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  1. When I get back to Mn. this summer I am going to show you pics of my great small space. A bit over 900 sq. ft and very cute! Love this series.

  2. I love this series. Debbie’s condo seems filled with light and love. What a pleasant way to decorate an empty nest.

  3. Love this series and I love Debbie’s carpets, thanks for doing this.

  4. It’s a very pleasant and refreshing home. The decor seems both whimsical and sophisticated, somehow! My favorite decor item is the artwork over the sofa in the living room, of the row houses. It looks like a fun salute to Charleston architecture. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Lynx. If you can believe it, that piece we found at a local thrift shop in a totally different city. I though hmmm, that looks like Charleston to me. For 10.00 in the cart it went. Thanks for your kind comments.

  5. Oh Brenda I use to follow Debbie’s blog and then I think she stopped blogging and went to IG. At least that is what I thought. I loved her decor and following her when she lived in her home. What a great way to downsize being empty nester’s. I agree with her it is location too that makes tiny living the best. I love her BoHo design. Love this Friday series.

    1. Thanks Kris, I’ve been around but not on IG. I went to the cooking side. Slowly come into back around as I miss all my fun thrifty decorating and crafting friends.

  6. Love the condo. Looks like the rooms in this condo receive plenty of light and that is always a plus for me. I love spending time alone in my home but do love the idea of being able to open the blinds and let the light flood in. Love the pantry door and the color of her kitchen cabinets (and the sink hardware). The gold hardware looks really nice on these cabinets — adds a bit of glamour!

    The new flooring looks fantastic and the trim color on the crown molding in the living area is a great color.

    I smiled when I saw the rug in the guest bedroom; I have one just like it in my dining area. Looks like Debbie likes lots of color, textures and layering (so do I) and she has done such a good job with it.

    Love this post; this series is one of my favorites! Thanks to you and to Debbie for allowing us to visit.

    1. Thank you so much. Always need some color in my life. It just makes me happy. Thanks for your kind comment.

  7. Thanks for having us over Brenda! As I sit here at the condo this morning sipping coffee and looking at a palm tree! The little things. Xo

    1. I knew I recognized that condo and then saw it was you…DebbieDoo…I love the style you’ve done on the condo…actually, I love your blog & following you on Facebook…..and your Foodi group❤️

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