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  1. We too only had sparklers and now you see these fly by night tents sent up selling fireworks to people who probably should be using their money to buy food for the holiday instead. We don’t support fireworks as it scares our pets for days afterwards and I feel for vets who suffer from PTSD. It’s not good for a Supreme Court to decide what a woman must deal with. If a man had to go through it, things would not be the same and I find it sad a woman thinks being dictated to how they use their bodies is okay. I agree with Jan that Independence Day has just sunk to a low level for women’s rights.

  2. I too as a child only had sparklers! After I married I moved to a town in RI called Bristol which hosts the oldest Independence Day parade in the country. Weeks before the 4TH there are all kinds of activities such as concerts and carnivals and of course fireworks! I, like Jan, am very disappointed in the over turning of Roe. How dare the government tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body!

  3. The food looks delicious, thanks for the ideas and the recipes. I was born 2 weeks before the Forth of July and came home on Father’s Day. In the morning in the town where I grew up there is a huge parade and a festival with live music. Across the street, in the elementary and junior high school field were sky divers and then fireworks. There was no air conditioning back then and the story goes that my Aunt walked me back and forth in the house during the fireworks. We have moved away to the country 27 years ago so things are nice and quiet at home on the 4th! I do enjoy fireworks but feel for the people and animals who they bother.

  4. I’m not celebrating Independence Day this year or any year where women are slaves of the state they live in. Women have lost their right to make their own decisions in the United States. Every female in this country has been turned into someone non compos mentis.

  5. I love seeing the sky light up with spectacular colors every yr!
    I use to go over my parents house to see the fireworks with them but now they go asleep to early b4 the fireworks even start! Lol

  6. Yes ,,,,, so agree with your comments Joyce.
    Why these terrible & horrid noisemakers are still allowed, is preposterous.
    We must keep everything closed up. Our pets always are frightened.
    I always worry about homeless pets. They have no one to make them feel better, more secure. Shameful.
    Change is necessary.

    1. I agree these fireworks are awful and go on for weeks scaring pets and wild animals. Plus people with PTSD are also affected.

  7. thanks for adding vegetarian and vegan recipes Brenda. they all look delicious. It is Canada Day on July 1st so I will try some of them then,

  8. Oh everything looks so delicious. I’m going to have to come back and read more of these!!

  9. Hello Brenda
    Thank you for doing the research for these recipes. They look really good.
    I can’t wait to try some of these.

  10. The thing that astounds me most about reckless holiday spending is the amount (literally) tossed away on (amateur) fireworks that terrify pets and wildlife, cause painful flashbacks to veterans, and frequently injure the insensitive bozos who buy and use them.
    Your recipe recommendations look terrific. What better way to celebrate the 4th than a peaceful gathering of loved ones for good food and fun family games. That’s what we do every year, and our daughters and grandchildren have wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

    1. I have never bought a fire cracker or set off one in my whole life. But I know other people do.

      1. Us either.
        The only things we had as kids growing up, were sparklers.
        We loved them!
        All of us were very careful. Never any accidents.
        Dad would buy a box from a pal at work. That was it ,,,,, only sparklers.
        Nothing loud or often dangerous.

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