A Visit From A Bright Blue Butterfly

Yesterday I was here as usual sitting in my chair with Charlie boy when out of the corner of my left eye I saw something float past the panes in the French doors.

I got up to see what it was. I figured it was a bird because it seemed big from my vantage point. But here’s what it was…

The prettiest blue butterfly.

The zinnia flowers are about 3 inches across, so you can about guess the size of the butterfly.

I don’t know much about butterflies. I need to do a bit of reading I suppose. I don’t know what kind of butterfly it is, but it sure is beautiful.

I went outside and sat in a wicker chair and watched it hover over the flowers. Then seem to just float on the air like something underneath was blowing it upward. It sailed about the patio garden, graceful as could be.

It was almost like watching ballet, the movements were so dainty and impressive. I could have watched it all day. But finally it sailed right over the fence and I didn’t see it again.

The last photo of a butterfly I took a month or so ago was orange. But this one was a variation of rich blues, with just a tiny bit of orange if you look closely.

Friday I moved/rolled the big vegetable plants, once again, over toward the shaded corner where the tree branches hang over my fence. They were drooping in the bright sun.

I ended up with the wicker settee setting underneath the hanging galvanized tubs. Then I put the folding coffee table in front of it and finally it seemed to sort of belong there instead of look completely out of place.

I’ve always loved the settee in that corner, but the plants need to get out of the intense sun more than I want to look out the French doors at the settee angled in the corner.

My cucumbers, tomatoes and pepper plant need a bit of shade that only that tree can provide. Also the pineapple sage and other herbs would wilt come afternoon so now they get some shade as well.

Next year when Kendra is up to snuff and can help me I’m going to look into getting a sun sail or something.

I’m afraid to attempt it myself because I’d have to get on a ladder. Plus I think it would be easier with two people. After her surgery a month ago she isn’t supposed to raise her arms for awhile.

So I’ll make do for now with what I have I suppose.

After I came in from taking photos of the butterfly I fixed myself a bowl of pinto beans. I picked a pepper out on the patio and chopped it up in the bowl, along with chives and a bit of cumin. I had that for supper along with slices of cucumber.

Not long after my shower I heard thunder and rain began to fall. I looked outside and it was coming down in torrents.

It rained for some time, and then I heard fireworks. I turned Charlie’s purifier in the bedroom to medium to help mute the sounds and watched a few more episodes of “Keeping Faith.”

Today it is sunny with no hint of a breeze. Still as can be out there, I can see through the French doors from where I sit here with Charlie asleep next to my feet.

I wonder if the butterfly will come back to my yard today?

Regrettably I never did manage to get a photo of the blue dragonfly that was here and gone a few weeks ago.

When I’m out picking cucumbers there are usually lady bugs crawling on the big leaves. I’ve always loved the little black spotted lady bugs. I played with them as a child, letting them crawl up and down my arm.

The feel of their fluttering little insect feet was a bit ticklish, yet at the same time soft as angel’s wings. I would turn my arm and they would follow round and round.

Later, years later, when Kasi was playing summer T-ball I was assistant coach and I named us “The Lady Bugs.”



  1. Oh, isn’t it gorgeous. I adore butterfly’s. My favourite is the Ulysses butterfly. I’m not sure if they are outside Australia but can be found in far north Queensland in Australia. They’re truly stunning – a bright blue.

  2. I have nearly 30 Black Swallowtail caterpillars at this writing. I have released 25 healthy Monarchs, 1 Gulf Fritillary and near a dozen Pipevine Swallowtails.

  3. That butterfly is an Eastern Black Swallowtail female. I raise butterflies every summer in Michigan. Beautiful photo capture thanks for the story as well.

  4. Beautiful Story and pictures .I just started rearing butterflies.i had one just like that the other day on the same color zinnia (soul sisters) .It’s called a spicebush swallowtail ,so beautiful and big floats around like grace ,reminds me of a small bird .love your writing jealous love

  5. Your butterfly is an Eastern Black Swallowtail! I only know because I just had 3 of the larvae go into their chrysalis stage…I found them on my parsley plant last week, looked them up and set up a “nursery” 🤓 Can’t wait for the butterflies!

  6. I looked on the chart that Lynx posted and the butterfly does look like a black swallowtail. It is a beautiful butterfly and you really captured it’s beauty! I’ve seen one on my flowers this year also !

  7. What a very beautiful butterfly, I have only seen one like that in a book,and your zinnias.(WoWza) So big and beautiful also. I haven’t planted zinnia seeds in a long time, but I will certainly will do so, God willing next year, after seeing yours. I had forgotten just how awesome they are, and what a nice bouquet they make too. Another Hot day today in Wisconsin..88 degrees at 12:30, but feels like 94…Yikes..Summer is here for sure…Hugs, Bonnie

  8. You captured the beauty of that blue butterfly perfectly! I love butterflies but have not seen one as gorgeous as this one! Your garden/patio looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Brenda

  9. Beautiful capture of this butterfly. I love to sit and watch butterflies and dagonflies flit around, so interesting. As you said like watching a dance.

    Yes, wait until next year to get a little help. It is already July so summer and hopefully the heat will be over soon.

    I hope that you had a relaxing weekend.

  10. Everything is looking good. I think your butterfly is a Spicebush Swallowtail. I love butterflies, they add so much color.

  11. That blue butterfly is a swallowtail, but I’m not quite sure which variety. Perhaps a tiger swallowtail. I saw one for the first time last summer and I’ve never seen one again.

    We have a lot of dragonflies here; I see several every day.

    The fireworks here continued all through the night. Poor Monkey was absolutely terrified. He hid under our bed all night long. I wore ear plugs to bed (plus we had our fan on high to try and drown out some noise) and when I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I figured I could take out my ear plugs. Nope, the fireworks were still going. I hate those things. The noise is so unfair to veterans with PTSD and for the outside creatures and for cats and dogs.

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