Of late I’ve taken time out of my day to make a dream catcher. All you need is yarn, a hoop (which I spray painted) and beads.

I had leftover green spray paint and used that on the silver hoop.

I hung it in a corner of my bedroom, so it was kind of hard to get photos of.

Dream catchers are fun to make because you literally just create what you want. I snipped off random pieces of yarn instead of having it be uniform at the bottom.

In other news, I met both my lovely daughters for lunch yesterday. For the first time in over 5 years all three of us were together.

Charlie is looking somewhat scruffy, so he will go to the groomer tomorrow. There he will get his usual puppy cut and then look much more handsome.

In a little bit we’re leaving for his acupuncture appointment.

Ivy napping. She likes to sleep on her back and side quite a bit.

Right now she’s in the kitchen trying to get my washer hoses out of the crock I keep them in when not in use. It’s one of her favorite acts of mischief.

One among many.

A bit ago I was fixing a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast and accidentally knocked a Cheerio off the counter and it went into the crock. She drove herself crazy trying to get it out.

I can’t figure out what her endless fascination with that little crock is, but it’s been that way from day one.

Of course there are many things I can’t figure out about Ivy.

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  1. I see you were eating cheerios! They contain the herbicide glyphosate which is very dangerous and unhealthy! Below is a link to read about it. I guess Cheerios and General Mills have some of the highest counts of it and of course there is alot of controversy about it, and of course the food companies are saying there isn’t enough to be dangerous to people. But my husband and I are staying away from any of those 70 companies where glyphosate has been found in their foods. It’s in the pesticides used for many many crops. We try to buy now only Non-GMO foods AND organic. Just Non-GMO may still have pesticides in them. It’s only organic foods that don’t use pesticides. I thought non-GMO meant no pesticides, but I’m wrong! They CAN have them. It’s only organic that doesn’t. I just did a little more research!

    Didn’t mean to be such a downer! I do love your dream catcher. Just want you to be as healthy as possible! We’re trying to eat all organic as much as we can. Marilyn

  2. How nice to have lunch with both daughters. The dream catcher is lovely. We have some dream catches in our house.

  3. So happy for you that you got to have lunch with both your daughters. A step in the direction of a more complete reconciliation, perhaps. I hope so.

    Your dream catcher is unique. I’ve never seen one without a web woven across the circle. I like the color and the beads. It alsmost looks like it could be holiday decor with the green and red.

    Take care and have a good Friday.

  4. What a wonderfully creative idea for the dream catcher; I will have to get the craft materials to make one for myself. And how nice that one of the readers gave an informative response to the meaning and function of the dream catcher.

    Charlie looks handsome even with his “scruffy” look. Hope his acupuncture treatment helps him to feel less pain. Ivy looks so cute sleeping on her back. What wonderful company they must be.

    It was a pleasure to read that you had lunch with both daughters. With the holidays just around the corner (and hopefully some cooler temps), it will be nice to spend time with your daughters. So much to share and catch up on. This Thanksgiving you will have an additional blessing to be thankful for. Your soul must feel just a bit lighter these days.

    Take care and have a wonderful evening .

  5. Your girls have always sounded like well rounded intelligent daughters so you had to be so proud sitting with them yesterday. Your life must feel complete having them near you. Believe me, once you lose a mother it has never felt the same for me so I hope the healing continues as a strong family is important for a healthy outlook in life.
    On another note, Brenda, I had a reaction similar to yours when I got my shingles shot. The person who administered it said it’s mostly our age range experiencing the aches and chills and feverish feeling. Thank goodness it was only 24 hours so I will accept it versus months of nerve pain if I caught the disease. She also said she was fine after the second dose so I am hoping I do the same.

  6. The best part of this post was hearing that you had lunch with both daughters. Would love to hear how this came about. I’m so happy for you all. May the healing continue. Sandra

    1. Slowly. It came about slowly. Months of just FB commenting to her. No pressure. I relived the moment I walked in and saw the two of them sitting in the restaurant over and over last night. No strings. Didn’t ask for her email address or phone number. I once had it, but did away with it so I wouldn’t be tempted. She says if she can she’ll meet us next time. We meet once or twice per month for lunch, the younger daughter and I. They have remained on good terms throughout. I’d just like to see her for an hour here and there. Won’t ask for more than that.

      1. I am also so happy for you, Brenda…you are wise…to keep things very low key!! Not what our mother’s heart wants, but what is best under this situation…I agree…and you know I have some experience in this camp. BLessings…take care!!

  7. Hi. I’m glad you could meet with your daughters. I hope it was a good experience for everyone. The color and texture of your dream catcher is really nice. In order to actually “catch dreams,” the inner part of the hoop needs to have some fibers criss-crossing or woven together like a spider web. The web part catches nightmares, which then dissolve in the morning light and therefore never reach us. Good dreams slide down the long hanging fibers and are able to reach us.

  8. Glad you were able to get together with both of your daughters ! I hope all of you enjoyed your visit and get together.
    Love the color of your dream catcher.

  9. Oh I am so happy for you that you were able to meet with both of your daughters. It’s been a long time coming. Great dream catcher. I can only imagine how Ivy would like to catch some dreams from it!

  10. The dream catcher is inspiring. A great idea for using up some of my yarn scraps. Yay for lunch with both daughters – very happy for you!

  11. I love the dream catcher. Great job. So creative. I have a shabby chic type one..I did not make..but love it. :0) .. Glad you had a lovely day it sounds with “the girls”.

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