8 Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

There are all kinds of ideas for gift wrapping at Christmastime. You don’t have to waste money on expensive wrapping paper and fancy bows. Wrapping gifts can actually be fun if you make it a creative exercise.

Diary Of A Debutante Gift Wrapping Idea:

  1. Diary Of A Debutante likes to go rustic for gifts for males.

From The Blog:

If you’re looking for gift wrapping ideas for husband or male relative, grab some plain white or brown wrapping paper and spruce it up with some leaves, eucalyptus sprigs, pine cones– basically anything that may be found in holiday potpourri. Use yarn or twine to secure everything in place.

This Organic Girl Gift Wrapping Idea

2. This Organic Girl makes it quite simple. Plain wrapping with a sprig of rosemary.

From The Blog:

You don’t have to sacrifice cuteness for eco-friendly when it comes to wrapping gifts. In fact, most of these eco-friendly wrapping ideas are even cuter than a roll of conventional store-bought paper and a sticky bow.”

Clever Poppy Gift Wrapping Idea:

3. Clever Poppy goes the 3D route with gift wrapping.

From The Blog:

“Not only do these gifts look so special once they’re freshly done – they also can look great when the flowers are dried, or even artificial!”

Permacrafters Gift Wrapping Idea:

4. Permacrafters use bits and bobs and scraps to wrap their presents. And zero waste that way!

From The Blog:

“Looking for sustainable gift wrap alternatives? Our creative zero waste gift-wrapping ideas will help you make a lasting impression without trashing the planet.”

Brit + Co Gift Wrapping Idea:

5. Brit + Co. came up with a cute one. Here is a grouping of white sheep ready to delight the gift recipient. A child would especially like this.

From The Website:

Cotton Ball Sheep: Use leftover cotton balls and paper scraps to make 3D sheep! We hot glued these onto an old gift box, then added googly eyes for extra magic. Now that is one charming baaaaah-x 🙂

Country Living Gift Wrapping Idea:

6. At Country Living they like to box their gifts first, then wrap them.

From The Website, Their Gift-wrapping Expert:

Tip: Avoid plastic-lined paper, plastic ribbon and glitter, to keep your gifts environmentally-friendly.”

Inspired By This Gift Wrapping Idea:

7. Inspired By This goes the classic route and then adds photographs.

From The Blog:

“Looking for an ultra-custom option this year? If you have a polaroid camera then this one is for you! Either collect your favorite images or take some new ones, punch a hole in them, then call it a day!”

The Upcyclist Gift Wrapping Idea:

8. The Upcyclist

If you want to reduce waste, use newspapers or magazines to wrap presents.

From The Upcyclist Website:

This is a great example of how eco gift-wrapping can actually save you money. Erin Boyle from the beautiful blog Reading My Tea Leaves decided to use up an old copy of The New Yorker to wrap up her Christmas gifts.

She suggests using magazine paper over newspaper, as there’s no danger of the ink rubbing off onto the gifts and you have perfectly straight edges to work with.

Not all wrapping paper is paper. Some are plastic-based.

The majority of wrapping paper is not recyclable, including anything shiny or laminate. As well as anything metal, glitter, or texture. Or bows, ribbons, and holiday cards.

The ideas shown above are easy on the pocketbook so you’ll save money.



  1. Those gift wrapping ideas are so cute. My favorites were the sheep, the 3D flowers, and the photo gift tags. I have used Christmas hand towels in place of wrapping paper in the past. It’s cute, and the packaging is part of the gift. Tie on some curly ribbon and it’s adorable.

  2. Love this!!! Thanks for sharing. I have a Eucalyptis tree and may try to rig up some nice-smelling bows. :0) .. Hope your Holidays are filled with goodness and peace..(and we know they will be filled with lots of moving boxes, too).. Have a great week.

  3. Many cute ways to wrap things…I have even wrapped in fabric…when the giftee liked to sew etc. I have used the comic papers from Sunday newspaper, brown paper sacks turned inside out etc…

  4. I love wrapping gifts in non-traditional ways. Typically I use brown paper and then decorate it with ribbons, ornaments and more. I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend Brenda, in just a few short weeks you are off to a new and beautiful home. I am so excited for you.

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