1. I think I would love living and working in the same place…although it's hard to know as I've never done it. I would hope I wouldn't get terribly bored with my surroundings. As it is right now, I don't get enough time at home so when I have a day at home I just absolutely look around and love everything! What if I were here all the time? Familiarity breeds contempt, as we know….

  2. It is a great space. Love those kitchen floors. The dark paint is a surprise but it works. In the floor plan it looks like she has a large closet. Apartment is adorable and so is she.

  3. 800 sq ft is a lot of space for one person. The first house I owned (with my late husband) was 800 sq ft and we raised our son there. My current husband and I just built a 670 sq ft cottage and it's plenty of room for the two of us.

  4. That is very large for a studio apartment! I had a 950 square feet 3 bedroom house that I raised 2 kids in along with a couple dogs and cats. I worked at home too, but wasn't easy with kids interrupting so much! I live in a 650 square foot cabin on a lake now with my hubby and 3 little dogs. It's perfect!

  5. My first home was just less than 900 square feet and my current one isn't much bigger! 😉

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