Working In The Patio Garden & Planting Seeds

Yesterday was a bit cooler, so in the late afternoon I went out to the patio to get some work done. I dug out many of the petunias that were not looking so great, and in those pots I planted the seeds I ordered.

Per usual, I worked till I was so tired that when it came time, I kind of just willy nilly tossed the seeds in. I always tell myself I will make markers and write down what I put where and all that. Be organized about my seeds.

But I’m typically so tired from the preparation that that doesn’t seem to get done.

These purple petunias still looked like they had some life in them and were in a smaller pot, so I left them alone. I really needed to empty some of the bigger pots though because some of the seeds I planted will get tall.

I did a bit of rearranging with the pots while I was at it.

This is what it looked like before I got to work.

This is after…

The zinnias in the pot in the middle looks a bit barren in front. And that’s because there were petunias there and I dug them out. The zinnias are in the back and I planted seeds in the front of the pot.

The orange pot was cleaned out and I planted seeds in it. And then in the back, where you can kind of see, is a red pot where I planted hyacinth bean vine and moon flower seeds.

I situated it at the back because that’s where the trellis is. And the vines will need to climb.

You’re supposed to nick the moon flower seeds and I forgot to do that. So we’ll see if they germinate or not. I can’t recall if I nicked the others that are now flowering or not.

Last night I laid in bed and watched the rest of Seven Seconds on Netflix, which was fantastic by the way. At the end I was crying because it starkly depicted some of the atrocities that occur in society. I highly recommend this series.

Yes, it is sad. But sometimes we need to be front and center to view this sadness so we don’t become too complacent to act.

It was morning when I realized I had forgotten to look outside to see if a moon flower was blooming in the darkness last night.

Ivy spends a good bit of time on the craft cabinet watching shadows. She knows when they will appear, so sometimes she jumps up there and waits for them to show up.

What a silly, silly cat she is.

Charlie couldn’t care less about shadows and probably has never even noticed them.

See the top back leg which isn’t aligned at all with the other one? That’s his bad leg that slips and slides sometimes when he’s walking. The vet tells me he doesn’t really feel it.

But it does seem with the acupuncture that that is better. He is running sometimes now again.

I feel like a nurse with the dispensing of all his medication and supplements. But of course that’s part of the job of being any kind of parent.

Speaking of parenting, Nathan came over yesterday because I told him I had seeds to share with him. I love to nurture a person’s love of gardening and am more than happy to share.

I told him: “You have to try to get Connor out of foster care and/or his maternal grandfather’s home before it’s too late.”

His eyes got kind of glassy and he said: “He’s 7 now. It may already be too late.”

I had no reply to that, because I know by Connor’s age many of the traits that will define him are already identified.

Scientists have learned that by the time children begin school, they already exhibit the personality traits that will remain with them throughout their lives. (Info from Live Science)

All this occurred to me because my mother either abandoned or social services took 6 children from her. I was the youngest at 6 weeks.

I think my other 5 siblings were around Connor’s age when they entered the system.

A 6 week old baby has the gift of innocence.

But I know my siblings, now adults scattered around the globe, saw a lot in their young lives. And because of that, it may have been too late for them as well.

I so hope this boy is prioritized by the courts and given a permanent home. Not be continually taken and given back to a meth addict. Not be shunted around from place to place.

This I know: he needs and deserves a sense of permanence. Before he’s so angry with the world that he never learns to trust.

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  1. Prayers for Nathan and his son! I hope the right thing is done for this little boy!

    Where do you get your rocks at? I love how they are mingled around your pots!

  2. Poor Nathan, his hands are really tied, aren’t they? Hoping he will get some resolution on this, his poor son!

    It’s amazing you’re ripping out plants when mine are just taking off! Those yellow cosmos are tiny compared to the white ones I planted….maybe you should add some white for evening interest?

    1. I am out of places to plant pretty much. I don’t want to buy any more pots to bake in this sun. I ordered some cosmos from Swallowtail that I planted yesterday. Can’t recall what kind.

  3. Brenda I tried to leave a comment yesterday but your blog kept timing out.

    I wanted you to know that moon flowers are poisonous. Don’t let Charlie eat a single seed. I got rid of mine. There is lots of information on google.

    1. He won’t. They’re mixed in thick with the morning glories. And I have the seeds I planted in a pot. I’ve had them before. He only munches on the pineapple sage. I stand at the door or outside and watch him always.

      1. There are two plants that use the common name Moonvine. Ipomena is probably the one you have. The really serious toxic one is Datura. Moonvine and Morning glory are the same family. This article states the seeds are dangerous and the leaves can cause stomach upset. With Charlie’s health problems, he definitely doesn’t need to eat leaves. It should be easy to revent that as he is short and the pot is high and in the back. When I’ve had moonvine, it really didn’t take off blooming until August, and then it went crazy. Hope yours does, as it is magnificent in looks and smell. The huge Sphinx
        moth loves them and are fun to watch.

  4. My prayers are with Nathan. It has to be so gut wrenching for him to be helpless and caught up in that awful legal system.

  5. I hope and pray that Nathan gets Connor back! The system is screwed up bc even if he got him back, there’s a good chance that if she gets cleaned up, then she can get him back! That’s until the child reaches a certain age and then they can decide who they want to live with, well that’s if she’s clean then. Hopefully it’s different bc they live in different states, so the rules might be different. All we can do is hope and pray for them Brenda bc it’s up to the judge and this screwed up system! ?

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