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  1. Thank you for removing that comment. I really enjoy reading your blog and had never commented before, but know how much you care

  2. I love Sarah’s cute little apartment. You know Brenda I love this series you do on living small. I love her pops of color and the light coming through her whole apartment. I agree when you have light filtering in it makes smaller places feel big. Happy New Week.

  3. Please remove the above anonymous comment. Your blog is too good for such drivel. Freedom of speech is one thing, but this is totally inappropriate for such a place as this!

    1. Wow, what an ugly comment! I’m very surprised it got through. I’ve been busy and just now got over here. It’s deleted. Sorry about that!

      1. I just now really tightened the comment rules for this blog so that spam is minimized or kept out altogether. Might be too tight. We’ll see.

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