Good News About The New Place

Yesterday the manager at the apartment complex I’m moving to called me and asked if I’d like good news about the new place.

Lord, yes.

She said that the man who was vacating the apartment unit I was to move into has, for various reasons, backed out of moving. He said he has too much going on to be out at the end of this month. 

SO. I get the unit he wanted. And she caught them right before they were going to bring carpet out to put in. Because I want laminate floors.

I can’t go into this unit and look around because management has a rule that while a unit is being remodeled, no one can go in there.

Positive Things About This Apartment:

  • It’s all the way at the end, and very close to the fence that runs around the perimeter of the complex property. Which means it’s more isolated and therefore likely more quiet.
  • I will have a parking space in front of my apartment. Only four residents out of probably 100 units have this advantage.
  • The fence yard is supposed to be twice as big. I’m most excited about this in terms of the dogs and my container gardening.

I met my next door neighbor out walking his poodle. He and his wife live in that apartment, then two older women in the remaining two apartments.

New Things I’m Buying For My Apartment:

I’m buying some new things for the unit. Due to my ankle problem, I’m purchasing a taller toilet. Folks, if you’re over 50, look into getting a taller toilet.

I’m buying a storm door. Many of the residents have storm doors.

And I’m having a handheld shower head put in, which proved to be invaluable when I first had ankle surgery in 2012.

I am determined to get outside the week of the move and dig up some of the plants you all sent me to make sure I had a garden when I moved from Texas.

Moving Plants:

I’d love suggestions on moving plants. I can’t possibly move big containers of dirt. After the last move, I swore I wouldn’t let movers anywhere near my pots. Many of them got broken when they moved them.

I get excited every time I go out and find something new pushing its way up through the soil in my yard. Spring is moving slow this year, but I can’t wait to design a new garden from containers.

I’m planning to show you how pretty a container garden can be with different types of container, staggered at varied heights.

I will take my four metal trellises to grow vines on and to add visual interest vertically. Vertical gardening leads the eye around and up and down.

I promise you there will be a lot of visual interest on the patio. I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt!


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  1. what a neat sounding place. I don't have children and 'over 50' working gal and I would love this neighborhood! I rent a townhouse which the stairs are getting to be a bit much on the knees but LOVE IT… dont need to do a thing for repairs, just call in work order and usually fixed same day I call. Love my little 'home'. Wish I didn't have carpets though but they don't do laminate in my place, always carpet. Oh well…. And I would LOVE a little FENCED yard – how nice that would be – I have a BIG patio but downside is our units face across a small green space right at other building's patios. Oh well..

  2. I think I know what you will appreciate best about your new place: work orders. Need a screen replaced? Work order. Need your shower drain fixed? Work order. And you don't pay out of pocket. You deserve some really good news and this is excellent news for sure. If I lived near you, I would be helping you for sure.

  3. This seem to be a perfect place! I'm glad to read good news. Good luck with all the packing… And just to cheer you up. I'm rather petite and managed to injure my ankle at the beginning of the month: I didn't fall, something fell on me…

  4. Such great news about the new place! You and the pups will be very happy there and it sounds like such nice neighbors are there too! Wonderful things for wonderful folks and it is unfolding perfectly ox

  5. I have actually dug up plants and instead of placing in a pot to transport I placed them down in a double plasic grocery bag. Just pick up and carry by the handles. Get some boxes and set the several "bagged" plants in the boxes to transport.

  6. Oh that is great news! Someone is definitely watching over you. I think you will be even happier there than you have been in the little blue house. I can't wait to see how you decorate your new cozy little fourplex!!!! Haha. And I agree with you that sometimes living in 55+ complexes is better. They are cleaner, quieter, safer, and I think you will make lots of new friends!

  7. Yay! It's about time you had some good news. This place sounds perfect for you and I know you're excited about being able to have a manageable gardening space!

    We live in a two story and when I started having knee problems a few years ago I said next house will be a ranch! No more stairs!!

  8. AMEN!!!! Things are looking so bright for your future Brenda!!! I am beyond happy and excited for you! I cannot wait to see your new cozy home! It will be spectacular!!! God is soo GOOD!!!

  9. I think I am as excited as you are, can't wait to see what amazing things you will do with this place, don't think I can wait to see the inside, God is good, and will be with you as always in your next Cozy Little House!

  10. Oh boy, what good news. I bet you didn't believe it at first. You so deserve a great place to live, and this certainly sounds like a GREAT place indeed. I can't wait to see what you do with your yard, and I can't wait to see how you decorate your new space. I just know it'll be cozy and so cute. Just reading your news today, makes me smile for you..I know how you love decorating, what fun it will be. Happy days ahead!! YEA!!!!!!!

  11. You sound so excited and upbeat, Brenda! That makes me feel very happy for you. Your new place sounds wonderful and I'm sure it'll be cozy in no time.

    I know what you mean about the higher toilet. It's great – I put them in my house when I renovated and my 89 year old mother hates other people's bathrooms now. Too bad I did it before the government brought in a program to pay part of the cost when you do renovations to make your house more accommodating for seniors.

    When I moved, I didn't have enough pots to move my plants so I used plastic (disposable) grocery bags. I dug up some soil with the roots so I could leave them in the bags for a couple of weeks and just water them. They were easier to move because they were lighter and had handles. I bought a plastic tablecloth at the dollar store to put in my trunk for the actual move. That way the trunk didn't get wet or dirty. Good luck. J

  12. I am a follower but not a commenter, so here goes: I so enjoy your synopsis of The Black List each week and also your Java Talk. For an upcoming topic, what about hints on smart packing for moving day and/or garden hints for moving? Both would be timely and helpful, and all of us could get some great ideas! Wishing you the best, Vicki in Louisville KY

  13. I am so, so happy for you, Brenda. The stars have aligned!! Spring is the absolute best time to move, I can't wait to see your garden and how you decorate your home. Don't transfer any of your plants in plastic…they will rot. And take care with that foot!


  14. I KNEW IT!! I hate to say I told you so, but I KNOW things are going to get better for you Brenda. :). This is only the first of good things to come your way.

    Question…you said the garden did NOT have a gate, but that the pups could run around. Was that a typo?

  15. This is my first comment and I have been reading your blog for quite a while. I am a 70 year old widow and for the last 3 years have been taking care of everything myself. It is not easy! This is good news for you and it is about time things turn around. I am also looking forward to your new adventure into making a new home for yourself and pups. Here is hoping the move runs smoothly for you. Stay strong!

  16. Great news. I can almost feel your energy has changed. This is a good time for new places and things as Spring is beginning.

  17. Oh, Brenda! YAY! Such good news. We live near a lady who has a plant/flower small farm and sells them. She digs them up and uses plastic grocery/store bags. Digs the plant w/ a small dirt ball surrounding it and puts it in the bag. She has dozens and dozens of these set out for purchase. She says as long as you water them and keep them out of the hot sun you can keep them that way for weeks. Those handles built into the bags are nice, too, to move them around. I bought some last year and didn't get them in the ground for nearly 3 weeks and they were just fine!! The bags act just as a pot would while you need it to do so. The tall toilet is an excellent idea. We had one installed 6 years ago after my hip surgery. Now, when I go to someone's house with a "regular size" toilet, I feel like I am in a doll house!! Can't wait to see how you cozy up the new house!!

  18. I'm so excited for you. I have been a nurse for 22 years and a home health nurse for at least 5 years. I have been into so many two story homes that don't have bedrooms on the first floor. I have seen beds in dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens. When we moved out of our 2 story home 10 years ago we bought a single story home. We plan to be in this home for retirement and didn't want to be climbing stairs after knee or hip replacement surgery.

  19. Brenda I am so glad for this bit of good news. That is nice to get so many new thing in a rental. And yes taller people I think fall harder and more often and seem to have back issues. My hubby is 6'4" and says yes this is true. May daughter is almost 5'11" and she seems to fall just walking. Size 11 shoes.

  20. Brenda- What wonderful news about your new place. I am so thrilled for you- a unasked prayer answered! Lovei it. It does sound like that couple should look for a ranch style (1 floor) sort of place to live. Have fun playing in the dirt and readying for the move! xo Diana

  21. Well, Brenda it sounds like God has put it all together for you, how awesome is that! I'm so happy for you and glad to hear that you have hired 2 men and a truck!!! Blessings, Cindy

  22. I am so happy for your good news!!!!! This past year, when I sold my farm, I dug lots of perennials and put then in plastic grocery bags for pots, dirt and all. There is a built in carrying handle. They sat on the ground at my friends all summer, until I could plant them. I kept them in the shade and kept them watered just like container plants. The only ones I lost were ones that got too dry or wet……out of about 200, I lost less than six. Good luck!!!!!!

  23. I am very happy for you Brenda!
    The year I moved I wanted to take some of my garden plants with me. I dug them up and placed them in containers with wet newspaper and very little soil. Surprisingly enough, most of them survived the move…also, it was in the early spring that I moved.

  24. Wow Brenda, congrats on getting the better place and I am sure it will ease some issues of worrying about maintenance and all. I am sure the pups will love it as well. 🙂 Have a great weekend and rest that ankle!

  25. I am so excited for you, Brenda, and I can tell you are happier about the move! How nice to have neighbors one's own age. I do hope you make new friends and enjoy your new home!

    Grace & Peace

  26. I'm so happy for you Brenda!! What great news! Like everyone else, I'm anxious to see all you do. I think you will be happier there. It's a fresh start! Have fun, and take care!!

  27. Such great news, Brenda!!!! I'm so very happy that you get this "better choice" unit with the larger yard for your "fur friends".

  28. I'm so happy for you, Brenda! You deserve it. I can't wait to see what your new place looks like and what you will do to decorate it. I know it will be awesome! ♥

  29. I am so excited for you I can hardly stand it! Boy, this is an answer to my prayers for you! I am truly doing a happy dancers I can hear it in your voice.

    I am so thankful we had a downstairs bath when I had my terrible fall. And bruises can be scary. We chronicled mine. I hope your friend is better soon!

    Take good care and rest that ankle!



  30. I'm so very happy for you. Your wishes are coming true. I'm glad it's turned out this way for you. And a new fresh place to move into. That's always nice. Yes as we age we really need to rethink our homes. We never know what life will throw at us. Just stepping into a bathtub can be so difficult when arms and legs are not in good working condition. These are things we don't think about when we are young. Looking forward to seeing your new place and I know you will make it warm and cozy 🙂 Hugs!

  31. Oh, Brenda, I'm so happy for you! Yay! Yay! Yay! I do believe God is working all of this out for you…the unit will be all fixed up, the yard for the babies, new appliances, the parking place, nice neighbors! It's just wonderful. You take care of yourself and I know it's an expense to hire the movers, but is sounds necessary now. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and her broken pelvis and arm! Hope she heals fast. Now about your little plants coming up…this is rather silly but have you thought of using large zip lock bags? Just dig up the plants and place in the bag and don't zip it up. They kinda help keep the moisture in too. Then you could just put all of your little bags in a box or crate and let the mover guys pick it up for you! Again, I'm just thrilled for you!
    Be a sweetie,

  32. Brenda, I have a big smile on my face as I read this! Fantastic news and so well deserved. Sounds like a better location, closer parking and laundry and a bigger yard! So happy and excited for you! I know this is the start of something good…I can feel it and so can all your readers! We love you and can't wait to get you moved.

  33. Brenda, this is fabulous news,, wow and even better unit in a great neighborhood with lot of Safe running room for the pups… Your angels are surely hanging around close by and doing a wonderful job of helping make a new life for you.. I am so dang happy for you I could shout~! I see this as the start of something new and exciting and just might enhance your life in ways you cant even imagine yet… I can actually visualize you sitting out on that bak patio with a huge smile on your face and joy in your heart.. woooooooooooohooooooooooooo

    big hugs

  34. Hi Brenda,
    I'm so happy for you! The move is getting more exciting; I can't wait to see some before and after pictures of your new home and the new garden.

    1. The prospect of decorating is exciting. But when spring has sprung, I'm really ready to dig in the dirt. And really, I decorate the outdoors too.

  35. Such welcome good news!! This is going to be such a great move for you and the pups. A new beginning in a less stressful environment, with a new garden space to top it off=fantastic!! I am thrilled for you 🙂
    I am glad to hear you just have to pack your treasures and have movers to actually do the lifting/lugging. Good for you!
    I like the taller toilet idea. Good thinking on your part.
    I am looking forward to pictures of your first cup of coffee in your new place!!!!

  36. I am so happy for you. You so deserve some good news. I sense your new place is going to be a happy home for you. Do you mind if I link to your post on my goodwill page. I like to share good news, it makes us all feel better?

  37. Hi Brenda,
    Wonderful news today. Isn't it funny how life just turns around in a minute….and good things start to happen? You deserve a happy life…and it's coming.
    Blessings from Balisha

    1. It is funny how things can change so fast. I was telling Dorothy that yesterday at the Rehab Hospital. One minute she's standing in Target looking at something, and the next she's on her way to the hospital.

  38. I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, but now I look forward to it every day. Moving is a lot of hard work, but it's also exciting. Your new home sounds great…I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  39. Hi Brenda, the new place sounds custom ordered for you!! As for your ankle could you change to your boot when you park for your errands and just drive in your shoes?

    1. That's truly what I need to do. It just takes a bit of time to get it all laced up and tight that I hate to take the time. Going to have to for awhile.

  40. I've dug up hostas and clematis and things and simply laid them across with their roots in a plastic flat container with a little extra soil on top of the roots then a little wet paper towel and some saran wrap on top to keep them moist and they can handle a few days like that.

  41. You sound so excited and happy Brenda, it's about time things went your way. I'm happy for you too! I can't wait to see what you do with your new place, I know it's going to be wonderful and colorful. I'm also interested in seeing what you do with the container plants, I could use some ideas as it's so hard to dig up the ground dirt these days containers would be so much easier. Very excited for your future!

    1. Think my digging with a shovel days are over. It's going to be a small spade or digging in a container. Oh, I have lots of ideas brewing in my head.

  42. Such good news for you and your Pupsters!! I am sure you will love it there…it sounds just perfect for you Brenda!!!I am glad good luck is finally coming your way!!! xoxo Carol

  43. Yay for good news! Your new place sounds perfect for you. We've been in our home for 34 years and I often think I'd like something smaller (ours isn't big by any standards) and all on one floor. The thing that worries me is leaving our beautiful flower gardens and our gorgeous porch that my hubby built. I'm so looking forward to your pictures of the new place….I think they will give me encouragement! Take it easy on your ankle!

    1. I've got the boot on right now. Taking it easy today. Yesterday driving and having to walk with the cane about did me in.

  44. I couldn't be happier for you Brenda, It'll be like moving into a new home with all of the renovation they are doing.. I guess you could think it about like not know what a baby is going to be until it's born. ;o)
    I'm so glad my home (and your home) is all on one level.. I have two steps to climb to get in the front door, but I had wrought iron hand rails put in many years ago.. There is just one low step in the back to get on the deck.. Sometimes I use that to bring groceries in.. I can back my van right up to it.
    I'm sure wrapping any plants that you dig in wet newspaper will keep them until you can get them planted.. Maybe just wet the paper from time to time..
    Sure will enjoy seeing everything you accomplish in your garden and in your new "nest" I'm just tickled pink for you..
    Have a wonderful weekend.. Thinking about you !

    1. Judy said in a little slit in the fence she saw that the steps up to the patio door is actually a ramp. Charlie with his bad back and me with the ankle could use a ramp instead of steps.

  45. You deserve this good news! Oh Brenda, I'm so happy for you! A bigger yard means more room for the pupsters and your new garden. It's wonderful that you have a parking space right in front of your home. The more I find out about your new place, the more excited I get!

    Thinking of you…

  46. This is just awesome news. I am so happy for you and the pupsters. This place sounds so wonderful, now we understand why people live there for so long. Can't wait for you to move in. What is your move in date? I guess you can't take cuttings of plants too early as they'd dry out, but we know you'll get some! The picture of all the plants in your living room is so pretty.

  47. Could you go over to the new unit and peer through the window whilst the workmen are there? I know you can't go in but it would be great to
    get an idea of what's going on.

    1. This place has bigger than normal patio space for these type places. But double means the dogs won't feel as caged in. They're accustomed to running the length of a big yard.

  48. I am so happy for you! It sounds like you have the perfect place for you and the pups. And a place to garden! I have a rather large patio area that I will be doing container gardening on. Take it easy on your foot. Can't wait to see pics of the new place.

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