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  1. Sure sounds like progress in all that walking, Brenda!! I wonder if maybe you should buy your own fridge and thus get a better one tho’ seems all the apt ones we have had are the biggest most stupid engineering ever!! We cannot really fill up the freezer or it messes up the temps both there and fridge…beyond belief!! Your idea for a way to water sounds great…hope that works out well!!

  2. L ove Sunday Snippets, Brenda! So happy for you that you are beginning to get out more and able to walk short distances. Yay! Inch by inch, right?

    I have been able to get outside and work in one of my flower beds a couple of times in the last few days. The mosquitos are bad here this Spring, though and I have a very bad reaction to being bitten, so I get sidelined when it rains or is hot and overcast. So any day that they aren’t swarming I try to do some yard work. Hope you have a good week coming up.

  3. It’s so great that you are gaining your independence back, but please take it slow, so you don’t get hurt. Lunch with your friend sounds like such a special treat. I’m glad you got to go do that. And I’m glad you got the herbs you wanted. Your neighbors are all so nice. I love how Ivy wanted to make sure she was close to you too when Boomer was visiting. She’s cute when she’s jealous, lol.

    1. try planting the little white bulbs at the bottom of chives in a small to medium pot water generously and you will never have to buy them again. rosemary is another very hearty outdoor plant. I planted mine 12 years ago when I moved into my home and have not had to buy any since.. really easy. little maintenance. Enjoy.

  4. My broken ankle was healing nicely. I was walking with partial weight using my walker with little to no pain. But it seems the Fosamax I’ve been taking to strengthen my bones gave me quite a setback. I had a severe reaction to it yesterday, and my ankle is aching enough for me to take a painkiller. I took my last dose of Fosamax yesterday, never to be repeated.

  5. I know you are, but I encourage you to please stay on them about your fridge – it is a necessary item and not a luxury – management should replace it if it cannot be fixed. Because of this issue (and this could actually BE the issue), your internal fridge and freezer temps may not be correct and your food can end up at undesirable temps. I do love the garden pics – everything looks so lovely! So glad you are getting around more – it is great to hear this and slowly you are building back the muscles, ligaments, tendons etc. – be patient with the progress though, just a reminder:-)

  6. Everything looks so pretty…I love that daughter came this weekend for belated mother’s day. She planted a pink and a blue forget me not that are so pretty a fern leaf bleeding heart that is supposed to bloom all summer. I have an old white dish pan that I plant every year and she filled that with all kinds of sits on an old chair..she also weeded the river rock for me…what an angel…she adopted a calico cat this weekend that has had 3 litters..the lady had her fixed and got her shots..she will call her Momma Maggie…she had no glad you are getting around better…the weather here in Wi. is glorius today…we are on the screened porch enjoying the orioles and flowers..have a good week💕

  7. I was excited when I spotted Boomer! LOL He seems to be a very likeable dog! It’s nice that Miss Ivy Lou tolerates his visits.
    You’re in a perfect spot to meet new friends. It’s nice that you got out for burgers with Lisa.
    I’m sure getting out and about is very exhausting but all your hard work is definitely paying off.
    Happy Sunday!

    1. I am getting around better. I stay on top of keeping pain down with ice packs and heating pads.

  8. love the new format of your blog. So happy that you are able to get out and about more.
    You garden truly is lovely.
    The picture of Ivy stretched out on the couch, I just want to kiss her tummy!

  9. Your garden is gorgeous, I only have a deck but getting it ready for summer.. Still have to bring out the pillows and furbish up the potted plants. I’m going to check out the power sprayer…no water faucet on my deck and this might just work for all my plants…have a great week…
    Ivy is a sweetie, my Chloe is having a one sided conversation with the mourning doves that are currently using an abandoned robins nest in my neighbors tree
    for their eggs..I hope they survive…..

    1. That’s funny, Chloe having a one-sided conversation with the mourning doves! I bet they didn’t mind her at all.

  10. Glad you are getting out and about! It is so nice you have quite a few nice neighbors to socialize with. Miss jealous Ivy and Boomer, now that’s entertainment! Enjoy your day!

  11. You are making so much progress after all your months of therapy. So glad you’re able to get out and about a bit. And your garden/yard looks great!

    1. Me too! I thought I’d never be able to walk around a nursery, even if it was small.

  12. Love reading your posts . Your patio area is beautiful! Mine is still a work in progress. I did trim a shrub, and next I’ll weed eat between the pavers. Early last week a couple mornings it was cold only in the high 30’s. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

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