Katy and Jules live in this London flat with their dog, Otto.
Their flat is 749 square feet, located in Bermondsey – London, UK.

Katy loves to come up with creative, budget-friendly ideas for crafts, interior styling and decor projects.

The open plan living/dining room has wonderful views out across South London’s landmarks, and a balcony which is a great outdoor space in summer.

Katy’s favorite space is the home office.
The washing machine, like my own, is located in their small kitchen.

The master bedroom has a corner window, and is furnished with a mix of modern and vintage pieces in neutral colors.

Otto’s favorite place is in the bedroom corner, curled up by the window.
I hope you enjoyed this London tour.

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  1. It's always so interesting to me to see how other people live, let alone in other parts of the world. Love her big table, great for sewing, laying out fabric, crafting and whatever. Love their appt., Love Otto. Big dogs are so often such sweeties. We have black lab/border collie, is so smart and so loving, not as big as Otto but good size. Your little guys ae so cute, just love dogs. Enjoy your week

  2. I think Otto the dog is the real standout here – such a beautiful serene looking dog. I've always had a thing for white dogs. So pretty.
    The apartment is lovely too. Very simple. Just the way I like it.

  3. lovely apartment. and in London making it perfect!
    i'm a dyed in the wool anglophile.
    but otto is the best part. love how he's looking up at her in that last picture.

  4. What a great place! Katy looks quite serene in her workshop, as well she should in such a calm and inviting home. Here in my house, I'm living with khaki-colored paint that the previous owners used in every room. But these airy white apartments you've been featuring really have gotten to me! I painted our bathroom a creamy shade of white last week and it is so much better. Thanks for providing these inspiring apartments.

  5. Good Morning Brenda! We are having a down pouring of rain here in my corner of Wisconsin this morning. Dark & dreary until tomorrow afternoon they are saying. Enjoyed touring the small apartment this morning. Just proving once again, we don't need a huge home to live in. I envy the nice sized table in her craft/office area. You have a wonderful Monday!

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