Jacob lives in this 860 square foot apartment in Cape Town. He owns an interior design company.

Jacob’s landlord is happy for him to make improvements to the space.

When he moved in, he immediately removed the old-fashioned curtain tracks and replaced them with roller blinds for a more contemporary look.

He added new light fittings and painted the walls dark.

He filled his dark walls with art from his travels both local and abroad. He doesn’t like much clutter, but he finds stations of clutter rather interesting.

He also loves nature, and used many plants and trees throughout his apartment. He feels that plants are the final touch to any room.

Jacob’s inspiration is nature, texture and people. He loves using plants, art, and statues to his interior, because they inspire him.

Smooth finishes, he says, freak him out. And he also doesn’t like when something is perfect.

I personally am just fascinated with how his things look against the dark walls. Especially the plants. It’s a whole different back drop than what I’m accustomed to.


His kitchen is light and airy.

As is his bathroom.
I hope you enjoyed this apartment tour. 

I picked a space that is somewhat bigger than what I normally choose for those of you who live in slightly larger homes



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  1. The dark walls are interesting, but I don't think I could live with them. Perhaps just one in a particular room. I need light!

    His apartment is interesting, but very masculine. Which is fine, it's appropriate. Just not the kind of space I'd be comfortable in.

    Thanks for the peek into someone else's abode. It's fun to see what other people do to their spaces even if it's not one's own taste.

  2. I think the reason the black walls work so well is because he has a lot of white artwork on it, has white pillows, a light colored ceiling and also a wall of windows. I think it's perfect!

  3. I love the navy walls but I can't see me doing that. Also, the nearly floor to ceiling pictures amazed me. Looks great, but again, I can't see me doing that. I especially enjoy looking at styles that I could never do but probably wish I would. Thanks for the interesting finds you bring to us.

  4. Debby, I do believe those dark walls are a dark blue, not black. Dark blue (insert exotic paint name here) is starting to take hold in the design world.

  5. Brenda, you might want to paint one of your walls a deep rich dark color one of these days – I had a deep maroon red room years ago and it was so warm and cozy, and the artwork against it looked lovely.

  6. I love this space, I even like the dark walls. I have taken note of the many plants he has, I would like to do this when I get in my next house, I love plants and greenery.

  7. Good Monday Morning! I love the dark walls in Jacob's apartment. He has done an outstanding job of decorating his apartment. He made is feel cozy and welcome.

  8. Happy Monday, Brenda! Thanks for sharing this fascinating apartment. The dark walls are a perfect backdrop for all of his framed art. The plants add texture as well as different heights and shapes. I like the fact that Jacob does not insist on perfection, but will show a rumpled throw on the bed and a bit of clutter on a tabletop. While I enjoy looking at all of the apartments you share, I'd really like to visit this apartment in person to get the true experience of the place.

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