Take it slow & easy. Glad to hear Ivy decided it was safe to come out.
    Wishing you much happiness in your new soon to be a “cozy little house”!

  8. Brenda, they say moving is one of the most stressful times in your life. Having just done it 6 months ago with incidents just like you are referring too and finding out 2 days before the move that I was moving into a hotel and not my house was even more stressful. I am here to tell you, I survived and so will you. The good news is that you have help from two wonderful ladies! That is a blessing. Take your time, relax and fell free to complain and with your frustrations. We are all here for you!

  9. Congratulations. I know it has been horrible it sounds..but so glad you love your new place. I think moving is one of the very most stessful things to go through in life..(because we do not know how much “stuff” we have until then…and then the problems such as you have experieced..once we get there with all of the stuff). Take care and hope it all gets ironed out. I think your little babies will adjust soon. Take care and good to hear you have landed. :0)

  10. Goodness, Brenda, I was surprised to see a post from you already today. You certainly would have deserved another day or more off. Especially after all the snags in the actual move. But I’m glad to hear you are all in one piece. Even tho’ there’ve been a few snags–like not being able to sleep in your bed! Boy, I hope that gets resolved right away.

    Don’t worry about sharing your difficulties with your readers. We are happy to hear about your life–the downs as well as the ups. That is what friends are for. Even if we are “virtual” friends.

    Hoping things will sort themselves out over the next few days and you will feel more and more at home in your new place. (the kitties, too)

  11. Dear Brenda,
    please vent all you need to! It’s therapeutic and honest. What a sh*t storm, especially with an unrelenting painful ankle AND NO BED TO SLEEP IN! I have a old sleep # bed and it doesn’t need internet to inflate; so this is an eye opener. I am rooting for you and pray your pain can be fixed. Take care, we are here for you.

  12. So glad the move is behind you, and that with all the mishaps, you said you love your new place. Moving is always tough, and there are always kinks to work out. It’s hard, when you want everything to work, and to be in its place, but it will just take time, and everything will be sorted out. Ivy will come around in time, too. Kendra is superwoman – can’t believe she moved that tub!
    So happy for you, Brenda! Wishing you much joy in your new home!

  13. Well done, Brenda and the girls!! (and the fur-babies) ~ don’t be in a rush to decorate!
    be gentle with yourself, and give yourself timed to breathe ~
    Hugs ~

    1. Well, I don’t like chaos around me and not knowing where things are. But at least the kitchen is straightened out thanks to Teri.

  14. Soooo excited and happy for you! The inconveniences are fairly mild, and you conquered them with your usual “spirit of Brenda!” I cringed a bit when I read the comment advising you not to worry about us, just take care of yourself, first. My intent had been to “bully” you into posted “before” pictures ASAP so we could enjoy your decorating journey immediately! Selfish me! I see your new place as a blank canvas waiting for the work of a master. It will come. I need to calm down! Do take care of yourself first!

  15. So pleased that you are happier despite the little snags and chaos of moving. I’ve become a homebody during Covid & know what a comfort it is. When the new year started I “shopped my house” & moved some art & decor to new places. Little changes like that help so much! I’m excited about seeing your plants in your new Cozy Little House. I had two house plants now & am thinking about a third. You inspired that! Looking forward to hearing more when you have time.

  16. I like your stories! You share real life, which is not always a happy go lucky event. Thanks for keeping it real and always being authentic! It’s what keeps me reading your posts- and I am always rooting for you! You are a trooper and you are brave in always sharing your vulnerabilities! Thank you for being an inspiration!

  17. So glad for you that it’s over! All the kinks will work out in no time. The cats will adjust, when I moved I took my two cats to the new place with food, water and litter and left them there overnight, the next day they they were calm, they had explored the entire house so were not scared or anything! Hang in there it’s only gonna get better!

  18. Aww. I’m so happy for you! I knew good things were right around the corner for you! Now the fun begins. I always loved taking out my stuff in a new place. It made me somehow see and appreciate what I had with new eyes.

  19. Glad u kept your old recliner so u still have a comfortable chair Brenda! It takes time to put everything in your new surroundings. I know that bc I helped move my daughter numerous times over the yrs! I always got a workout! Lol It will all be worth it in the end and u have a extra bedroom that u can do so much with now!
    Your internet isn’t working wonky anymore like b4! I use to try typing a comment and it would disappear b4 sending or be soo slow typing it out!
    It wasn’t on my end bc I called and checked with my internet co to make sure everything was running correctly.
    Don’t worry about Ivy when she gets hungry enough then she will eat. She’ll watch Gracie start eating and will want to eat too making sure she gets her fair share. Lol
    It looks like u have some nice neighbors too so that’s a plus!

    I’m not surprised that Kendra got that bathtub out of her driveway bc when your mad enough u get more strength. A couple yrs ago some neighbors that were renting a house on the next st decided to put a big tree stump and a few big branches in my driveway by my garage when I was gone. I was so pissed that I moved them over by the roadside when I got home and let them know they better not be dumping anything else there! If I had a dolly it would of been right back in their yard! I should of called the cops on them but I did it myself instead! What jerks! Well I believe in karma bc one day I saw 2 couples that each had a bag of trash that they left by their trash cans! So they had 4 trash bags to get rid of! They called the cops but it didn’t do any good bc the bags sat there til trash day! So they got back what they deserved being scumbags!

    1. Sorry you had problems accessing this blog. And when it comes to your neighbors, I call it good old karma. I want to know when that stuff happens.

  20. I believe their systems have a way of almost hibernating when they’re stressed and unfamiliar.
    My 2 stayed under the bed fora day or so,they still get skittish when they hear noises out in the hall.
    Happy your there,able to close the page on the other, take your time and don’t aggravate that ankle!

  21. Brenda, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to keep us updated on the move! I am so sorry to hear that your new recliner is not right for you, but I am happy to hear your old recliner fixed itself so you can use it. I have a very old Sleep Number bed and It doesn’t require WiFi! You certainly can tell Kendra has your traits the way she can figure out how to get a job done! I can’t imagine how she could have moved that 300 lb tub on a dolly by herself! Take care of yourself and I hope you get some rest tonight! Last night as I was getting into bed I thought to myself “ Brenda’s first night in her new home”.

  22. Congratulations to your new home 🥳 definitely keep complaining. I am planning a move in the next year, so I’ll know what to expect and wont feel bad when things dont go as planned. I get depressed when people brag about all the easy good stuff when I have to work to get it right. Love your posts ❤❤❤❤ thank you for keeping it real. Susan

  23. So happy to hear from you today – your team out here has been thinking of you and the kitties. Things will calm down, and when it’s just you and the kitties, they will feel much better. So sorry about the new recliner – but happy that yours is working properly again! And kudos to Teri and your daughter for their amazing support and help. Try to rest, we’re all worried about your pain. Will be glad when that MRI is done.

  24. The actual move itself is now behind you and so glad you have a lovely new place and friendly neighbors. Thank goodness for Teri and Kendra’s help. There’s plenty of time to get organized and it will be much easier when you’re feeling better. The kitties will settle in soon enough now that they realize that some things are different but they’re still with their mommy. So glad you kept your old recliner! You’ll have a lot of fun decorating. The fireplace mantel and hearth alone will make for many a fun project! Wishing you happy days ahead, Brenda!

  25. Oh Brenda, I’m so sorry things didn’t go more smoothly but you’re right, there are always hiccups during a move – moving is pure torture! It will all be worth it in the end, and we are all looking forward to seeing photos of your new place once you find your camera! I’ve been thinking of you and checking in to see if you had any new posts up, so glad you’re all moved over to the new place, that’s one big task you can cross off your list!

  26. You know Brenda, telling the truth as things happened, does not sound like complaining to me!! I soon will be on that same journey as we are going to have to move cross country soon. Whenever all the pieces are in place, our son and maybe his big burly friend will come get us and we will fly back which will be plenty hard enough on my husband even so. But we are all afraid of him ending up in this hospital again…they almost killed him with neglect the first 14 hours there…left him sitting in a wheelchair in a very cold drafty area…he lost his voice, which has not come back much yet…and he ended up with pneumonia. We live in a 3rd world country folks…amongst a population that does not care for their fellow men. Scary times. I know in some areas things would be more humane…shucks, going to a vet would surpass what happened to my Hubby. Hang in there Brenda…sounds like you have great help. By the way I am a short person and the only recliner that fits me is made by BEST…made in USA I think. Not cheap…but so nice having one that fits!!

  27. So glad you in the new apartment . I’ve thought of you often these last couple weeks . I’m glad you’ve had help moving , it’s a big job . I’m glad your honestly telling how your moving is going . Hopefully you and the kitties will love your new home ! I’m excitedly waiting to see how you decorate it . Sending prayers that your settling in goes well .

  28. O, Brenda, you going through a typical move. All sorts of things happening and most not planned.
    Don’t even worry about being boring or writing about decorating. Most people are going through all sorts of challenges these days and can relate to your experiences. I would surmise that the majority of us follow your blog just because we like You. The other topics are interesting but it is your sharing of thoughts and daily life that keep us interested. Probably because we have been isolated way too long ( A year and a half? ). As the world has turned upside down and again we just like you the person. All the other stuff is a side benefit.
    With all that being said. Have fun unpacking and settling in. Wish I could help.
    By the way, has your new chiropractor or his physical therapist checked your ankle? Many years ago I went to one that did wonders for my foot and ankle after I was injured.
    Thinking of you and the kitties.

  29. Hi Brenda!
    Glad to hear from you already!
    especially that you LOVE your new place..
    and can’t wait to start decorating!!
    That’s our Brenda!!!
    so sorry hearing all the kinks of the move..
    but happy they are being worked out!
    thank goodness for Terri and Kendra for all their help!!
    I’m like the others.. excited to be tagging along and sharing this new chapter of your journey as you make this “new place” into HOME for you and the kitties!

  30. Yesterday I had you on my mind all day! Thank goodness the move is behind you and now it’s just getting settled and adjusting to the changes, etc. I have so glad that you’re out of the other apartment.
    All the issues and challenges will be gone in no time. This too shall pass!
    Thank goodness for Kendra and Teri – very special ladies in your life!

    Enjoy your new home, Brenda!

  31. The last thing you should be worried about right now is taking pictures of decorating the new apartment to post here at your blog. That can wait, you have your health to look after first and foremost, we’re all aware of that and we’re not going to run away while you’re getting your physical health issues taken care of. The new recliner, what a disappointment, particularly since it was so expensive. Don’t know about a restocking fee, my guess is the seller doesn’t want to be out of pocket to pay for a company to pick up the recliner and bring it back to their warehouse or wherever it will go. I don’t know anything about sleep number beds, I had no idea they are connected to the internet? Geez Louise! Maybe a call to the place that sold you the bed can help you get it connected to your internet so you can inflate it.

    1. Your daughter is a gorgeous badass!!!!! She is so amazing!!

      As are you.

      I adore this blog and you snd everything.

      Can’t wait to see you content and settled!

      Your life has been a novel from the start.

      This is opening the next chapter, and we are the lucky readers!!

  32. So glad you are in the new place. The move is behind you and you can now focus on making it your home. Please take time for yourself. You do so much and the kitties will relax as you do and adapt to your routine. Many blessings in your new home.

  33. I am so glad that you are moved and are beginning the process of settling in. I don’t have cats….we have two dogs, but I am guessing your kitties will begin to settle down as all the old familiar household items from the old place find their new place. It will feel like home….they are with you! I can’t wait to see your journey to settle in…. I am sending good thoughts that your bed gets sorted soon!

  34. You have wonderful giving daughters. God bless them for being so kind. Sorry for all the bumps in the moving and setting up but by this weekend you will be settled in better and feel much better, too. Don’t overdo on your ankle and the rest of your tired body. It is hard work to move. Hope the kitties will settle in, too. After more things get in place and they know where their things are, they should be more content. Don’t forget to rest! There may be a lot to do but it’ll be there tomorrow. I can hardly wait to see new pictures!

  35. Oh, dear Brenda, you are not complaining to us, you are just tired out, and have good reason to be tired. Good grief, you’ve been on a roll for a month or more, working your heart out. All in all, you made it, and hey, the good news, the old recliner fixed itself. Now you can send the other one back, without feeling bad that it was uncomfortable in the first place. And Ivy will get over the newness of everything going on, when she discovers a place of her own to hide, or to call her own. Now you can take your time unpacking. Probably putting food away, and stuff like that. Hope your bed will be set up quickly, so you can get a good nights rest. Seems so many things a person buys nowadays, take a genius to put together, or to reprogram. Anyway, it will get done too, and things will begin to go smoother. I hate to hear you are still in pain, I know you are not one to sit around and wait for it to pass, so please don’t overdo. Thank goodness for your two “special helpers”, Teri and Kendra. What has to be done today, they are there for you. Thinking of you, wishing you a GOOD day. And day by day, everything WILL get done…

  36. Glad to hear you love your new place and the neighbors! Of course, I’m sorry for all the BS things though. I’ve been having two days in a row with things like that, but glad it’s not on top of moving!

    I’m not surprised to hear about the cats, especially Ivy since she’s older. I remember when my friend moved a few years ago and her two cats hid for several days and also wouldn’t eat. One of the cats took about a week just to come out of the spare bedroom. But they eventually adjusted, and so will your fur babies. I like the idea from Robin M who said to use try using Feliway and put Bach’s Rescue Remedy in their water. Worth a try!

    Yes, it’s normal for companies to charge a restocking fee when returning something, especially when it’s large. We’ve had that happen before. That’s why I try not to order any furniture, rugs, etc online unless I have to. I like to see these types of things in person if I can.

    Can’t wait to see photos of your new place, though I know it’s going to take awhile to get things even remotely set up. Many blessings to Teri and Kendra for helping you so much.

  37. I am glad you are all moved. One day at a time it will get better. You may have complaining..but I did get a chuckle. I am glad that you will be able to get an MRI on your foot. Getting it fixed will be wonderful for you..

  38. With so much going on I am surprised and delighted that you “created” the time to write to us. Thanks. It is good to hear that you are installed in spite of some hiccups. Kendra is unsinkable. I think we all know where she got that trait. Terry is priceless. One step at a time and everything will fall into place. Good vibrations are being sent your way from all directions.

  39. Blessings on Kendra and Teri!
    My daughter recently moved with two cats. One hid in a closet early on, but otherwise they adjusted pretty quickly. Of course, all their things were there with the familiar scents, but she said they were spooked by the new sounds in the building. Take care!

    1. I haven’t heard much here. I met my upstairs neighbor when he was getting his mail yesterday. There are four people’s mailboxes right together just outside my door.

  40. I, too, am very glad you got moved….but frustrated *for* you to hear of all the problems.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think you should have to pay a Restocking Fee, because the new recliner is blatantly defective! I would fight that battle ’til Jesus comes again; my sweet-but-non-confrontatiinal Husband would let it go. 😏

  41. So glad you’re in your new home. I’m sure things will settle down after a while. Moving is hectic and unsettling at the best of times.
    People are interested in the day to day lives of others. We feel better knowing we aren’t the only ones these frustrating, trying things happen to, that we are normal so to speak. 😁

  42. I’m so glad to hear from you. Although you and the kitties have had a bit of a rough start keep reminding yourself that it’s temporary and things will begin to calm down. It’s a lot to handle all at once, but try to focus on one day at a time. With your bed perhaps you could call the manufacturer’s customer service line and they can walk you through how to inflate the bed. I hope you can get some well deserved rest. Take care.

  43. “I love my new place” Even with all the problems that made me smile this afternoon..just knowing you and the kitties are safe and sound..one day at a time…one kink at a time…all will be well soon…continued blessings…the stock photos have been beautiful💞

  44. Thankyou. You made me laugh! Not at you just THINGS that can go wrong. Keep ur chin up.

    1. It’s all part of a move. A move is just plain stressful no matter how far you go. You look for belongings and at the end you’ve just tossed everything in various boxes to get it done. But eventually you’ll find everything.

  45. Brenda, Your daughter and Teri are amazing! I can only say sometimes the venting and the tears help. Now you are there and it sounds as if it will be a wonderful place for you when all the snafus are worked out. All the things that don’t fall easily into place and take up time and patience are stressful and exhausting. Hang in there and know that so many of are praying you through! Sherry B

  46. “I love my new place and the neighbors have been wonderful.” YEAH! The worst of the move is over, kitties will adjust, things will fall into place. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better.

  47. One more thought, Brenda. Make sure when using your recliners that the kitties haven’t hidden underneath. Terrible things can happen if it starts going up or down when they are under there.

  48. All typical things that happen with moving. In the grand scheme of things, it’s all quite minor annoyances that go away quickly. The good news is that everyone made is safe and sound. The kitties will come around once so many new people aren’t in and out, and you start your own new routine that they can feel safe with. It doesn’t surprise me that Ivy has the most issues with it – she’s older and she’s an alpha, so change is harder for her than young Gracie. Put some homeopathic Rescue Remedy in their water, and get those Feliway pheremones going as soon as you can to help them feel safe.
    Looking forward to photos, glad you’ve met some good neighbors already.
    I suspect the MRI will find a floating bone chip causing so many issues.

    1. I have the Feliway plugged in. Got it a day before the move. Ivy has just this past minute come out and is climbing around the boxes in the living room seeing what’s what.

      1. A kitty thought. If your kitties have a chip like mine does don’t forget to update your new address. I don’t know if chipping is a thing in Tulsa, but it’s common here in Indianapolis.
        So happy you are moved, and was so happy to read you love it.
        Take care of yourself, we will all be here no matter what you have to say, or what photos you are showing us. We will wait. I was so surprised, and delighted, you had already posted.

  49. You know you will have a copay for every test you take with Medicare and your supplement.
    MRI was copay of about 100.00

  50. I’m glad you finally got moved to your new place. I hope you do love it and I’m sure the kitties will get use to it soon enough. Take your time putting things away and enjoy your new surroundings… Blessings!! Angie

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