1. Brenda, as you know, I use black and white as a base for my color
    scheme. I have an open concept and live in a small space. Since I plan to accent in red, do you think it wise not to add any other colors in my space

  2. I love your latest vignette I read your blog everyday (don’t usually comment though) beautifully styled apartment.
    Lynne Australia

  3. Very calming and pretty vignette! I love green, especially in the spring. The salt lamp looks perfect in front of the Buddha. Where did you find a smooth, round salt lamp? The ones I’ve seen look more like vertical bumpy boulders.

  4. Lovely contemplative spot.
    Where did you get the round salt lamp?
    Mine look like boulders.
    Green is such a restful regenerative color.
    Thank you for your blog

    1. Lovely Brenda! I love to shop my house. But the thing that aggravates me is when I see a really nice theme I will buy a knick knack item thinking it will transform the whole room. And of course it does not. I just don’t buy a lot or change out the big ticket items frequently. With everyone home and decluttering, yard sales and thrift stores will be stuffed when things get back to normal. Stay well and have a good weekend.

  5. Very nice vignette, Brenda. I love all that green.

    My biggest challenge in setting up a display is finding a surface that will be safe from the cats and the kids! My buffet used to be my decorative space, but the cats have pretty much taken it over, strolling around and knocking things off, pawing in the dirt of any plant I might sit there. I don’t know how to deter them. I read that cats don’t like the smell of lemon so I tried putting lemon slices on the kitchen counters but they didn’t seem to faze the felines. Any ideas anyone?

    I noticed the spool and bead garland. Did you make it? I have a ton of wooden spools and I tho’t I might try putting one together. I’d just have to buy some wooden beads. Thanks for sharing your pretties, Brenda. Brightened my day!

    1. I didn’t make that particular strand of beads. Think I got them at Kirkland’s. I’ve found with Ivy if I just about fill up a surface she doesn’t bother it. She’s so big I guess she’s afraid she’ll fall off. She has never gotten on my kitchen counters that I know of thank goodness. She kind of avoids the kitchen for the most part. She will paw in the dirt of plants some. I just now hand vacuumed all that up and mopped.

  6. Lovely vignette, Brenda – especially the live plant and little animals! I just moved into the tiniest of tiny houses (under 300 sq. ft.!) and don’t have room for a lot of knick knacks but I want to create an area I can change up regularly with the things I kept when I downsized for this move from Austin to The Woodlands, TX. I will be container gardening in sunshine instead of on a covered patio for the first time this year, so that is exciting! Thanks for inspiring us to take a fresh look around and sharing your gardening ideas!

  7. Brenda, I love it when you talk decorating! it inspires me so.
    I wish that I had a closet full of treasures like you. Perhaps when you tire of the farmhouse look completely, you can pack those items up and Fed-X them to me! Only kidding, of course.
    Seriously, I wish that I could settle on a decorating theme so I would quit purchasing useless knick knacks. You sure know how to create a look.
    Could you tell me where you found the wooden spindle table lamp? Love it!

  8. I love the green Buddha…I might have to look for one for my house…and I love anything green. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  9. That’s beautiful Thank you for sharing I read your blog regularly It’s refreshing and doable for me in a small apartment on a small budget! Stay safe and well!

  10. That is a great Buddha. When we can shop again I think I will hit up Home Goods. I have a painting my paint teacher did of a Buddha I love. You have such a knack for decorating. You would have made a great stager for selling houses.

  11. Like the show and tell. You have a lovely apartment

  12. Well, sorry – I got totally distracted by the image of a slightly curved cucumber (a very green one) that led to an ad about a medical condition that certain males suffer, um. Okay. I think I’ll go back outside into the cold north wind that’s coming into town today for the next week and sweep up some more hazelnut shells left over from feeding my tribe of squirrels…

    1. It has been nine or ten years since we have had snow in this part of north Texas. We have rain instead. The grass is greening in some areas of the yard with lots of sun. We are not used to being inside most of time. One year when I lived in Colorado I learned that I have cabin fever. How do you deal with that?

  13. You certainly have a talent putting things together Brenda! Such a serene and calming space.
    I’m in the middle of bringing out my Easter decorations to brighten up the place! Have to find joy where you can these days. Still snow outside but it is going away slowly and it is getting milder. My husband bought a bouquet of tulips for me last weekend. One of my favorites.
    Take care and stay safe

    1. I can’t get flowers from Trader Joe’s anymore. Well I couldn’t now anyway. But Ivy will deflower them.

  14. You are so creative, Brenda!
    Love the way you are able to put items together.
    I may have missed a blog or two in the last three months; since starting a new job.
    Adorable spool bead strand.
    Where on earth did you get the green Buddha?

  15. Very nice! I will see what I can do this weekend and will definitely share. Cleaning out a closet and found things I forgot I had, always fun to shop the closet!

  16. Oh my gosh Brenda what a great little space you created. I could see mediating in this space. Love that round globe light. Looks wonderful. Stay safe.

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