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  1. I love your garden from my vantage point so I can well imagine how much you love it. It’s beautiful.

  2. Very beautiful you have made your patio with the help of the flowers…I love the purple shades in flowers too!!

  3. Your patio is really blooming!! My wave petunias are one big mess. This year we filled the concrete fountain with potting soil, and planted petunias. I knew we were taking a chance doing this, because of course the fountain does not have drainage holes. Well, we had one heck of a storm, 2inches of rain and wind in just a few hours, and I’m hoping petunias can swim. I drained out as much water with a cup that I could, and it did help, and more rain was predicted, so covered the statue on top and the bowl with a tarp, just for the day. Should help, but all the rest of the flowers are doing great, because of the rain. DH and I went to the cemetery today, to place red,white and blue flowers, on my dads grave. He was a WW2 vet, with a purple heart, and then put flowers on our oldest son’s grave. He was 34 when he died of cancer, 21 years ago. Friday, we put up the flags and hung the flag bunting for Memorial Day on the deck railing. I think we’ll have hot-dogs on the grill, but it is too chilly to sit out there. 51 degrees..Have a nice weekend, Brenda.

    1. It’s been chilly here too. Odd. Sorry about your son dying so young. You might have been okay (I don’t know; never planted without drainage holes) if you’d put a good layer of gravel in the bottom.

  4. Your garden really packs a punch for a small space – it’s like a perfect escape and sanctuary. I only planted eight petunias this year so it will (should) be fairly easy to keep up with pulling dead blooms out of their (what are they called?) sockets (for lack of scientific term) so the plants don’t set seed in that socket and will send out a new flower instead. The white lilac in the backyard is in full glorious bloom and scents the entire yard. The irises (yellow and dark purple) and the varying shades of columbines are all in full bloom right now. My bleeding heart is still struggling. There are buds on the peonies that look like they will be ready to open soon. The flowers on the ornamental cherry tree and the purple leaf plum have faded and fallen off. Some of my pink dianthus in the backyard north garden bed have bloomed. The drift knock-out rose bushes I planted in the long garden bed at the front of the house have lots of buds on them, I imagine they will open some time in June and then should continuously produce new blooms and no deadheading needed! I am anxious to see how they do, they are new additions this year in a deep red color to compliment my front door. Everything else I’ll have to wait for until July and August. The blue/blue purple and yellow are so beautiful together, but they remind me of the team colors of the enemy, the Minnesota Vikings, boo hiss boo!

  5. Your patio garden is so beautiful! I did not know that geraniums were edible, thank you for that!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  6. Good morning and thank you. Your patio garden is gorgeous and reminds me how beautiful and peaceful an area with nature can be. Please keep your emails coming.

  7. Brenda, everything absolutely beautiful. Question….is there drainage holes in each of your pots…the green ones are fabulous. Where did you purchase the green pots?

    1. Yes, I always have drainage holes. The deeper green ones I bought from Home Depot. The lighter green ones I got from my nursery.

  8. Good Sunday Morning!
    Your patio is beautiful. Living in an apartment you are so lucky to have a private patio to enjoy. So many apartments don’t have that. Enjoy every day…

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