A Great Lunch & Almost All The Kitchen Stuff Is Here

Yesterday was lunch with both daughters and granddaughter Marley.

We ate at the Bread & Butter restaurant. I don’t know if they have these restaurants everywhere or if it’s just local, but the food is homestyle cooking.

I had the roast, younger daughter had the fish, older daughter had a bowl of vegetable soup and Marley had a burger and fries. They also serve breakfast all day.

Then oldest daughter and Marley came over to look at my kitchen in all its disarray. I wanted my daughter who is so good with design to give me her opinion.

She liked my ideas, she said. But I was using the wrong applications to fix nicks and scrapes in the countertops and other areas. This is her area of expertise, not mine.

All I know is that I want a white background for my kitchen. But of course I’m adding my reds, because I just adore red and white paired together.

So she said if I could wait a few weeks, she’d come do the painting, etc., so I could stay off the step ladder. She’s very busy and said she’d fit it in when she could.

I’m of course dying to get in there and do it, but my ankle firmly says no. And I’m tired of hobbling around in the ankle brace. So I guess that’s the plan.

I went ahead and put some things in the open cabinets because if I’m waiting a few weeks, I want my most used kitchen items where I can get to them.

I put the spice holder back on the wall too. I had cleared things out to work in there but for now I need to get the kitchen back up and running.

When I looked out on the porch this morning the package of drawer pulls had arrived.

When I sent my daughter a photo of the drawer pulls I’d ordered she said those were the same ones she used on the flip house but she bought them locally. Hm. Maybe that’s where I got the idea that I liked them.

The only thing left, which should arrive later today, are the white peel and stick subway tiles. I ordered everything from Amazon.

I’m just going to pile all this stuff in a corner and wait for her I guess. I might have to cover it with a blanket so I’m not tempted.

The GianiGranite marble kit arrived in a big box. I didn’t realize they were sending everything I would need and I had gone ahead and purchased the tools for painting myself.

But everything you will need to use, down to the plastic to lay down and the types of brushes you need is in the kit.

I guess that’s why it’s $179.99. It has everything in one box. Little did I know.

The big box had a long piece of paper keeping everything firmly packed in, and as soon as I took it out of the box Ivy pounced on it and declared it hers.

She likes to hide her swirly toy inside the paper. And then she will back up, scoot her body close to the floor to camouflage herself as if she’s in a jungle instead of my dining room, and then she scampers across the floor to grab it.

She’s doing that in the photo below.

She has all sorts of games she plays with this long stretch of paper. So I’m leaving it there while she’s having so much fun with it. I can toss the packing paper when she gets tired of it.

Then she plays what looks to me like slip and slide. She runs across the room and when she gets to the paper she slides on her stomach down the length of it. It’s hilarious to watch.

In this photo I called her name and she looked up at me as if to say: “What do you want? Can’t you see I’m playing here?”

She is by far the silliest cat I’ve ever known.

Then when she’s worn out she heads to the pet bed behind my chair and takes a little nap. I just looked behind me and yep, there she is all curled up.

It was a fairly short nap. Now she’s on the table beside me meowing for me to pet her. These pet babies know who the boss is and it isn’t me.



  1. I love Ivy. She is beautiful but a pain in the you know what at times. Spirit is good! And your daughter helping you? Yippee, don’t be tempted to do it yourself, this is a gift of love from her. And Marley in your life is such a treat. 2 of my grand daughters and family are coming tomorrow. I am so excited.

  2. I love the “sound” of what you’re putting together! And so awesome to hear of the time you’re spending with your daughters and grand. The red and whites and clears of your kitchenware look lovely – I don’t remember whether you decided to keep your cabinet doors or have open shelving – but that combo would look so pretty left open! Maybe just one or two doors left off to showcase the pretty glass and ceramics? Just another thought. Best of luck with the patience – and the project!

  3. All sounds so lovely, Brenda!!! DO WAIT and accept the help…it is what all of us have to do you know!! It sounds great!! Your cat…what a silly girl…you might be able to make videos of her to put up and make some change too…ha!! Our daughter here got a puppy…pretty smart girl too…and quite funny already…we have had a lot of fun watching her play with all the toys daughter has gotten for her!! I do love dogs…but we have already decided we will just be content to go over and play with hers!!

  4. So glad your daughter is willing to help you in the kitchen. Your ankle will thank you for not trying to do it all yourself. And you will be free to just enjoy it instead of suffering in pain.

    I am about as anxious as you to see the counter re-do as I want to know if it’s something I could use on mine. But I can be patient and wait!

    Ivy certainly is a creative cat with her play. I can just imagine her running and sliding on that paper! How hilarious!

    Have a restful weekend with the fur babies.

  5. I am so excited that your daughter is going to help you! I was worried about you and your bad ankle. Just keep the box covered and you won’t get tempted. It will all be worth it in the end.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. You mentioned in a previous post that your daughter never settles for “good enough.” She did such a beautiful job on her flip. What a bonus for you! When the kitchen is done, it will be perfection. The red and white color scheme will look so fresh and will be camera and magazine ready. Her extraordinary skills and your lovely decorating sense will bring joy to your cozy home and be an inspiration o your readers living in small spaces.

  7. Glad that your daughter will be helping you with the painting. Red and white are a nice combination.

  8. How nice that your daughter is going to help you. I understand the impatience of waiting though. I want it DONE! lol
    Love the stories of IVY. Sure makes me miss having a kitty. Hugs- Diana

  9. An all white everything in a kitchen would be boring. Bringing in your red items as an accent is perfect – it’s a great color. What’s that old saying – something like “Good things come to those who wait.” Your kitchen is going to be a good thing, and with your daughter doing the painting, you won’t have to put more strain on your bad ankle and risk further and possibly worse injury to it, Heaven forbid! We’ll all be admiring it in your photos soon enough, I’m sure. Maybe I could lure you and your daughter to my hometown to do my kitchen over 🙂

  10. Wonderful news she is offering her skills to paint the kitchen. You certainly don’t want to have an accident happen and you set yourself way back. It will be lovely and can’t wait to see the progress. i agree on pops of red! Our little Norah was rolling the dog interactive ball around last night and eating the dog kibble it dispenses!

  11. It’s so nice your daughter is going to help in the kitchen, and like you, it’s hard to wait, even for us reading your blog, it’s hard for us, who are waiting to see it. But anything worth having, so is said, is worth waiting for. Anyway…Love Ivy’s stories. Cat’s can be funny…and Ivy sure is a hoot.

  12. Like everyone else, I’m excited that your daughter is going to help you!!! Projects can bring people closer together, and I know you want that. Hooray!!!

  13. I’m so happy to hear that your daughter is going to help you ! I know how you feel about wanting to get in there and get the project done, I’m the same way !

  14. It’s a wonderful development that your daughter can help you with the kitchen. After hearing about Ivy’s fun with the paper, I am going to get out some old wrapping paper for my cats to play with. That should keep them amused for a little while. They do lose interest in things pretty quickly and then move off for a nap, just as Ivy does.

  15. Brenda, wait for your daughter! From what we saw of her flip house, she does everything to perfection, and it will be worth the wait (and you’ll be doing your ankle a favor). Love red and white, too!

  16. I adore red and white together, it’s such a great combo!! That’s wonderful that your daughter will help with painting…that will be a big help for you. I hate painting, although I’ve done it many, many times….it’s just not something I enjoy, although of course I love the way things look when they are freshly painted. Happy Weekend Brenda!!

  17. So glad to hear that your daughter will help you with the painting. That is a good thing and better with your ankle not in good shape. Patience is hard but I think in the long run it will be good to wait.
    Happy Weekend.

  18. That is so awesome that your daughter will paint! Woohoo! I too am a lover of red and white together. Can’t wait to see the end result – I will be patient as you will betoo, to wait for your wonderful daughter to do it. LOL.

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