1. This apartment does not appeal to me. I do like the child's room and the terrace. I prefer your apartment and your decorating style…colorful but not as warm and inviting as your apt.

    1. I've found that the hardest thing to find in an apartment is good natural light. Just think what great pics you could get!

  2. That is such a charming apartment! I don't think it looks too small either. The kids room is about the cutest room in the apartment. So creatively done.

  3. Totally. The husband and I visited Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and I fell in love with the whole aesthetic and lifestyle.

  4. I thought I read the title of your post wrong! This is so cool and the color here and there has a lot of impact without making me feel smothered the way a lot of color rubs me sometimes. So many of the pieces of furniture are awesome…the coffee table and tub. The child's room is just precious!!


    1. I love how they do those fireplaces in the corner. Don't see much of that in the US I don't think.

  5. I would totally live there its not my ordinary style but I could love it just the same. Thank you for sharing and bringing my thoughts out of the box. Lisa @ Sweat Tea N' Salty Air

  6. Yes, this is so cute. Love her color choices, the mix of everything. So bright and cheery. I'd feel so comfortable in there!

  7. Absolutely! I love the brightness of the rooms. The further north you go, the hours of daylight get shorter in the winter. Living in a place where daylight hours are in the single digits (me) is depressing. Especially, when the sky is almost always cloud-covered in the winter.

    I grew up on the prairies where daylight hours were short but at least we had brilliant sunlit skies during daylight hours. It sort of made up for tge sun going down so early.

    The light-coloured walls, along with the bright pops of colour are delightful. The open-spaces in the apartment are excellent as well. Being cooped up inside more often during the winter is difficult if one lives in an apartment, especially if it is over-stuffed with furniture! The Scandinavians have learned how to make the best of those shirt winter days.

    Thanks for sharing! Give the pups a pat for me.


  8. The light, spaciousness, and the cheery colors make for a perfectly charming place to live! If I was an apartment dweller, I think I could be happy in it. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

    1. As an apartment dweller, I think I could live there. Don't know how the pupsters would like it!

    1. I think how many house plants I could have and how many great pics I could take in that natural light.

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