1. I’m looking forward to see what you’re going to do with your “office” space. You always have such unique ideas.

  2. Well, that was a pleasure!!!! Each room was lovely….and organized. I use the closet in my guest room for storage and I build a Tiny studio with steel shelving and screens , 6 feet by 6 feet in my garage, which holds tools, drawers with supplies and two tables angled like an L as workspace. It’s a one person work space, but every inch is drawers or hooks on the walls/screens. It’s a life saver in my 1100 sq foot apartment. I love it and I can find things.

  3. Brenda, I am so excited for you! We get one life friend, live it like you want! A craft room is perfect for you! I love all of your inspiration!
    I am not crafty but I love to take photos and flatly and I have an entire wall in my garage of things I use in my photos. It makes me happy!
    Have a wonderful week Brenda.

  4. I sure wish I had the space for some of these ideas. (Still looking for a place to live.) My daughter has some of the IKEA products and has been happy with them. Hope your ankle feels better.

  5. Oh, boy. I can only look at these amazing uber-organized work spaces with envy. I don’t have even a spare closet to use at this point. I dream of the day that I have my small ranch house back to myself as now my daughter and her husband and two boys live with me and we are crammed into this space like olives in a jar. Some day, I say, and try to imagine how I’ll outfit my sewing/art studio. They want to move but housing prices and interest rates make it nearly impossible for them to afford anything right now. But it’s fun to dream… Thanks for showing us what’s possible.

  6. Very interesting…some folks are so talented!! Thanks for sharing…will spend time here and there looking at these links!!

  7. Every one of those craft spaces are beautiful! I can’t even pick a favorite. My things are “organized” in see through plastic shoe bins, all stacked and stuffed into an armoire. Half the time, I end up spending time looking for items. I need to be waaay more organized!! These rooms make me jealous too, lol. Great inspiration!!

  8. So many wonderful ideas! I like looking at these type of photos because the longer you look at them the more ideas you spot.
    When I was living in my tiny one-bedroom apartment I had two closets in the bedroom, so I put my sewing table in one of the closets. Shelves above held my supplies and such. There was an outlet right outside the closet so I could plug in a lamp and my sewing machine. I wasn’t sewing much then but when I did a little something it worked.
    I’m excited that you’re thinking about making a few changes in your office. Make a mess and have lots of fun!

    1. That sounds wonderful! At my old one bedroom apartment I had 2 closets in my bedroom too. Hope you took photos of that closet sewing room!

  9. I could look at these pictures all day long. So colorful and inspiring. I follow Bev too and love her embroidery ideas. I am in my happy place when creating so I wish more understood how gratifying it feels to just make one small thing to keep or gift to someone. Even if it’s cookies. Happy hands, happy heart I say.

    1. Kathy – “happy hands, happy heart” is my daily mantra! I have proven to myself over and over that if I keep my hands busy, I’m very happy.

  10. The organization in each of those featured rooms is mind-boggling. It makes me feel guilty when I look at my “office/den/library” room with bookshelves stuffed willy-nilly and a desk layered in paperwork, magazines, notes to myself, bank statements months old still waiting to be “balanced.” Geez Louise. Makes me think about hiring one of those organizing gurus who will come to your house and clean-up, clean out and organize the selected space.

    1. Well Jan, we don’t know. Maybe a designer came in and did the whole thing. Or someone for a magazine. So don’t feel bad.

  11. Thank you so much for this post. I have a room I want to convert soon and I can’t wait to look through all the many ideas.

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