A Temporary Fence & A Long Chat

So Teri came around noon. We introduced ourselves. She sat down and we started talking. 

And we talked. And talked.
Abi turned on the “charm.” Charlie was his quiet sweet self. They were so happy to be in the company of a dog lover.

The apartment manager called and said the maintenance man would be coming to tear down the patio fence for the tree guy. I began to fret about the dogs not being able to go out.
My son-in-law had left the remainder of the chicken wire. So we got it unrolled and stretched it across the patio.

We nailed one end to my red potting bench. The other side we nailed to the fence that I share with the neighbor behind me.

Hours passed and we realized that we were starving. We drove just around the corner to the Sonic and picked up burgers. And came back and sat at my table and ate them.

Then we talked. And talked some more. 

Until my apartment was starting to fill with shadows and we were just about talked out.

Nothing got painted. That can happen another day. 

But we had a good time. I have a temporary fence while they take down the trees, which I’m not sure I could have handled by myself.

And next week I’ll introduce her to my favorite antique mall. 


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  1. Making new friends is fun and I'm glad you and Teri had a nice visit together. Hopefully the tree work will go smoothly and that soon your wall will get finished. Have a nice weekend!

    1. I have the walls to the point where I can stand looking at them. The part up by the ceiling and above and below the windows I can avoid looking at.

  2. Brenda, I'm so glad that you enjoyed our talkfest! I certainly did, and those pups of yours! Love the way Abi "smiles" with her little nose curled up into a ferocious "I'm gonna eat your face" look. Those two are adorable. I hated to insist that we start dragging your furniture back out after you had it all arranged, but we will definitely do that painting another day. Might have been a lot going on since you knew the tree work was today. Looking forward to visiting the antique mall when your ankle is feeling better. Thank you for a lovely day!!

  3. So nice to hear that you and Teri are forming a happy friendship. Also, you might want to think about finding a place for you and the pups to go to while the trees are being taken out. It will be noisy, messy, dirty work with a chainsaw running, and perhaps a big truck and a chipper nearby also adding to the noise. A good tree trimming company will clean up the mess, but there could still be some saw dust and leaves and such left behind that you'll have to deal with and you'll have to make sure nothing is left that could injure the pups. Hope it all goes well and leaves you with a better patio environment.

  4. It sounds like you two had a wonderful visit. Great timing that you had someone there to help you with the chicken wire so your pups will remain safe. That was more urgent than getting the painting done.

  5. Oh, my gosh, what a wonderful, serendipitous happening with Teri. It must be just what you needed to lift your spirits after the struggle with the wall. I'm so happy for you, Brenda! And she's a dog-lover; what a perk!
    You couldn't ask for a better surprise gift.

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful day Brenda in spite of the fence being taken down. I thought about you yesterday getting your painting done but instead you were having a great time with Teri.
    Like you said the painting can wait. The pupsters enjoyed her company too.

  7. it's so good that you have a "pal" to do things with; homey things and adventures. I miss having my "pal" to do things with since she moved back up north; I miss that.

  8. How cool that you met Teri and you two had a great day together! I see a friendship blossoming, for sure! I hope the dogs don't freak out when the trees come down. :-((

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