New & Notable Mentions 11/19/22

This week in New & Notable Mentions 11/19/22…

In New & Notable Mentions 11/19/22, this is the graphic I created

This author says that in 2022, kindness is in short supply. A good read on how kindness is essential.

Thanksgiving place settings

8 Thanksgiving tablesetting ideas that are both simple and beautiful to set up for your holiday.

In New & Notable Mentions 11/19/22, this is a more neutral and slightly rustic tablescape

How to create a beautiful and easy Thanksgiving tablescape with neutral elements.

19 Thanksgiving hacks to use before Turkey Day.

Is your pharmacist giving you the wrong medication?

In New & Notable Mentions 11/19/22, this is a craft to upholster frames

Want to learn to DIY upholstered frames? Here’s how.

TikTok has become a huge outlet for at-home gardeners to share their tips, tricks, and growth with fellow plant people. Come see what TikTop says is the most popular houseplant out there with 2.3 billion views.

Why bitter foods are good for your health.

A recipe from Pinterest for Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole

If you don’t want to go the turkey day route, how about trying this recipe for Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole?

Roasted carrots, candied pecans and goat cheese recipe found on Pinterest

Roasted carrots with candied pecans and goat cheese could be that recipe you’re still looking to add to your Thanksgiving meal.

In New & Notable Mentions 11/19/22, this is a recipe for pumpkin spice poke cake I found on Pinterest

This recipe for pumpkin spice poke cake. It would be a delicious dessert to add to your Thanksgiving Day festivities.

Tiny Beautiful Things:

An anniversary edition of the bestselling collection of “Dear Sugar” advice columns written by the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller “Wild.”

In “Tiny Beautiful Things”, there is a new preface and six additional columns. (Soon to be a Hulu Original series.)

Tiny Beautiful Things book

For more than a decade, thousands of people have sought advice from Dear Sugar, the pseudonym of bestselling author Cheryl Strayed. First through her online column at The Rumpus, and later through her hit podcast, Dear Sugars. And now through her popular Substack newsletter.

“Tiny Beautiful Things” collects the best of Dear Sugar in one volume, bringing her wisdom to many more readers. This tenth-anniversary edition features six new columns and a new preface by Strayed.

Rich with humor, insight, compassion, and absolute honesty, this book is a balm for everything life throws our way.

The Personal Assistant:

Bestselling author Kimberly Belle wrote this deeply addictive thriller exploring the dark side of the digital world.

In “The Personal Assistant”, a mommy blogger’s assistant goes missing.

In New & Notable Mentions 11/19/22. this new book is The Personal Assistant

When Alex first began posting unscripted family moments and motivational messages online, she had no intention of becoming an influencer. Overnight it seemed she’d amassed a huge following, and her hobby became a full-time job—one that was impossible to manage without her sharp-as-a-tack personal assistant, AC.

But all the goodwill of her followers turns toxic when one controversial post goes viral in the worst possible way. Alex reaches out to AC for damage control, but her assistant has gone silent.

This young woman Alex trusted with all her secrets, who had access to her personal information and front-row seats to the pressure points in her marriage and family life, is now missing and the police are looking to Alex and her husband for answers. 

As Alex digs into AC’s identity – and a woman is found murdered – she’ll find the greatest threat isn’t online, but in her own living room.

This book comes out on November 29th, and I already have my copy on pre-order.

Wording about difficult days from Pinterest

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  1. Here’s a couple of utube channels to check out Brenda. Our oily house and Farmhouse on Boone. They’re two sisters that cook, farm, decorate with their kids. Lisa has 7 kids and Laura has 6 kids. They make their own soap, shampoo, detergent and have tons of recipes on their blogs!

    Moss tv utube channel is another fun one! Falon and her hubby cook, sing at churches, have chickens and even a turkey that lays eggs. She homeschools her 5 kids. Her husband goes to different farms to put horseshoes on horses, lasso cows and so much more.

    I like your choices of blogs too! So much fun to explore!

  2. I think kindness is in short supply on social media, for sure…but I have not noticed a shortage out in public. I find that in general, you still encounter both rude and kind people; seems about the same as it’s always been. Today, me and Brian had to run a bunch of errands. One of them was Costco. I dreaded it, with it being a Saturday and close to Thanksgiving. It ended up being pleasant, with me joining in an impromptu air hockey game with a little boy (on the display set up) and then having a really nice conversation with a lovely couple looking at outdoor Christmas decorations. And our cashier was very nice and friendly, too.

    I had never heard of that book, Tiny Beautiful Things. Sounds really good.

  3. I am late to the party again, posting in the evening, lol!
    Great list of notable mentions today. Kindness definitely
    matters and we all need to strive to be kinder and less judgmental of others. These days common courtesy and respect has gone astray and it will take work to return to it. As for the pharmacist mistakes, I have had 3 instances over as many years with medication mistakes at CVS. Their attitude is just to shrug, refill the RX and look at you like ‘now what’s your problem’. Scary. Have noticed that you can’t seem to go any further than the local pharmacy with complaints either. ‘Corporate’ is somewhere in la-la land and the suits unreachable. I had to resort to my insurance company to investigate the problem, which they did and now they are monitoring all RX activity of mine at that pharmacy. I was fortunate to catch the errors, one of which could have killed me. I worry that someone else may not catch the errors and have a bad outcome. Brenda, you always bring good books to our attention. I will be ordering both!

    1. When my daughter was in first grade, a pharmacist gave her the wrong medicine and it made her sick for a month! We found out she was allergic to it and she almost died! My parents took care of her so I wouldn’t lose my job. I remember like it was yesterday, she was sooo sick that we slept in the bathroom on the rug! She told me, “Mommy I don’t want to die”. I cried and prayed so hard that night and when we woke up that morning she started getting better! Changed pharmacy fast and he never apologized! Scumbag! She still remembers it! It was scary!!!

  4. Reading this later than usual today. Had to run to get a plumbing part for my Dad. Went to a huge home improvement store that I haven’t been to in a few years. It was chocked full of Christmas gifts and had quite the crowd. It upset me because there were no cashiers. If I have a few things I don’t mind but when I have a whole cart full of items I think of the person who is elderly or needs assistance and I don’t think this is right. Now that I am home and settled in I can enjoy some hot cider and your blog. Thank you for putting this together. I know many others enjoy it as much as I do. Have a good evening.

      1. J so sorry you, Gail L and others have had such terrible issues with pharmacy mistakes. Melanie, glad you had a good day at the store. I agree people seem more polite in person. Kind words and actions are free and make both people feel good. J thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you taking time to think of me. I was just blowing off steam. I think everyone would agree there should be a least 1 cashier for customers who need the help. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. Everyone have a good week.

  5. I thank you Brenda as it is frustrating when I want to read a decent blog and ads are blocking words. I appreciate your blog and work so don’t ever feel your dedication goes unnoticed. It’s nice you feature other interesting blog posts but it can be even worse on others to even read them but I know the ads generate their revenue.

  6. Thanks for all these ideas…and esp. for sharing the caution about pharmacies and your meds. After all we endured this past year, we are suspicious of virtually everything…ask questions and keep asking until you get an answer that makes sense, or go elsewhere!!! Medicine in general seems to have gone back to the dark ages now…sadly. At least from our experience. Yes, some will be annoyed…I say deal with it…it is not our fault all that has occurred in this and other areas of life. These past couple years have been a nightmare, mostly.

  7. Good Morning Brenda. I love that beautiful saying when you are feeling down. Also those recipes have my mouth watering. I think I am going to try and carrot, glazed pecans and goat cheese recipe. That sounds very yummy. Have a great weekend.

  8. Loved todays New and Notable Mentions. I could happily spend hours looking through KrazyKouponLady, excellent tips and ideas. Have a great weekend.

  9. I did check out the pumpkin poke cake recipe as it would be handy to bring to a gathering. It’s just hard to read some of their blog posts cause of so many ads loading continuously and other side bar videos going on at the same time. I think it’s for someone younger to read these than my older eyes can do anymore. I know they use these ads to generate much money to use writing these blogs but it’s not my preferred style of reading and life’s too short to make life more difficult for me. But it’s just me and as I am not the generation with a phone glued to my palms.

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