I woke up to the sound of rain this morning. It is overcast outside and not too steamy out yet.

I haven’t checked the weather so I don’t know what kind of temps we’re in for today. But yesterday was horrid.

When it’s summer I want fall weather. When it’s winter I want spring. Not fond of summer at all. I like fall and spring.

Last night I watched another episode of “Wanted.” Now it seems the guy who stole the gun from them, the one Chelsea was attracted to in the bar and took to their room, is on the run with them.

That’s one complicated relationship.

Lola/Lillian has flown David in and he told her the people who killed their friend took his money. When actually David is a gambler and lost it. The boy couldn’t keep money in his pocket if his life depended on it.

I’ve never understood gamblers. But then there are all sorts of addictions.

Then I read a book. I like to end the evening reading.

Ivy was a little stinker yesterday. Got into everything. Begged me to pet her then when I didn’t do it just right she bit me. She never bites me hard. Just a kitten-ish bite I suppose.

There are certain things she will do that she isn’t supposed to and I grab the water bottle sprayer out of the container of house plants. She loves water but has decided she doesn’t like getting sprayed with it.

It always surprises me how fast she knows an insect is inside. She’s merciless with flies. She pounces on those flies with everything she’s got.

And Charlie thanks her for the effort. They terrify him.

I can tell she wants Charlie to play with her, but he isn’t interested.

The look on Ivy’s face when Charlie snaps at her is priceless. She pulls her head slightly back and just stares at him. Like she’s thinking: “Well, you old fuddy-duddy.”

When I’m making the bed in the morning Ivy comes running and jumps in the big middle of it like she’s jumping in a pile of autumn leaves.

My daughter said Andrew starts school next week. I asked her if she was going to buy him a bullet proof backpack. I read that the sale of them has gone up about 300%.

Do you suppose they come with any kind of instructions?

I’m just glad my children are grown. We didn’t have to deal with the proliferation of cell phones and the internet and all the stuff going on now.

It was a kinder world then.

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  1. Times were certainly more kind when I was growing up. I call them softer times. I turned 5 years old, the end of WW2. We didn’t have a lot of money, nor did anyone we knew, our neighbors. But I do remember, we had “enough” Not like today, when it doesn’t matter what you may have, but just are not happy. My parents did not own a car, did not have a telephone, did not own a home, we rented, and we lived paycheck to paycheck. But we always had food on our table, not extras, but we did not go hungry. We could walk where we wanted to go, had enough for a movie on Saturday afternoon, and had books to read from the library. My girl friends and I, played outside, till dark, making up all kinds of games, we made our own paper dolls from catalogs, altho, I did have “real” ones, that I have kept all these years, still have several of them at my old age of 80, and even a couple of tiny dolls I played with, tucked away in a cedar chest. Back in those days, there was no throw away, and buy new, we treated everything we owned with care. .I guess you would call it that anyway, because once it was gone, you didn’t go shopping for new, that is the way it was, money was for more important things, and toys were for Christmas. Oh, and talking about Ivy jumping on the bed like it is a pile of leaves, one of our favorite pass times in the fall, was raking up leaves into “rooms” on the lawn, making a blueprint so to speak , of our make believe dream home. (when our prince charming came along) (grin) Anyway, sorry to carry on here, just when you wrote times were kinder, Yes I agree with you 100%. Hugs from WI

  2. My daughter has two cats. Her vet told her that when they bite/nip gently that is their way of kissing you or showing affection to you.

  3. Neither of my cats bite though if I run my hand under a blanket or sheet to play “attack” with Clementine, she will play bite through the covers. Like Ivy, Clementine loves when I put fresh sheets on the bed and will come running and get in the middle of all the sheets and chase them around. And she is 10 or 11 years old! Monkey doesn’t do this and he’s younger. I think female cats have a lot more energy! Both Clem and Monkey chase down flies and catch them though – and Monkey sometimes eats them. Yuck.

    I love summer. It’s actually my favorite season. Though I don’t like when it’s in the 90’s and humid. The 80’s I can handle, even with the humidity. I love and crave sun and warmth. I think it’s because our winters are so long and brutal here. I can’t stand the cold, the snow, the non-stop gloomy gray skies, no beautiful outside gardens, no sitting on the patio or porch, and it getting dark at 4:30. By January, I start climbing the walls.

    That is so freaking scary and sad that there are now bullet-proof backpacks. Children shouldn’t have to fear being shot when they’re in school.

  4. Our cats do the same as Ivy when it comes time to change the sheets. It becomes party time. I love to indulge them.

  5. It certainly was a simpler life back then. When I think about the world that our grandchildren are going to have to live in, it makes me very sad. I watch very little television, like you I stick to Netflix and reading. I’ve found an inexpensive audio book service, CHIRP. You should look it up. Stay cool!

  6. I read at the Washington Post a day or two ago in one of the articles put out by the Capitol Weather Gang that eastern Oklahoma and several other parts of the Midwest are going to have their hottest summers yet of record. And today there was an absolutely fear-inspiring article about how parts of the United States have already experienced average temperature rises of 2 degrees Celsius or even more. I don’t know Celsius other than that “zero” is the equivalent of our 32 Degrees F – the temperature at which water freezes, so I checked on line how much 2 degrees C increase is in Fahrenheit – it’s the equivalent of a whopping 3.6 degrees. The upshot of the article was that because of the rapid and higher than predicted rises in average temperatures climate change isn’t “coming” to the USA, it’s already here, and its’ wreaking havoc on many ecosystems already. This is especially true in states with ecosystems that experienced deep freezes every winter, and in many states those deep freezes are no longer happening. There’s a whole chain of negative consequences that flow out of the rise in the temperature and fewer or even lack of deep freezes, including uncontrolled insect populations, warmer water that increases red and blue algae outbreaks (dangerous to animals and humans), increases in weeds in inland lakes, rivers and streams, clogging navigation and choking out marine life, accompanying rises in ambient air temperatures in fall and spring because of lack of snow cover, etc. etc. It’s a vicious downward cycle. Like I said, scary stuff. Children now and those who will be born between now and say about 2040 will be facing catastrophic changes. It makes me want to cry, for us but more for them.

    1. Our government isn’t listening to anything about climate change because it might cause one of our corporations to lose money.

  7. My cat behaves just like Ivy wanting me to pet her head and sometimes nipping me. When she did it I would put my hand on her head and hold it there for like 15 seconds. I think she got the idea and hasn’t been doing it lately. Also I have been giving her light strokes along her whole body when I get out of bed. Kind of like a manual ” I love you, you were a good girl”.

  8. We are having rain in Kentucky and it feels like fall so I do enjoy it. The two cats we have now are a bit odd in some ways which we think is due to them being at a shelter for awhile. They don’t seem as comfortable with being petted as other cats we’ve had. But they do show up pretty often wanting to sit next to us on the couch or lie on the bed with us at night. We will hear the little one playing at night, and in the morning we discover he was having fun with something odd like a wash cloth — something we would never think to toss to him to play with. Yesterday he found a sprig of artificial flowers that I must have dropped when I was touching up the front door decoration. He managed to get bits of flowers through several rooms. Glad they were just flowers from the Dollar Tree!

  9. I hope your rain comes down here soon. It has been so hot and the intense heat causes everything to wilt despite twice daily watering.
    My youngest grandson started first grade yesterday. It makes me so sad that anyone could think of harming an innocent child. Some of the surrounding school districts are training teachers for what to do in case of active shooters. I am so glad to be retired from the classroom. I know it is necessary to be prepared, but that kind of training would send my anxiety into overdrive.
    Ivy is such a beautiful cat, I can see that it would be easy to forgive her mischief.

  10. My cat bites me too if I don’t pet her just right. She doesn’t bite hard. I wish that she could talk so that she could tell me exactly what she wants.

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