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  1. huge piece of writing. I just came across your web site and wanted to let you know that I have certainly enjoyed browsing your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be following your feed and I hope you’re posting again soon.

  2. Your blog, your opinion. I agree, and want to share something I heard on the radio yesterday. I’m sorry that I don’t remember the name of the person who said this: “If you’re in a plane, you root for the pilot. You root for the CEO.” I rooted for the president until I couldn’t anymore. Now I root for the president-elect. We want him to do well. We want dignity, empathy, competence, and someone who will trust science and the intelligence and expertise of advisors. I pray we will never see such a day again.

  3. Have you tried leaving a note on your door for the FedEx person? As for the events in Washington I’m just weary of the squabbling and the finger pointing. Pipe bombs were planted at both the Republican headquarters and the Democratic headquarters. We are a United Nation and its time we act like it.

  4. A lot of people with far-right ideas should change the channel occasionally. Read an actual newspaper. Get various viewpoints then make up your own mind rather than blindly following hate tv and biased radio. Might get a far different view of Trump. He owes $400 million in loans – He has raised $250 million with his scam claim of a rigged election after losing 59 lawsuits all the way to the Supreme Court (Wall Street Journal) – Uninformed people are paying his debts. Remember ‘Mad Magazine’ quote: “Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

  5. I think as I have stated many times in many places, that the main thing that divides people is experience!! How many of you readers here have been denied your day in court?? I really wonder about that…and a good part of the frustration for a lot of people is seeing the election results being refused their day in court. Regardless of which side we are on, that SHOULD worry us. Next time it might be YOUR family who is denied this!! MY FAMILY HAS GONE THROUGH THIS in a way. Back in 1974…yea, clear back to the dark ages, a drunk driver decided driving was HIS RIGHT that night…he took my brother’s life, left my dad physically unable to work very well for the rest of his life, and badly injured my brother’s fiance too. My dad never wanted to use the courts, he expected the insurance company to pay out whatever the extent was of the drunk driver’s insurance. He did not want to sue the drunk and did not. However, on the very last day that a case could be filed, because he had gotten not a thin dime, his lawyer filed. A long time later, on the FALSE word of the drunk driver’s insurance to the judge, that my dad had been “well taken care of”…it still defies description as to what that might have meant since my dad had not even heard a word from them, nor received a single dime…but the judge of course, believed the lying lawyer. Let the lawyers decide on the court house steps to work it out, outside court, all unknown to my dad till it was a done deal. That meant my dad never even got enough to cover his vehicular loss, not a thin dime for my brother’s life, nor for all the medical bills to follow, nor the years of lost wages, nor the burial expenses (think that is free folks??? Think again.) My dad was not well enough after that to feel like fighting…so he took the pennies offered. So that also filtered down to us to this day…and to our offspring to come if you think about it…it meant we got a way smaller inheritance than should have been…and now? I am not sure we will be able to leave a single penny to our offspring. That is one thing hard working folks hope to do. And nothing wrong with that either. But until YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED YOUR DAY IN COURT…try to look at what has happened recently in this country and be afraid…BE VERY AFRAID!! Courts and lawyers are for the most part totally criminal today (well sometimes they actually do quite good for real criminals…but be an ordinary law abiding citizen…and you can forget it). We are too old now and too infirm, but indeed my husband and I made 2 trips overseas in the last 15 years, looking into and trying to leave this country for another. It did not work out for us. I wish it had. My ancestors came on the Mayflower and other early times…plus I am Cherokee, plus my husband served HONORABLY during Viet Nam in the Navy for 6 years…so it was not an easy decision we came to…but we are stuck here till we die likely, even though we tried to leave. This is no longer home. Try to think of others, folks…try to imagine how you might feel in a similar case of being denied due process of law. There is another horrific story in my kin of recent years too…courts do all possible to protect the pedophile, over the children or my daughter…also a travesty of justice. I am doubtful there is any real justice anymore here. So if people protest that, however they choose…maybe they too were denied. GOD HELP US ALL!!

    1. This kind of thing has happened to me as well. But this is a far different story. This went to at least 60 courts of law, some Trump judges, and were found not to have merit. How many times do you want this kind of thing relitigated? Were all 60 courts wrong? They had at least (my count) 60 chances.

  6. As to FedEX, here they are a nightmare…and some companies will let you get stuff via UPS or PO if asked. Too bad…used to be top notch company…but then this used to be a top notch country too…so maybe it is simply a sign of things to come. So get used to it I guess.
    As to yesterday…a very sad day, but then this whole year has been a misery, so why not continue? Yesterday another 9-11? THAT is awful to say that…but maybe 3,000 people were killed and I did not hear it?? WHERE WOULD I READ SUCH??? By the way, some of those causing the trouble were Antifa dressed up like MAGA yesterday…and besides Trump had told them to go home. Any of us could go out and dress like someone else and/or say that someone told us to do something bad…does that make it true? We are far too gullible frankly!! It absolutely slays me that most don’t seem concerned about having someone in charge who is obviously into dementia…that seems like a first in this country. Anyone read the Trojan Horse in school? Lots to be learned in that very old story…but wait, don’t they say if we refuse to learn from history we are doomed to repeat it? I am so glad to be old…but I do so worry over my offspring for times ahead. Looks to be the worst of all time in this country. Sad…very sad.

    1. I guess you are conveniently forgetting that over 4000 people are dying from a pandemic that your dear leader has continued to ignore. Or do those lives not matter?

  7. Yesterday’s domestic terrorist attack was horrifying and shameful. And it was all brought on by the Orange Man. He needs to be impeached immediately. I shudder to think what more can happen if he stays in office until the 20th.

    I have friends in Canada, the UK and Australia. They have been laughing at our country ever since Trump started his shenanigans. Even they can’t believe all the BS he’s put our country through.

    I pray for peace for for the USA.

      1. I agree so much with you. The man and his son should be arrested and jailed for their actions and words. He came through loud and clear what he stands for with his hatred for democracy . His true colors were shown yesterday and I pity any of his supporters who think this behavior is acceptable.

  8. Most of us in Canada are looking forward to when America has a decent and sane leader once again. My thoughts are with you in the coming days. XOXO

  9. Every time you make a political post Brenda you lose readers. If you want this site to be political speak up. When we are going to all be living under socialism and headed toward communism you might not like it much. That’s where we are headed. The constitution is out the window. President Trump was never given a fair shake and now we all have to worry about a civil war. Where I live all are armed and waiting. we aren’t going to be socialists. Pick your own poison.

    1. This site is about all kinds of things. Only when I mention the state of how are where we’re living do I get complaints. When it is actually the most important thing facing us. I write about daily life. That happened and it was a huge event. It was like 9/11, many are saying. We don’t all have to agree. I don’t understand your viewpoint at all. But that is the great thing about America. We all can have an opinion.

      1. This is Brenda’s blog, not yours. She can talk about whatever she wants on here. Why do you care if she loses – or gains – followers?

        Trump was never given a fair shake?! What planet do you live on? And by you saying you’re armed and waiting…that says it all. *smh*

          1. Armed and waiting….my goodness. That statement sure says everything. I am praying that we all return to seeing each other as Americans and love our neighbor. This man is unstable and he needs to leave before anyone else gets hurt. I pray for the family of the officer who was killed and the other officers who were hurt. Thanks goodness those bombs didn’t go off.

    2. And actually, it’s the other way around. Since I’ve been talking more about these things, through Bloglovin I’ve gotten many more subscribers.

    3. Margaret, you say you aren’t going to be socialists. Then immediately, you must stop using all roads and highways unless you are on private land. You must only use private schools or home school your children. You cannot use any lake unless it’s privately owned. You may not visit any local, state or national park. Did you keep your stimulus checks? You need to send that back. Have you ever eaten corn or peanuts? Subsidized by your taxes. These are all socialist programs. You must immediately abstain. And there is so much more. Please educate yourself.

    4. Here too where I live. Nobody wants this to be a communist country. We can all see its coming. As they say first we take Georgia than we take America. We all know another madmen that said something similar.

      1. We Need to Stop Confusing Social Programs with Socialism–not the same. Plenty information on the web on that

    5. I have never understood the fear of socialism. Socialism is NOT communism. I live in Canada where we have a socialist government, none of us have to worry that we won’t be able to afford health care, no one has to go live in their children’s basement because of high out of this world medical bills. None of us ‘fall thru the cracks’ we know that we will always be supported by our government.
      Never forget that the government money is the people’s money which is used for many things to make our lives better. If you take a check from the government without working for it that is socialism so I am assuming Margaret that you have never done that.

  10. Well, I can’t wait for Biden to get in so that when taxes go up, when we are dependent on foreign oil again, when peace in the Middle East falls apart, when we have 3 million illegal immigrants being allowed to pass through our southern borders – with Covid maybe, when they cancel the yearly funding to Historically Black Colleges that was enacted by the current administration, when all the manufacturing jobs are once again sent overseas, and when Trump’s deal with the big pharmaceutical companies to grant the U.S. favored nation status so that we would have drug prices comparable to other nations and not so much higher, I will have the great pleasure of saying “I told you so”. Ask our veterans who depend on the V.A. system what they think of the current administration. I, personally, am now terrified of the coming administration who called the burning of businesses, the looting, the bricks and frozen water bottles being thrown at law enforcement “peaceful protests”. God bless the USA and God help us.

    1. What happened yesterday was not at all peaceful, and it was under Donald Trump’s watch. I don’t understand how anyone can look at his actions and think he is at all presidential. Why do you think so many Republicans have left the Republican party in the last four years?

      1. Thank you so much for those words Margaret! Very well said. 75 million Americans voted for President Trump. And Margaret is so right! You want socialism, you very well may have it Brenda.
        There are so many problems with Biden/Harris and the media has coveted up so much. Do some research and I doubt you’ll think Biden is your savior.

        I enjoy your blog Brenda. You write well and your photos are very good. However, for as a peaceful person as I think you are, you are so filled with hate.

        1. No one has said Biden is our savior. ANYONE at this point is better than a vile, lying, misogynist, hateful person we currently have in office. His actions and words are that of a madman.

          Brenda is not filled with hate. She’s intelligent and able to think for herself and realizes the truth and speaks it. She only wants better for not only herself, but for all of us. Our country. Get your head out of the sand.

      2. I live on planet Earth and agree with her comment. I am not armed but am happy that others are….for now. Enjoy your socialism.

  11. We up here in Canada have been watching what was happening in Washington yesterday with shock and dismay. I am utterly appalled. You are a wonderful lady, thoughtful and brave, and I love your stories. I can’t wait to see your patio coming to live again! I wish you, Charlie and Ivy the very best in 2021.

      1. In all honesty Brenda, I’ve always loved visiting the US a few times a year. However, with this last administration and what happened this week whether the borders are open or not I would be scared to visit the States. Way too much violence for me. I would not feel safe. Inaugural day cannot come soon enough. It will be a tough 4 years to undo all that has been destroyed, but I don’t think impossible. Like I’ve said before ,this is your blog, you write what you want to write about. Nobody’s business but yours!!

  12. Hi Brenda,
    I had that happen with Fed Ex and they left it at our Walgreens. It was something I had to sign for and they said I was not home and I was. Plus Buddy lets me know if anyone is even near the door and we have a Ring and guess what no delivery person came to my door. I think sometimes they just say that and drop off the stuff for pick up at Walgreens so they do not have to work and deliver all the packages. So I had to go into the store to pick it up and did not like it either.
    Have a good rest of the week. Let’s pray for peace and all this unrest to lift and we can come together as a country again and not be the joke of the world. xoxo Kris

  13. How do you think we feel when our business is smashed up by BLM. It is our lively hood. It is how my husband and I pay our bills and feed our children. But I guess that’s ok. Trump was for America and never given a fair chance. Such a shame. I have friends from Venezuela and Cuba they say we have no idea what we have done.
    God bless us

  14. Brenda, yesterday was indeed frightening. And today it continues. I am confused as to the calls for unity, and then the same people are online casting stones, “calling people out.” The fact is that 75 million people voted for Trump, those people are our brothers, sisters, mothers, cousins, fathers, uncles, friends and more. These 75 million people are not uneducated, crazy, backwater people as they have been described, there are many intelligent, thoughtful and people that voted for Trump and I know some of them, it doesn’t make me hate them or disown them.
    This country is full of hypocrites, it is ok to protest some things and not others, if is ok to destroy property and stores if it is in the name of one cause but not another.cause that someone disagrees with.
    We have people and politicians telling people to “make sure” people who worked for Trump or are in any way associated with him or the party to make sure they never work again, to boycott companies, etc. BOTH SIDES OF THE Aisle are guilty of childish despicable behavior and none of it is benefiting me or you. Is it ok to rip apart the Presidents speech at the State of the Union? How does that help? Is is ok for the President to tweet crazy stuff about members of Congress and call world leaders names? None of our elected officials should be acting like this. It is embarrassing to our country.
    For the past 4 years neither side has been working for us, and if you think differently that is fine, I am simply voicing my opinion and I think this forum is filled with intelligent open minded people that are not going to call me names or troll me.
    My other “b—-” as they say is the ridiculous behavior I have seen all over social media today, very influential “influencers trolling and calling out other accounts. Why in the heck would you go to a food blogger or a designers account and “shame” them for not parroting your opinion? I don’t know about you but I do not get my health, political, financial or religious information from a food blogger or a fashion blogger. I find it amazing that people are influenced in these areas of their lives by entertainers, actors, so called reporters, etc.
    People, we are not lemmings, we are allowed to have an opinion and a vote and we are allowed to take a stand and protest. WE DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE WITH ONE ANOTHER but we should respect one another and treat one another with dignity.

    We can all make a difference in this world, one voice and one vote at a time. Thank you Brenda for offering a place for social discourse and differing opinions.
    I hope that you Charlie and Ivy are well.

      1. Sadly I do not think that has been an option these past four years. I know many people who are afraid to even speak for fear they will be trolled, harassed and more. I personally love when you post about current events, I like to engage with all opinions.

  15. Looking at that stupid rally held before the congress met was just one more self centered act. I thought I was listening to Suddam Husain hearing the presidents son say we will come after you is nothing short of a dictator. He doesn’t even deserve the title anymore of being president of the United States. He should be removed now. Anyone who wears one of the red hats is so far removed from showing patriotism.

  16. How frustrating, especially during this fraught time, that your package delivery is being messed up. Would you be able to have a combination storm/screen door installed so that you could open your door and talk to someone through the glass in it? What happened in Washington D.C. yesterday was a travesty and horrifying to watch. It was so upsetting I found myself crying off and on throughout the day and evening as I, perhaps like millions other of Americans, had the news on all day. January 20th cannot come soon enough for me – if we make it that far.

  17. The evening before everything happened, I got into a verbal skirmish with a Facebook friend … so – that morning – I said to myself ‘I’m stepping away from the dramarama.” I didn’t log on. In fact, I went and took my friend Phyllis to her doctor’s appointment and shopping and lunch, and then when I was all done with that, I very briefly went on Facebook to type an appreciation post for where we had lunch … and then, took a nap. So it wasn’t until well past four p.m. that I was even aware what had gone on ;- And who slammed for, essentially, being a silly-headed woman who crowed about a nice sandwich when the country is falling apart?! Yeahhhh …. so – yes, I’m upset and troubled and concerned and prayerful – and – it’s also tinged with fallout from someone ….

  18. I’m sorry you’re experiencing challenges with FedEx. Something is definitely off.

    As I watched yesterday’s events unfold I kept asking myself “Why?”. I don’t understand why and how something like that mess happened in our country. It’s baffling while being extremely frightening.

  19. Unfortunately, our leader encouraged this type of action…in Nazi Germany, Goebbels said if you say something over and over….pretty soon it will be believed. I think this is what has happened here.

      1. Yes yes yes. For sure Brenda.
        I so look forward to January 20, 2021.
        Cannot wait.
        In the meantime ,,,,,, we must hope for no more disturbingly awful behavior.

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