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  1. You’ve created a wonderful, intimate dining area. I like the colors of the chairs… a bit of sunshine for every day.

  2. That’s beautiful, Brenda! I’m sure you’ll have many lovely lunches together there. Enjoy!!

  3. The chairs are a happy choice.

  4. What a pretty change! I really like the color of the chairs.

  5. Brenda I am sure that you are counting down the days until you all have you vaccine and can be together again! This new dining space, which by way looks beautiful is going to be perfect for the three of you. I am so excited for you! I hope that you are having a wonderful day.

  6. Hi Brenda,
    You’ve found the perfect dining set for your home. The first sunny photo reminds me of a warm Jar of honey. A bouquet of sunflowers would be the finishing touch. What a nice bonus for Ivy to get her table back 😁. Margie in CA

  7. Jeannee Waseck says:

    Such a lively, sunny setting – chairs included! – for a mother X2 Daughter luncheon!!!

  8. I just love the table and chairs. I am so happy that you and your daughters are going to be having nice meals together. My granddaughter is looking for a new table and chair set, I will show her yours!

  9. So happy that now all four of you can sit at the table. Love the chairs. I looked on Amazon and see they have some white ones,(after seeing the almost all white house yesterday) I wanted to add some more white things. I don’t think they will do though as the table I have has metal legs. Your golden yellow ones go so well with other things in your house.

  10. Your new dining space is lovely! I love how your decor and colors throughout your apartment blend and create a cohesive flow throughout. So pretty and calming. Why oh why am I so decorating challenged that I can’t seem to accomplish that in my own home, lol!

  11. Darlene and Cooper says:

    Love everything about your new “space”. A bowl of sunflowers would be a wonderful addition when you’re ready to sit at the table together again.

  12. Brenda, those chairs are lovely! Can you answer a couple of questions for me?
    1. Are they comfortable?
    2. Is there any chemical odor to them?
    3. How yellow are they?
    I looked on amazon and am really considering getting them. Since you have them I thought I’d ask the questions.

    1. I was used to sitting on my red indoor/outdoor chairs without a cushion, so I’m not accustomed to it being real soft and cushy. They are comfortable to me. I’ve eaten all my meals there since yesterday, when the chairs arrived. I’ve never had anything have a chemical smell from, though in reviews I’ve read about it. They’re a golden yellow color like my couch pillows.

  13. Susan Daniels says:

    Very comfy! Love the yellow. Daffodils would be pretty for Spring!

  14. Just by reading your blog post today, I can tell your even happier!
    I’m so happy for you, that you have both your daughters and grands in your life now!
    Oh, and your dining space looks comfy Brenda!
    Stay safe and healthy!

  15. They look great. I was having a hard time picturing them when we were talking, but I can see that they are perfect. xoxo Laura

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