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  1. I’ve never had anything eat my Japanese maple, but around this time of year the leaves start going brown around the edges. I assume it’s from the horrible heat. No matter how much I water, the brown still comes. I sure wish it wouldn’t.

  2. I get a lot o- “junk” calls, too. I’m glad to know about (star)77. I’ve had two or three scam calls–one saying it was Publishers Clearing House saying I’d won a large amount o- money. I learned that they will never call you either a-ter calling their scam line. It certainly is one o- the most annoying things I have to deal with. When I do happen to answer one o- those calls, when I hear a -oreign accent I immediately hand up -or sure. A lot o- them are based in -oreign countries–o-ten India.

    I am wishing you cooler weather and a new crop o- beauti-ul zinnias!

  3. Its been very hot in NC but we got a good break from the heat and humdity this week…but not a moment too soon..some of my plants are also in distress and trying to recover. I remember the first time I got a message about IRS ..was scary. Of course I learned scam..scam..scam. So sad some folks are taken. Have a friend who we feel has some dimentia..lives with her husband and we tell her not to talk to them; however, her husband said she will sit and talk to them. Whew…. a lot of evil in this world..but thank goodness..also a lot of good. Love your quilt on the chair. Thanks for your adventures there with your pet babies.

  4. I got this email recently that told me I have a shipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, I just have to give them all my personal information in order to get it. I didn’t believe a word of it. I have been getting those phone calls also that tell me the IRS is out to get me. A friend told me that someone she knew fell for it and got scammed out of thousands of dollars. Also the ones that tell you they will repair your Microsoft computer. These people are really busy, aren’t they????

  5. We get so many false calls. Some even threaten that the police will come to your home. These people need to be punished whee their scare tactics and scams.

  6. I don’t have a landline and I get very few junk calls on my cell phone. I only answer when I know who it is. I think my vegetables are over so I am thinking about replanting. I didn’t get one tomato because of people and squirrel thieves. I won’t plant those again. xo Laura

  7. Hi Brenda.
    Did you check your maple tree for fungus? We had a fungus eating away at the leaves and tips of branches on a young tree we have. Turned out to be humidity fungus common to maple varieties and was related to heavy moisture for an extended amount of time. I sniped away affected parts and the tree is doing well again.

  8. Ivy’s face is marked just perfect. She is so cute. My cat likes to “get” shadows, too. Such fun!

  9. Thanks Brenda. Am going out to buy some veggie burgers.
    A friend of mine was taken in by a call from the “IRS”.
    The guy was very loud and insistent. Really scared her and had her go to CVS and get a card and put $1000 on it. She sent it and then regretted it immediately . She is smart and told him she thought it was a scam when he first called but he had an answer for everything. They are good at it and can feel people out and prey on their insecurities. Best not to answer and give them no chance to bamboozle. Disgusting and criminal.

  10. Could you have planted too early this year? Here in Texas been cooler than usual. We may hit one hundred next week. In most years those high temperature days are over by mid August.

  11. I don’t know if this will work for you, but on my AT&T land line I hit *77 after getting a dial tone and then hung up. That eliminates many of the junk calls, but not all of them. To turn off the feature, you do *87 and hang up. It’s ridiculous that “charities” and political junk calls are exempt from ANY kind of regulations other than calling between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Thirteen hours of endless telephone ringing. I didn’t know how bad it was until I retired and was home. I turned the ringers down to the lowest setting on my two land line phones and my friends and family have a “code” when they call – the phone rings a certain number of times and then they hang up and call right back; I will pick up the call then. I check my voice mail but not always daily, so I tell people if it’s that important, email me because I nearly always have my computer on and will check my email several times a day. If I’m home and alive, I’ll respond.

  12. Hi Brenda, Love your pet pics especially Ivy and her crazy cat eyes! I think they can only go so long before the urge to hunt something comes over them then they either find something or imagine it! I’m interested in what kind of veggie burgers you buy. I have not been able to find any I really like. Might try making my own but would rather buy already made! Have a nice weekend with Charlie and Miss Ivy.

    1. I like Morning Star regular style, not black bean or other concoction. In fact it’s the only ones I buy. I love the taste. They are frozen, so always handy. And if you keep buns frozen, you always have a meal. I usually make baked beans and have chips.

  13. Good morning Brenda, I could not agree with you more abut growing your own food and the heartless people who pray on others. I just came home from the farmers market with a few beautiful tomatoes and cannot wait to eat a tomato sandwich for lunch!

    I hope that you and Ivy and Charlie have a great day!

  14. Ivy is “looking bug-eyed” because she sees something that the human eye cannot. This is a trait unique to cats. Sometimes it can freak you out if their focus is a spot on the ceiling and it lasts for 5 long minutes. Now that is a creepy feeling! (Happened to me!)
    We get those crazy calls, too – everyone does. I have heard that if you answer them you are placed in a “live” folder and the calls just keep coming. Thank goodness for caller ID – we never answer. And yes, it’s heart wrenching how many people have been scammed by them.

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