I found and purchased this beverage tub at Tuesday Morning many months ago when I was still shopping in stores.

Until now I’ve used this beverage tub to hold my house plants. But some of my house plants began to look a little peaked and “touch and go”, and so I put them outside under the branches of the tree for the summer.

I thought this tub would be perfect filled with folded quilts under the barn painting on the farmhouse gallery wall.

Here it is with house plants and vintage wash boards in it. I love decorating the inside of this beverage tub and creating vignettes with it.

So I suppose this will be my summer vignette, or something along these lines. The beverage tub filled with colorful quilts I sewed years ago. In the living room where I can see and enjoy them.

Cozy quilts folded in the beverage tub underneath the farmhouse gallery wall somehow just seems to go together.

You would think this would be a better decorating choice for cold winter months. But I don’t follow any rules with decorating. I just decorate how I like when I like.

Another idea to decorate with the beverage tub would be to fill it with various throw pillows.

You could put it in various rooms.

In the bathroom it could hold rolled up towels. Outdoors it could hold flowering annuals or Boston ferns.

There are so many ways to decorate with a beverage tub. So if you happen upon one, consider buying it to use not just as a beverage tub. But a variety of other uses for a vessel of this size.


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  1. What a great idea. Did the stand come with it too? I saw on one of the home improvement shows where they took an old pie safe and filled it with blankets and quilts. It was somewhere in Mississippi so I’m guessing mostly year long warm weather. I say… do what you love. I love seeing what you have to share… out of the box decorating gets new ideas rolling. I figuring it’s fun to be playful with the smaller things unlike kitchen cabinets… etc. Those aren’t as easy to change up as decor is.

  2. Brenda,
    what a smart choice you made purchasing that beverage tub with it’s stand. I smiled, when you stated “I just decorate how I like when I like.” Your beautiful quilts would make anyone feel happy to gaze upon them! I also loved your pictures of your plant vignettes. Feels like a very happy, healthy and pretty home!
    Have a wonderful 4th

  3. Quilts have a way of looking both old-fashioned and modern at the same time. The same goes for metal tubs. So, they make a great combination. I like how that word “Creative” on a book cover is visible below the tub.

  4. Oh Brenda – love this so much and your quilts are wonderful! Love their colors! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration you share.

  5. I LOVE this!You have such a creative eye and it’s such a bright spot where you have it,the quilts look amazing!

  6. Brenda you never cease to amaze me with your decorating ideas.

    I love this one, I will be looking out for these beverage tubs now,

    Thank you.

  7. Love the quilts in the beverage container. I have an old copper container much the same shape that I think I’ll fill with quilts. I’d love to have houseplants but my two cats think otherwise. There not as good as Ivy at leaving the plants alone. Love your new bread box also. You find the best things on Amazon ! Stay safe & be well.

  8. I love LOVE your beverage tub, and would be the perfect solution to a problem I have! Did the stand come with it? I presume so, since it fits so perfectly.
    I just love your decorating style. I’m kind of like that too, no modern, no country, no shabby chic, but all of the above! Whatever strikes my fancy!

  9. What a great idea. You are adding pops of color to your decor, which is perfect to chase away the worries of all that is happening. One of my plants has died so I am going to have to replace it. It was in a pretty little pot that I love. Wish I had a place to put some of mine outside for the summer. They always seem to grow more then. xo Laura

  10. I also love quilts and you are so talented that you made your own. Everything inside and outside your home looks lovely. You have your piece of paradise in your home and garden. I went to the grocery store yesterday at 7:00 before the crowds so we are stocked up, and will stay home for a week or so. It is a comforting feeling to be happy and content at home. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I love the idea of using a beverage tub for decorating. You gave me the idea to buy one and put it in my spare room for storing quilts ! I would put plants in it in my livingroom but I don’t have any room for it there. I have an old cradle that was my grandmothers, so it must be at least 150 yrs old, that I put my plants in !

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