I took Charlie to his acupuncture appointment this morning. And I told her about the CBD oil the other vet said maybe I should try, and the acupuncture vet asked if it seemed to help.

I told her I didn’t think so. She told me to stop using it, because they’ve found that it elevates liver levels in dogs. And they really haven’t gotten the studies concluded on whether we should be giving it to animals.

Charlie already takes a liver supplement.

She asked how he was breathing this morning with the thick humidity and rain. I told her he was coughing more. She said that is the heart. So now he is taking a heart supplement.

I told her that nothing seems to help him sleep much at night, even with the Trazadone doubled. So she told me to give him 1/8 of a Melatonin pill, which I take myself and already have.

What I do know is that acupuncture helps him walk. But it’s hit or miss on whether it helps the cough.

I don’t know if I’m coming or going at this point.

The vet told me that if I wanted a break, she knows a woman who runs a boarding place for pet parents who are just worn so thin they desperately need a break. I told her Charlie would probably not fare well away from me. She said, “Well, it’s an option anyway.”

When we got home I needed a little lift. So I took my snippers and went out to the patio and snipped some flowers and herbs to bring inside. The first one, which is in a Snapple bottle (I love their peach tea) is cosmos.

Cosmos isn’t a spectacular flower. Looks more like a wildflower to me.

The second is herbs in a mason jar. There is pineapple mint, eucalyptus and lemon verbena.

The third is of course zinnias.

I have them in the kitchen windowsill. Ivy has yet to get on the kitchen counters or the kitchen cart. Seems safe. So I will enjoy my snipped pretties in the kitchen window while I wash dishes.

When I went out to snip my little bouquets, I saw a folded up moon flower growing amid the wild morning glories. It is the fence bordering on the alley.

You can see the ones folded up have yet to open. I shall have to remember to go outside tonight to see the show. And if I’m lucky, maybe I can get a pic of one opened up before it gets very light outside tomorrow.

If you’ve never seen a moon flower, it is something you want to see. Huge white flowers bloom at night.

In fact I ordered more moon flower seeds in the seed order that came the other day. Along with hyacinth bean vine, cosmos and various zinnia seeds.

Last night I watched about 3 episodes of Seven Seconds. I think there may be one more, which I will watch tonight. What a suspenseful show.

The guy that plays the detective working with the young prosecutor was in Ozark. And the chief of police in Seven Seconds is the same actor that was also the sheriff in Bloodline.

I wonder if Netflix kind of rotates the actors? Doesn’t matter to me. I think they’re both great actors.

If you haven’t seen this show, it’s about racial inequality, good cops gone bad, and the relationship of those two things when put together. It’s a sad fact of society. Makes for a compelling TV show though.


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  1. Well, that certainly is interesting about the CBD oil! Never heard that before. I quickly Googled it and only found a little bit of info out there – and it goes for humans, too (possible liver damage). Greaaat…cuz I take this stuff every day. It helps with my anxiety and sometimes back pain. What else am I supposed to take instead that doesn’t have any side effects – short or long-term?! Marijuana is being legalized here in IL starting Jan 1st but I don’t want to smoke anything. I don’t want to put anything into my lungs. I know there’s edibles but I’ve talked to numerous people who are “experts” with this stuff and apparently, it is very hard to get the correct dosage of THC with edibles. So we’re all damned if we do and damned if we don’t, it seems.

    I know what you mean about your head spinning with all the different medications and procedures and info with Charlie. I feel that way with Clementine. I have a binder with different pockets in it and I keep all her paperwork from the vets and tests separated by category. It does help a little bit.

  2. Well, I finished Ozarks until the new season comes out in August, and I have not decided which series to start next, so I am currently back to watching Househunters International and Mexico life, etc on HGTV. I enjoy seeing what the houses are in other countries.

    I know once I start a new series, I will end up marathoning it and just want to chill. Besides, I am leaving for a week soon for my grandson’s wedding in Oregon, so will wait until I get back to start something.

  3. I did not mean to imply that Charlie was at death’s door .I can only speak for my use of the CBD oil for my lil Mallory .She had cancer and the surgery did not help it only got worse after her surgery and the tumor got larger .
    Also my primary Dr. Wanted me to try the oil for my spinal problem and it has helped but it is not for everyone .
    I Realize that the way Charlie feels is different from my problem I only wanted to help I did not mean to make you more upset .
    When we lose sleep it is easy to get stressed ,I wish only the best for you and yours and perhaps the melatonin will help .
    Very sorry if I hurt your feelings that was not my intention .

    1. No worries. You didn’t upset me at all. Never gave it a thought. You didn’t imply anything but care and concern and I appreciate it very much!

  4. One tells you one thing the other tells you another about sweet Charlie ,it becomes very confusing .I would not even share with them everything we take is subseptable for recall by food and drug at any time ,if you think it is helping him you need to be your own judge .
    It did not hurt our dog it helped with pain an inflammation an made her end of life more bearable for us and her .Without it we would not have had her the last year .Decisions Decisions I make them now more easily and just live with them !
    Time is short make it the best you can be !
    Hugs to you and yours ,you are strong and will handle this !
    I have faith in you making the right decision !
    I feel your pain it is hard to know what to do .
    The expense gets higher and higher and soon people on fixed income cannot afford it any longer .
    I will remember you in my prayers for you to have clarity on whatever you choose to do give the CBD or not .
    So sorry you are going thru this !

  5. I also had a moonflower vine that came up with my morning glories. The fragrance is so beautiful. Unfortunately, I had to take down all the vines because they became infested with some spider web-by pest. I tried to save them, but my efforts were in vain.

    I’m glad to hear that Charlie is still trooping along. I hope for the best for him.

    1. Thank you. If he was in pain or really suffering, I would think twice. But as my regular vet’s office told me this morning, “Charlie is a happy boy. He may feel pain and just keep going because it is what it is. But he is not on death’s door and he is eating and alert and moving around quite well. How he feels and how you feel are two different things.”

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