1. Those gift wrapping ideas are so cute. My favorites were the sheep, the 3D flowers, and the photo gift tags. I have used Christmas hand towels in place of wrapping paper in the past. It’s cute, and the packaging is part of the gift. Tie on some curly ribbon and it’s adorable.

  2. Love this!!! Thanks for sharing. I have a Eucalyptis tree and may try to rig up some nice-smelling bows. :0) .. Hope your Holidays are filled with goodness and peace..(and we know they will be filled with lots of moving boxes, too).. Have a great week.

  3. Many cute ways to wrap things…I have even wrapped in fabric…when the giftee liked to sew etc. I have used the comic papers from Sunday newspaper, brown paper sacks turned inside out etc…

  4. I love wrapping gifts in non-traditional ways. Typically I use brown paper and then decorate it with ribbons, ornaments and more. I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend Brenda, in just a few short weeks you are off to a new and beautiful home. I am so excited for you.

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