A Man Named Joe

A man named Joe is actually my next door neighbor. He is helping me carry and lift boxes for my upcoming move. It’s so sweet of him to take the time.

It seems that when I prepare to move, it takes me a while to get motivated, to get my thoughts together. I’ve moved so many times. You’d think I could do it in my sleep. 

Charlie Boy:

My Charlie never presented that he was in any pain after he had 11 teeth extracted a few weeks ago. He’s my sweet little trooper.

I find myself reflecting back on that other move, two and a half years ago. I was in a different mindset then. I’m stronger now in some ways, more fragile in others. 

Saying Goodbye To This House:

I’ve been saying my goodbyes to this house. “The little blue house.” I thought I’d live here for the rest of my days. 

Life has a way of changing the game plan on you. And you just have to go with the flow or drown in the flood.

The neighbors on one side of me moved out this past week. There are renters on both sides. But then so am I a renter.

I’ve really taken to the two kids, a young couple, on the other side. Joe just graduated from nursing school and is 24 years old. 

A Male NICU Nurse:

He is a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nurse. So the other day I asked him what it’s like, why he went into this area of nursing. 

Joe said he wanted to make a difference. He wanted to care for the tiniest of humans that need so very much to survive. The ones who enter the world much too soon and need specialized care. 

He told me that the day before they were to work with the preemies as part of their nursing rotation, he didn’t sleep all night. He was scared half to death.

The thought of holding those tiny little lives in his hands must have been very scary.

Such A Sweet Young Man:

I’d adopt this kid if I could. He’s good people. He’s caring people.

He started his new job with the preemies a month ago. He is treading in waters that are full of currents. And he said he loves it. 

Some of those little preemies won’t make it. I know the first one he cares for that doesn’t make it will hit him really hard. 

A Man Named Joe:

But at least, for the time they have on this earth, I am comforted by the fact that there is a caring young man like Joe who will hold them tenderly and do his utmost to give them everything they need.

When you stop and think about it, there probably aren’t a whole lot of people who make a crucial difference in our lives. Teachers, friends, just genuinely good people.

But when they do, they give us hope and sometimes they keep us alive. 

On the road of our journey, there are often unexpected Samaritans scattered along the way. And they manage to make the bumps in the road hurt a little less. 

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  1. It really takes a special kind of person to do the work that Joe does. I think even most people who go into the medical field have an extra "caring" gene inside them. I hope you meet good people like him when you move. It's scary, but exciting to wonder what new door will open.

  2. I understand that your kids tried to be helpful and move you to be closer to them at the time of your divorce since at the time they both lived in Olka. I also know that one dtr and her hubby purchased a house for you so you could have cheaper rent and live nearby. I kept up with your move blogs and must admit, you were a demanding renter who wanted many things done to the house and they complied. I know your dtr was upset with your decoupaging of the kitchen cabinets in the house. Sorry you have decided to move but please take into consideration the hard feelings between you and your daughters is not all their fault and do not burn bridges as you move. A tree that bends in a high wind is going to have a better future than one who is stiff and unrelenting.

    I hope your move is easy and things work out with your downsizing. This new adventure would make a wonderful book and would sell well because there are so many who are downsizing in America or considering it, for numerous reasons. Another book idea is right next door, your neighbor, Joe. His story is a wonderful starting point, a man who is starting a selfless job as a pediatrics nurse and you can fill in the blanks with things you have learned along your life's path and by including in the book other people whom you have met. You could actually make this into a mystery tale, if someone finds an abandoned baby who is sent into Joe's care and he tries to find out who abandoned it and why. Please give these ideas some thought. You could be America's next great author, sincerely!

  3. Those are the real angels, Brenda…the ones that really do hold our hands…that are there for the long run.

    I read a quote the other day and I thought of you, myself, and now Joe. I am going to share it on my next post (hopefully this weekend).

    Enjoy this great weather…sunny and almost 40 here! Yay!


  4. Joe sounds so sweet and how nice to find someone who loves what they do for others! . Now about that ankle, I've had an ankle problem for a couple years and I find that using sports tape really helps. The braces just aren't snug enough. I buy the sports tape that is about 2 inches wide at Wally World and apply 2 tight strips, but don't go all the way around the ankle so it doesn't cut off circulation. I've also seen another kind that athletes use and it's water proof.-KT tape. You can even get it on Amazon. Might be a solution for you too… Wishing you happy packing and calm thoughts!

  5. Yes, we meet angels every day and may I always be able to recognize that sweet spirit that lies within as I find myself becoming more and more cynical with today's world. Keeping you in my prayers as you start on this move and that you meet more angels!

  6. Ahhhhh so sweet. Yes, he's an angel as is Mr. and Mrs. Judy. Joe had to be a comfort being next door. I am hopeful that your new place will have good neighbors that look after each other.

  7. Brenda, Joe sounds like a wonderful young man , I wish him the very best. Also I pray for you find a continuing peace. Life seems to be a bit rough around the edges at times. Hopefully your new move will be the last one and you can enjoy an even cozier home. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  8. I have a Joe who went into nursing at the age of 48. He was driving back here from New Mexico and thinking to himself….what do I really want to do? He was too old to go to Med. school, but nursing was then next best thing. He loved it and was such a caring nurse. He was the AOD of a big mental hospital at the end of his career.
    Bless little Charlie…
    Hopefully this will be a wonderful place to live. I know it will be decorated so beautifully. I always love to read about your changes….that cost you little or nothing.
    Have a nice weekend,

  9. Hi Brenda, Blessings to Joe and the difference he will make at the start of many tiny lives. He is one of God's chosen angels. I know any move is a huge challenge and no matter how many, they all seem to have their own set of direction. You are strong, insightful and wise. Everything will fall into place as you take just one day at a time. Just enjoy the process all along the way, it is your adventure and it will be awesome!!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Moving can certainly be bittersweet, especially when it wasn't in our plan. There are good things in store for you Brenda. I just know it.

    Has it been more than two years since you've been in your home? I was certain you moved after I found you, which is closer to a year I thought.

  11. Brenda, maybe you could consider your Cozy Blue House as a stopping off point.. Imagine yourself as a little bird going on to a new (hopefully permanent) home in another, cozier, yard. I know that you have so many mixed emotions about moving.
    You've met a lot of folks in your neighborhood. They've all be different.. I'm so happy that you've met Joe. In my opinion it takes a very special person to be a nurse or doctor, sometimes, more so, a nurse… Joe is working with the most defenseless, innocent, fragile little people.
    You met Judy when you were in a fragile situation. . She and John surely are GOOD people. It's too bad that you can't take all of them with you as neighbors..
    Wishing you strength, courage and much happiness in your new cozy home.
    Hugs for a happy Saturday. Thinking about you and your four legged fur babies.

  12. Brenda – thank you for sharing this positive story. There are so many wonderful people out there that we just never hear about so this was very uplifting. I wish all of us bloggers lived close by – we could descend on you and have you packed and moved in no time!

  13. Do you have to move or is it all to complex to stay. You can always change your mind. Is your move reactive or proactive? You must do what is right for you no matter what it seems like to others.

  14. Moving wears a person out , plain and simple. But when you're hurting , either physically or emotionally, it can drain a person completely. Moving from a place you love and thought to stay the rest of your life, it caused me to mourn for quite awhile, even though I was happy in my new home. I hope all goes well for you.

  15. God bless Joe for the difference he is making in those little lives. The truth is he is affecting hundreds of lives as those children grow into adults who affect the lives of others. And God bless Judy for her faithfulness as your friend. I am so sorry you have to say goodbye to your Little Blue House. xo Diana

  16. Joe is a very special guy, and you're right, his first loss will be so difficult for him. The story was beautifully written, and thank you for sharing a part of Joe with all of us.

  17. Thanks for sharing this inspirational story in the midst of your moving tasks. Taking the time to write such stories is something nice that you do for other people. It so good to hear that this young man has dedicated himself to such important work.

  18. Moving is so difficult even when it's for the best and something you want. I understand about saying goodbye to your home. There has been joy and pain here and really a fresh start will be good for you. I wish it had turned out differently. Joe sounds like a wonderful young man, the world needs more like him. Judy has really been an Angel for you and I'm so glad will continue to be in your life. Step by step you will get this move done. Hugs!

  19. it is hard to move isn't it. My daughter moved recently too – hers was a difficult move – but it made her nearer to me so in my book it was good although I know it was hard for her. I love the way you write – I can really picture Joe in my mind – people like him do make a difference to this world that we all live in – we need more like him. I just started to follow you recently so I do not know what is wrong with your ankle – it sounds like it is not temporary but permanent – sorry about that

  20. I enjoyed your heartwarming story. Joe sounds like a gifted young man.

    I'm so happy that today was easier for you. So thankful that you have Judy in your life.

    Thinking of you…

  21. God Bless Joe and Judy and Judy's husband…. good folks seem to come along as angels in our road of life and there are no greater gifts a human can get… I wish you many more…


  22. What a great story!! I wish him the best. I have been out of touch for awhile so I didn't realize you are moving!! Any particular reason? I am thinking about you and wish you a peaceful, easy move. ~Angela~

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