1. The spatula like item is to use with fried foods…..I have one that can with a Fry Daddy!
    Love your treasure finds.

  2. It seems the Ads have swallowed many blogging sites, making finding even link postings difficult. You have to scroll and scroll to find things now. Pretty much the reason I won't have ads on my blog. Love your finds, and adore that geranium painting you have in the background. My poor wintered over geranium has struggled to produce blooms. It's now in the green house and hopefully will explode when I freshen the pot with new soil.

    Thanks for you fun vintage items. Sandi

  3. A beautifully dramatic and delightful vignette, Brenda, of your newly found treasures. The clipped photos are a sweet, nostalgic touch.

    Happy weekend,

  4. That 'spatula' came with the Big Daddy deep fat fryer years ago. I had two of them over the years. They are perfect for easing things in or out of hot grease. Your flowers are very pretty!

    I am glad they taped your ankle for you. Do you have one of those things they sell in the drugstore that 'wraps' your ankle? You can adjust it with velcro as your ankle swells or decreases. I have one that I used for about 2 years when my ankle was so bad. (actually I had two of them – the velcro gave out after about a year). Just the slight pressure kept the pain at bay. Have a great night- xo Diana

  5. I love it when we can score great finds in our favourite shops. I happened to be in town this morning. I was able to stop at my favourite Goodwill. The one by Wal-Mart at the Sapulpa exit from 75 hwy. I found some great buys and 50 0/0 off one reg price item!

  6. Love your new finds…the faux white flowers look lovely there (and not faux either!) And glad you had some treatment to help you feel better Brenda.
    Helen xox

  7. I've been having problems with readers not being able to find my comment box too. I thought it was a Blogger glitch, but maybe not.

    Anyway, great finds! I was wondering if that was a spatula too.

    I'm glad you had a nice time with Andrew recently. I can't believe he's already 3! That's amazing.


  8. My grandmother had a utensil like that, she used it to remove donuts from the fryer….she made delicious donuts!

  9. So glad to hear you pain is better. I recently had physical therapy after my shoulder surgery and I thought they were going to kill me. The tape did help when they used it. I have one of the spatulas too that I use with fried foods. It is perfect to scoop food out of hot oil. Love your finds.

  10. I was reading this blog – http://luannsloosethreads.blogspot.com – and scrolled thru her favorite placesto visit (click to show all) and saw a Cozy Little House (Street Fashions – 2 days ago) listed but it doesn't look like your blog. Just wanted to mention it to you in case it is more of what caused a problem for you recently. Hope not!

  11. Vintage shops are guaranteed fun!
    The red flowers/red checked curtains/red cherries/red vase are so cheerful.

  12. Years ago Mom had that same type of kitchen spoon. We used it to get smaller fried items (okra, cubed potatoes, ect) from the skillet. It seems like every meal had one or more fried foods. Love the geranium picture. The white flowers are perfect there. Great work, Brenda.

  13. I got that spatula with a deep frier. It was to scoop out the hot food and then slots were to let the oil drain out.

  14. Oh how nice to finally have relief from your pain, I hope that keeps up for you and you can finally be FREE!! I have a shoulder issue going on, heading to the ortho tomorrow, please God I won't need surgery….right before gardening season!

  15. I like that photo that shows so many pleasing elements — the checked curtains, the flowers in the wooden boxes, and your wallpaper. I love the picture of the red geraniums. I've not had any trouble with making comments. That utensil looks like a very small rug beater! But it's probably a whisk, as janice said. Glad you had some fun shopping at your favorite place. Can't wait to see what you do with your new finds.

  16. Isn't it fun to find treasures? I visited St. Vincent's yesterday and scored a darling little loveseat for $22.00 on clearance for my new apartment, and also found two really nice crystal lamp bases for $7.00. I was a happy camper.

  17. Brenda I was able to find the comments OK but they are all the way down after scrolling through a lot of ads. It may be unavoidable, but would it be possible to have the ads on your side bar, header and footer instead of laced throughout the post? Videos actually play over your photographs – it does take away from the beauty you have created with your own photos and posts, etc.

    1. The ad network I have does all the ads. I don't have any say-so on where they go. I really hate that this happens, but I really, really need the income to pay the bills!

  18. Love the picture of the red geraniums in the boxes, and the flowers really add a nice shot of white. I bought an old cast iron mailbox from my favorite antique store yesterday. They are many layers of old, ugly paint to be stripped off once the weather ever warms up here in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

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