I have created a collection based vignette. You all know how much I love creating vignettes.

Actually I only have a few collections. I have jars, bottles and white pitchers. (All glass: must watch Ivy).

Right now I don’t have a place to display the white pitchers, so they’re stored on the shelves of my closet. (Fairly safe from Ivy, except when I forget to close that closet door).

I’ve had the wall canvas featuring old vintage trucks for months. I found it half price at Hobby Lobby. I knew I’d find somewhere for it.

If I really, really love something, I know I will find a place for it. But if I don’t get it, I know I will regret it.

So if something reaches out and really grabs you, it’s probably better to go ahead and get it. Or you risk it not being there when you come back for it.

Bring Collections Into Your Decor:

The other day I thought: The top of this cupboard, which so far Ivy hasn’t messed with much, (emphasis on much) would be a perfect spot for my bottles as well as my Mason jar collection. The vintage collections would fit in perfectly with the vintage style wall canvas.

As well as the painting over my desk.

This wall of my living room is very rustic in style. What’s more rustic than old bottles and Mason jars? And of course old vintage pickups.

There’s Miss Ivy Lou at the door looking outside. She likes to watch birds. Or anything else that moves.

One thing about having rustic style furniture, I don’t worry much about it. I figure it will age well. It’s already stripped down to the most basic of elements. Raw wood.

It’s worrisome to have furniture that you constantly have to be vigilant about. Like scratches and spills. Between the pet babies and Andrew, I like furniture that will hold up well.

My couch is made of recycled plastic sacks and bottles. Even if I could afford leather furniture, I know I would hover over it, always worrying that something would happen to pierce or harm the leather. 

Life is too short to worry over furniture.

Organizational needs:

When I don’t have a desk, I tend to lose things. Even a small desk brings organization for things you need to find from time to time. Like envelopes and stamps. My camera lenses. Pens and pencils.

Otherwise I set these things down some place and swear I’ll remember where I put it. Then I don’t.

I found this canvas of times gone by in what I consider the “male” section of Hobby Lobby. The aisles where you see tractor paintings and such.

But as soon as I saw it, I knew it would always remind me of a simpler time. When things weren’t so rushed and electronics weren’t in everyone’s hands. Where Main Street was the place to go for whatever you needed.

Mixing Styles:

I like to mix styles. I have a gold and glass coffee table and end tables in my living room. And I also have this rustic furniture. They’re quite a contrast.

But I like that. It keeps things interesting. Things don’t have to be from the same style or era to occupy the same room.

I enjoy sitting here gazing at the bottles and Mason jars. Because it reminds me of my childhood. When what we raised in our garden were canned for the winter months.

I recall how the Mason jars of veggies and fruits would light up and sparkle when the cellar door was pulled up and they were exposed to the sun. Wonderful memories.

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  1. I’m a bit late commenting. Your vignette is wonderful. Makes me think of what I would refer to as the “Mayberry Era”. I miss Mayberry…a song by Rascal Flatts says it well.

  2. I love the bottle and jar vignette, Brenda. I like that your blue mason jars all have the zinc lids. I have quite a few of the blue mason jars but most of them have the glass lids with the wire fasteners. Sadly, they aren’t on display right now as my kitchen spaces are filled with the extra foods we need for my daughter and her boys.

    The bottles and jars go so well with the rustic cupboard you have now and that old black and white photo above looks exactly right.

    Hope you and the fur babies are doing well and you all have a good Easter weekend.

  3. Love how you went ahead and got the picture before knowing where you’d put it. Your sense of style and decorating ability is so creative. You try things out and take chances too. Nice that you move items around and switch things up for the changing seasons.

  4. I also have fur babies. Where did you buy your couch. ? I keep my furniture covered up and Iā€™m really getting tired of that. I always enjoy your blog and have for many years.

  5. LOVELY…simply lovely!! I am going to HL now to hunt for that truck photo…reminds me of my darling Grampie!! Thanks for the ideas!!

  6. Love the hobby lobby picture and the Mason jars I am sure they are pretty at night due to the color .
    I love mismatched things in my decor as well !
    Awesome !!

  7. The aqua Ball jars are perfect with the black and white truck photo canvas. I also like how you have the clear glass bottles corralled into the galvanized tub.

    Like you, I don’t think I have a single piece of furniture in this house that I’d have to worry about. Wait, I take that back: the antique dresser in the spare room. It has a lot of meaning to me due to its history. It belonged to friends of our family, then it was my sister’s dresser when she was growing up (it went through a coat of pink paint, then white), then it went to an older lady at our church who stripped it and stained it and was given to me as a gift when I was pregnant with Philip. It was then his dresser all through his too-short (21 years) life.

    My style is mixed and matched all over the house…I like anything from country to classic to farmhouse to modern to mid-century modern. I like both silver and gold. I like antiques and collections and original photography prints. I like neutrals AND color. So my house reflects all of this, but hopefully in kind of a cohesive way. šŸ˜‰

  8. I love the truck picture and all of the bottles and mason jars. Lots of memories in just those 2 things. I see a white tray on your desk. I have been wanting one like that but haven’t seen one yet. Could I ask where you found it? I agree that furniture doesn’t need to match. My friend use to say her style was “early junkyard”. Mine too. I like what I like. Smile.

    1. I have had those glass trays for many years. Can’t even recall where I got them. Some place I think in Canton, TX. Maybe you could Google white ceramic platter/tray.

  9. Love seeing your desk. As a writer, I’ enjoy setting up a home workspace.
    Your patio garden is looking lovely in green & purple again.
    I”m glad Nathan is available and willing to help/work for you.. A good arrangement for both of you.
    Love seeing Charlie & Ivy Lou and I always look forward to photos of them!

  10. Brenda, I love your collection and how you’ve styled it with the vintage truck wall hanging. They fit perfectly together and the blue compliments the black and white very well. I think having a mix of furniture pieces and textures adds so much more visual interest to a room! Great job! Love and hugs!

  11. Soooo pretty …. could that canvas be any more perfect with that furniture and vignette??? Love this !!!!

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