I created a few Easter/Spring table centerpieces on my dining table yesterday.

First I got the small amount of Easter decor I already had from a box in the closet.

I don’t often buy any decor for Easter, or even for spring now that I think about it. Usually, I’m already outside preparing pots for planting.

But this year, as you all know, is going to be a little bit different. I’ll have to learn to have more fun with decor inside rather than being outside as much as I’m accustomed to.

A gold basket with spring/Easter decor inside

I picked up a couple of bunnies for 40% off at Hobby Lobby last time I was in there. Everything else I already had.

Don’t you just love to shop your home?

The First Easter/Spring Centerpiece To Create:

First I got one of the gold-colored placemats I purchased one day at World Market.

In Easter/Spring Table Centerpieces, here's one I created with white pitchers and other decor.

Then I used this opportunity to get out some of the pitchers in my white pitcher collection.

They were on the fireplace mantel for a few days. But then Ivy started getting up there at night and knocking down paintings.

I knew the pitchers would likely be the next victim of her nighttime roaming. So I had to move them where they were safe.

A basket filled with spring and Easter decor

Ivy Inside The Cat Tree:

Here’s a photo of Ivy in the “apartment” of the cat tree. She slept in it much of the day yesterday.

The tall cat tree I ordered for my cats Ivy and Gracie

Ivy’s all curled up and looks quite happy in the soft little enclosure.

And here’s a photo of Gracie I took yesterday.

Gracie is on the top of the couch where I have a blue and white quilt I made over the top of it

I hope you have fun creating Easter/Spring vignettes, centerpieces and spreading bits of decor around your home.

It always seems that spring is here and gone quickly. And then the heat of summer begins and stretches way into the fall season

So enjoy springtime while you can!


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  1. Love your vignettes. I dug my Easter decor out today and am playing with a centerpiece/vignette for my kitchen table, but I’m not getting it the way I want. Wish you could come over and help me! 🙂

  2. I love all of the vignette of all the white items combined with the pastel items. So Spring like. My mother had a good sized collection of small ceramic bunnies that she put out at Easter time and they were so cute. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  3. I love your Easter/Spring decorations. I have decorations for all of the holidays. When my grandkids were little, they would get so excited for me to decorate. One year, my grandson was probably around 5 maybe, he asked me near the end of August, to please put up my Halloween decorations! He was so excited, he couldn’t wait. Now they are older, and don’t care, lol. I do like holiday decorations though. It’s just so festive and fun, and it makes me happy. I just don’t go all out, like I did when they were younger.

  4. Spring is my favorite season! The colors are so vivid and lovely. Your decor is sweet and cute. Love the lambs!

  5. I was interested to learn in today’s post that you have a little white pitcher collection. I do too. Except for some reason they aren’t all very “collected” right now but are scattered around various places in my house! Another of my organizing jobs waiting to be done–collect the members of the collection. Maybe I’ll get to it this week.

    I also need to get out my Easter items from storage in my basement. In years past I have done quite a bit of Easter/Spring decorating, but having been unwell for a couple or three years haven’t had the energy. Hopefully, since I’m better this Spring I’ll be able to do a bit. Glad you are finding things to substitute for your early gardening tasks.

  6. Spring is my fav time of the yr! All the pretty colorful flowers come up and it’s Easter!
    I bought a delicate spring table cloth and some runners this yr to decorate with my Easter decorations. I try to buy a few decos each yr for Easter,
    that is if something catches my eye.

    This crazy weather is starting to feel like fall again getting colder instead of warmer! Brrr!

  7. Ivy looks very content in her little space!
    Obviously will not share with sweet Gracie.
    A real nice 🐱 😸 🐈 kitty-cat tree-house Brenda!!
    Very glad Gracie is healthy and okay. She looks to me like the quiet type. 🤫
    Betting they both enjoy when you play soothing 🎶 🎵 music!
    Our pups. 🐶 🐶 always do.
    I have Easy Listening on our cable TV. Very comforting all day.
    Interesting to see your in-house Easter 🐣 🐰 🐇 decor.
    At one time, we would put a huge banner on our front door.
    No longer do that though.
    Enjoy Sunday!

  8. I love Easter and spring decor – my absolute favorite time of year. Your arrangements are lovely – the bunnies are so pretty!
    And the kitties are beautiful. Gracie’s blue eyes look even bluer against the pretty blue quilt.
    Thinking of you, sending all good thoughts and prayers for better health days.

  9. The Easter centerpiece is so pretty. I’ve put up my spring decorations on the porch. This weekend we will put up the Easter decorations inside and outside. Ivy looks so cozy in the cat tree “apartment!”

  10. Very cute! You have inspired me to pull out my few Easter decorations. It looks like Ivy has put her stamp of approval on the new cat tree.

  11. Very pretty spring decor! Reminds me of anticipation over moving into our newly built home. I couldn’t wait to get big furniture purchases out of the way so I could enjoy the shopping you described here….seasonal items to bring out year after year and enjoy all over again!
    Ivy looks firmly in control of that kitty condo!

  12. So good to see Gracie up and about. We had that cat tree and both cats utilized it. So I’m sure you will be happy with it. I love anything with bunnies!

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