Learning To Garden

I think learning to gardening was in my genes. In my childhood I watched my grandmothers handle a big garden and we always had fresh veggies on the table.

I didn’t know what canned vegetables were back then.

Learning To Garden:

By trial and error I learned to garden. I also read books on gardening that helped assist me.

There are many lawns that have lots of fertile soil. But there are many people who will need to go out and purchase top soil that will get their garden off to a good start.

Also there are those who must aerate the soil because it is too hard and plants will not thrive.

There are also times when different parts of the lawn need to be prepared differently for different plants.

Gardening In Containers:

Personally I like to garden in containers. It saves my back and it is easier to choose the soil that best fits the plant.

What To Plant:

Planting a garden is something that must be carefully planned before the gardener gets started. Many families want to grow food, but only certain types of plants will thrive in their natural climate. So they might need to amend the soil.

Families that live in warmer climates have different choices from the family that lives in a naturally colder climate.

Choosing Plants:

The choice of plants and flowers must also be carefully considered so that they can pick items that can be left outside in the harshest winters.

I plant annuals every year around the end of April to fill in where the perennials have gaps. Some plants will die during the winter, but that’s where annuals come in.

When To Plant:

It all depends on where you live.

When people are ready to grow their own food or plant a pretty garden, they can learn all the proper techniques and gain knowledge through a course that teaches gardening from the ground up.

But gardening in containers will rectify many of the problems one finds in the type of soil that is on their property.


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  1. Brenda, I have learned a lot about gardening through trial and error… As many have . I like to read seed catalogs , they give lots of info for shade or sun plantings. I know you love gardening, I hope if you move you have a spot to do a bit of planting. xoxo,Susie

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